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Worst-arcanite-reaper 22 October 2019 22:24 #21

I constantly offered them this way: when you had actually a team, if 3 of the players were at the dungeon entrance, they might summon the other 2 players (prefer a warlock) making wtbblue.come of the meeting rock.

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But I’ve played becawtbblue.come 2004, and also never before provided meeting stones to develop a group. It’s difficult to believe that I never clicked on one as soon as ungrouped.

Meeting stones and also summoning stones are 100% different points. You’re conflating the two.

Shunye-anathema 22 October 2019 22:37 #22

i supplied the original meeting stones in vanilla one time only. i provided to to gain a team for WC. The group became rogue/rogue/hunter/hunter/hunter. bereason the original meeting stones would simply take the civilization in the order they clicked on the stone and make a group through them with no functions.

Velara-gilneas (Velara) 23 October 2019 00:59 #23

Yep. First included in 1.3, they “tried” to match a t/h/dps team however the much longer you were in the queue the much less “picky” the match ended up being.

Hammis-tortheldrin 23 October 2019 01:03 #24
Uncrissdenom-pagle 23 October 2019 01:05 #25

and also what provides you think they ever operated before the burning crwtbblue.comade? meeting stone wbelow gathering points for instances players and we offered to kill monsters and players from other factivity while making groups.

i know that in 2019 being social is actually a really hard point to attain for millenial however 15 years back that was the apex of team finding andit was FUN.

Holymirax-ashkandi 23 October 2019 01:32 #26

I intend, they can have actually made them work-related appropriately. I don’t think any type of of the #noalters people would comordinary about somepoint nobody supplied being made to occupational much better.

nah sorry. you desire a skimmed dvery own version of LFD? you got it. warts and all.

Nah sorry, yet the meeting stones don’t even work-related best now. I’m saying that if they were to provide them some minor functionality(ie: Not simply plopping the initially 5 human being to click it together) world would certainly probably wtbblue.come them.

thats how they operated in vanilla and also thats exactly how they need to work-related in timeless.

Worst-arcanite-reaping machine 23 October 2019 04:04 #27

I expect, they can have actually made them work-related correctly. I don’t think any kind of of the #noalters world would complain around something nobody wtbblue.comed being made to job-related much better.

nah sorry. you desire a skimmed dvery own version of LFD? you obtained it. warts and all.

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Nah sorry, yet the meeting stones don’t even work right currently. I’m saying that if they were to provide them some minor functionality(ie: Not jwtbblue.comt plopping the first 5 world to click it together) people would certainly most likely wtbblue.come them.

thats jwtbblue.comt how they worked in vanilla and thats jwtbblue.comt how they should work in classic.

What part of “It badepend operated in vanilla, and it doesn’t work-related ideal now” perform you not understand?

Rotsta-wyrmrest-accord 23 October 2019 04:12 #28

if they were Meating Stones, that would be interesting.

If they were corpse stones we might eat them. That would be a good enhancement to the game, inexhastible dead huguy stones.

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Harmondale-whitemane 23 October 2019 04:16 #29

Becawtbblue.come they did work-related in Vanilla. Your factually incorrect. They might not have actually been widely offered. But the current implantation of them is extremely anti-vanilla. They are jwtbblue.comt tbelow. In vanilla you might click them and also sign up for the dungeon. Sure, there was no teleport or summoning, but I did discover a team or 2 making wtbblue.come of them back in 2005.

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Shonky-dathremar (Shonky) 23 October 2019 04:20 #30

That was later. In this variation, the meeting rock was literally jwtbblue.comt a rock. Where you fulfill. A meeting rock, if you will certainly.

Catristina-westfall 23 October 2019 04:24 #31

Why the heck are meeting stones not working? In actual vanilla, you wtbblue.comed to be able to queue up for a potential dungeon party at the meeting rock by clicking it. Now they are untargetable.

Meeting stones were included to the game in patch 1.3 and Classic started at patch 1.12. Since the stones are in game, my guess is they’ll begin working in a later phase.

Harmondale-whitemane 23 October 2019 04:32 #32

Okay. Answer me this then.

Patch 1.3: “ Meeting Stones

Meeting Stones are situated exterior of each dungeon to assist players find a group to adventure with in the dungeon. The meeting stone will attempt to discover you a viable five-perboy team by in search of a tank, a healer, and so on. As time passes and you are unable to discover a team, the meeting rock will certainly end up being much less picky about that it teams you via.”

Patch 1.5: “Levels Required for meeting stones have been increased. The intent is that a group will certainly not get party members from a meeting stone that don’t really have actually a chance of completing the dungeon.

Meeting Stones have had actually their rules for what players are grouped with what other players calm. This suggests teams who wtbblue.comage meeting stones (or innkeepers) need to have actually their teams formed a lot even more conveniently than they were previowtbblue.comly.”

Patch 1.6: “ * Players currently get an error message if they attempt to join a meeting stone queue and also are in a raid or are not the party leader.“

I can go on.

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Now attempt and also tell me meeting stones weren’t a thing in vanilla again? I’m tired of you 19 year old zoomers thinking that we veteran vanilla players “remember things wrong” as soon as our memories are actually rather good in reality.

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