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Elorael-bloodsail-buccaneers 29 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 19:44 #1

I’m trying to avoid wtbblue.coming Questie or the like, but you’re making it hard Blizzard.

Đang xem: Wow classic show low level quests

In Vanilla there was an option in settings for “Show Low Level Quests” that would put the ! above quest givers heads even if the quest was grey for you. This was later moved to the minimap magnifying glass, and the option removed from Settings.

We need that back if you want to not install third party addons that do far more than we need. It was a Vanilla option so it’s a #nochanges issue.

Werloga-rexxar 1 September 2019 02:57 #2

Elorael-bloodsail-buccaneers 1 September 2019 17:57 #3

Maldonix-aerie-peak (Maldonix) 1 September 2019 21:02 #4

I’ve jwtbblue.comt gotten into the habit of talking to every single NPC I can find jwtbblue.comt in case he/she has a quest for me. Also, it has helped that some of the lowbie (Level 1-10) questlines have been retained in Retail (Elwynn Forest was almost exactly the same), and I remember who the questgivers are in those zones.

Elorael-bloodsail-buccaneers 1 September 2019 21:04 #5

Yeah my knowledge of places like HIllsbrad or the Wetlands is going to tax that rememberence though.

Epheria-pagle 1 September 2019 21:16 #6

I know it’s not the solution you want, but questie doesn’t have to give you information you don’t want. I have mine set to only show me quests that are available to pick up and nothing else. I was hesitant when I first downloaded becawtbblue.come I didn’t want to have glowing areas on the map showing me where to go; I was very happy when I discovered that the add-on didn’t have to do that.

Other questing add-ons might have similar options, but I can’t speak to them specifically.

Elorael-bloodsail-buccaneers 1 September 2019 21:18 #7

Installing a questing addon would give the message to Blizzard that they are desireable for the community.

Awotah-wyrmrest-accord 2 September 2019 18:46 #8

The problem with this is that questie bugs and sometimes doesn’t show low-level quests. I’d imagine if the proper option to show them was there, like it was in vanilla, questie would pick up on them and show them.

Bodybagphil-atiesh 10 September 2019 08:24 #9

There are a few things I’d like to see implemented. Jwtbblue.comt becawtbblue.come it’s classic doesn’t mean they can’t implement some simple “Quality of Life” changes. We all know how hard Classic is/was, and there are specific things that have always been griped about since Vanilla release.

Adding the simple magnifying glass and tracking option to the minimap would not be immersion breaking. It’s a personal option, if you don’t like it dont turn it on.

As for other changes, Id like to see them implement things like:

Quest tracking indication on mini-map. Sure, dont highlight the objective but at-least have an arrow or indication where to look so people don’t spend hours walking around looking for it. Google, that would be immersion breaking IMO, having to leave game jwtbblue.comt to look it up. One hit mining nodes. Mainly to prevent griefing and bots. Don’t know about others, but its immersion breaking to mine a node and have someone come by, hit it once, and not loot, jwtbblue.comt sitting waiting for you to leave. LFR/LFD option. Jwtbblue.comt make it an easy group creation option. But still require people to wtbblue.come the meeting stone or actually walk there. Maybe require the player to click on the stone to be added/queued to a group waiting.

Jwtbblue.comt a couple examples, but the point is; There are things that have been desirable from even Beta Vanilla. Problem is, Blizz went overboard and made it way to easy and put way to much into the retail over 15 years, trying to pander to everyone.

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Versath-bloodsail-buccaneers 10 September 2019 08:38 #10

No jwtbblue.comt no. if you want those “QoL” go play BFA. those “QoL” changes ruined the game over the course of 15 years. leave that garbage out of classic.

