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Where to Farm: Blasted Lands or Winterspring Skill Requirement: Skinning Level 255 Recommended Level: 55+

Rugged Leather is often in very short supply. When it is, it will sell for as much as 200 gold but usually floats between 50 and 100 gold. Farming Rugged Leather is pretty easy, but not a lot of people do it. It sells best in stacks of 20 on the auction house to players leveling their Leatherworking. You should be about level 55 before you go out to farm Rugged Leather. Head to either Winterspring in Kalimdor or the Blasted Lands in the Eastern Kingdoms for some great places to farm.

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Update: You can make a lot of gold with Rugged Leather, but if you want to step it up and make thousands of gold you should read my personal favorite guide.

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Where to Farm Rugged Leather

Farming Rugged Leather in Blasted Land

There is more Rugged Leather in the Blasted Lands than anywhere else. There are boars, basilisks, hyenas and felhounds in the northern half of the map. These range form level 53 to 57, are easy to find and respawn fast enough to make a living farming Rugged Leather off of. The boars have the highest chance to give Rugged Leather when skinned.

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Farming Rugged Leather in Winterspring

If you are in Kalimdor and want to farm Rugged Leather, you should head north to Winterspring where you will find yetis, frostsabers and bears. These have a slightly lower chance to give Rugged Leather than the boars in the Blasted Land but are still great to farm. The packs of frostsabers in the north is probably the best place to farm, you can also prey on the chimaeras to the east, bears to the south or the yetis in east of Everlook. These mobs are between level 51 and 56 and are all marked on the map below:


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