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Sometimes, there are really, really weird disparities between what you can get in Org and what you can get in SW. Having been a horde player for a while, I had gotten used to getting, well, everything I needed in the city, even really weird random kind of vanity things.Since switching back to the alliance toon I hadn”t played since Vanilla (roommates absolutely adore worgen, so back to my old night elf I go) I”ve discovered some really weird things that you”d think would be in the city but arent. I play a hunter, and after discovering that the change to Feed Pet is -really- good, I went off looking for some vendor stacks of lvl 85 meat…I had to go to Ironforge. I thought, maybe fish. OH NO. -That”s- in Darnassus. What, praytell, is in Stormwind? Cheese and bread. Know what pets eat that? NONE OF MINE. You can buy every single pet food, from meat to fruit to cheese and bread and fish in Org. Everything. (Seriously. Look up “Massive Turkey Leg”, lvl 85 meat, in Wowhead. Stormwind? NOPE.) Christmas is coming. I”m getting a few things for my girlfriend. I think “I should wrap this!”. Now, I know that once Christmas pops up on the servers there”ll be special vendors by the tree selling three colors of wrapping paper, but the problem is, I wont be able to play during December, so I get her stuff together now. Go searching for wrapping paper, only this time instead of running to every single vendor in Stormwind on a quest for it like I did when looking for the meat, I go straight to wowhead this time, thinking “I remember that the general goods vendor in Org sold this, -surely- this is available in Stormwind…”…Westfall for blue, Goldshire for red! Westfall, the place that”s been in the outhouse for five years, has a guy who sells wrapping paper, such a prized good thats so entirely rare to the Alliance! WHAT A MARVEL. This strange paper that you wrap things with, SO AMAZING. I mean seriously, look at this list. Where can Alliance get this wrapping paper? Westfall, Azuremyst, Bloodmyst, Exodar (apparently, wrapping paper is an alien invention), -Feralas-, -Desolace-, -Northern Barrens-, Shattarath, and lovely, picture-esque Westfall. How about the Horde? EVERY SINGLE CAPITAL CITY. And the friggin -Ruins of Gilneas-. The Forsaken see it fit to sell frickin wrapping paper in the ruins of an enemy capital, but we -cant get it in Stormwind-. whut. Really, what is this? I don”t even know.

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