Medium Leather Farming In Classic Wow Classic Medium Leather Farming Spots

Medium Leather farming

The beasts that can be skinned for medium leather are in the level range of 25-30. You might get some medium leather below and above this range, though you will get the most in that range.

Đang xem: Wow classic medium leather farming

Gold per Hour: ~15 goldCompetition: mediumRequirements: level 25 – 30

The best and worst locations

While medium leather is not a lot of demand, it is a bit harder to get, making it more expensive then expected. This is because the level range, 25 to 30, is when world PvP really kicks in. The here are some zones you should try to avoid when farming medium leather:

Stranglethorn ValeHillsbrad Foothills

These two zones are historically big world PvP stages, and so if possible, try to avoid them. The following zones are safer, because they are more focused on one of the two factions.

Wetlands – medium leather farming

The raptors in the northern and southern part of the Wetlands, as marked on the map below, are around level 27. They are exactly in the level range where medium leather can be skinned. Another advantage of this zone is that it is mostly an alliance zone. Be careful though: it is still contested, it just doesn’t have a lot for horde players to do.


wetlands raptor locations

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Stonetalon Mountains

While the mobs in this zone are a little bit lower level, it is much safer to farm here than Hillsbrad Foothills for example. At least for Horde players, since the zone is mostly for them. You will get a tiny bit of Light Leather here, but it’s almost unavoidable to get some other leathers, no matter where you farm. The advantage is that the competition is lower here, and the mobs respawn faster. Here’s the map:


stonetalon mountains medium leather farming

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