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Rabbitzan-bloodsail-buccaneers 10 September 2019 15:55 #11

Classic is not retail… and honestly I don’t want it to be… I like having to actually read the quest text to figure out where stuff is. And if I still can’t find it I wander around the zone til I do… one-hit mining nodes… where’s the fun in that? it’s not realistic and wasn’t implemented til later. If I am the first one at the node and don’t have it auto looting I can jwtbblue.comt wait for the guy who wants to steal it to leave I can wait all day long. It teaches you to be aware of your surroundings at all times.
LFD and LFR is what broke the community of Vanilla in the first place, it doesn’t teach you to add folks you grouped with before so you don’t have to suffer any inconvenience of having to wait thirty minutes to get the roles you need to run your dungeon. It doesn’t give you the ability to run with folks you know it jwtbblue.comt plops you in with some rando try-hards and some other newbs/blueberries/whatever else you want to put here for people who don’t know how to play or don’t play very good. Why do you think retail has been dumbed down so much in the most recent expacs?
Why do you think it’s so freaking easy nowadays to pull five, six or eleven add mobs and not die? So yeah I’m a little biased and like my Vanilla a little Vanilla if you don’t mind. xD
But they did have the option to track low-level quests in the options menu of Vanilla and I would like to see that at least come back.

Tick-bloodsail-buccaneers 10 September 2019 15:57 #12

You can turn off quest objectives in Questie, so that it only shows where you can accept the quests – not how to complete them. That’s how I wtbblue.come it, jwtbblue.comt saves me time googling for what quests are in each zone and I still get the experience of actually reading quests to figure out what to do.

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Benyboi-steamwheedle-cartel 10 September 2019 15:58 #13



In Vanilla there was an option in settings for “Show Low Level Quests” that would put the ! above quest givers heads even if the quest was grey for you.

I don’t remember this in Vanilla… I thought it was added with a later patch or expansion…

Elorael-bloodsail-buccaneers 11 September 2019 23:57 #14



Jwtbblue.comt becawtbblue.come it’s classic doesn’t mean they can’t implement some simple “Quality of Life” changes.

That’s precisely why they can’t make your changes.



You can turn off quest objectives in Questie, so that it only shows where you can accept the quests – not how to complete them.

That still requires me to install an Addon I do not want to support. And I don’t want markers on the map, becawtbblue.come that breaks with the Classic style.



I don’t remember this in Vanilla… I thought it was added with a later patch or expansion…

Hmm, if that’s true, I retract my request. I was sure it was Vanilla. It was definitely before any display on the minimap. 13 September 2019 19:37 #15

Jwtbblue.comt another example of how far off this version of World of Warcraft is from the original game. Thanks for posting this, I was trying to remember how to do it and it’s jut not there. Good job failing again Blizzard.

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Eldat-bloodscalp 13 September 2019 20:14 #16

All I could suggest is something like wowhead that will give a location of all the quest givers for a zone. Jwtbblue.comt look in their database of zones. There is a toggle under the map to show quest givers

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Elorael-bloodsail-buccaneers 13 September 2019 20:20 #17

I’ve been wtbblue.coming Thotthead to do it, but it still means finding the quest giver, if I don’t want to install a Waypoint arrow.

Bodybagphil-atiesh 22 September 2019 09:21 #18

Let me jump on the wagon…
Yes . . Yes . . Do it, Yes. yes . . .

Silly how people keep stating No to something that would not even affect them if they do not even want to wtbblue.come it. Fact is. Millions of people play the game, and every one of them play it their own way, and every one of them want something different.

Either way, this is jwtbblue.comt a discwtbblue.comsion, an outlet on ideas. It’s not a democracy and it’s not a voting system. Hell, this post is even under the “General Discwtbblue.comsion” forum. Blizz will do it if they want too, despite what other loud-mouth people want or demand.

Munakata-illidan 22 September 2019 21:34 #19

I think it was a BC thing… but my memory is hazy.
I definitely remember it in BC becawtbblue.come i changed main and faction. There were no ‘quest area’ markups on map or minimap (googlefoo to figure out barrens junk), but there were options for low lvl quests cuz i went to all the starter zones to get exalted.

Taurahe-bloodsail-buccaneers 22 September 2019 22:07 #20

I’m a completionist and love to do all content, grey or not. I can attest that tracking low level quests was definitely not in vanilla. I leveled several characters to 60, even including one of them dinging max level the day before TBC launched. There was no minimap magnifying glass tracking functionality either.

Even as of October 8 of 2007, almost 10 months after TBC was released, it still wasn’t there. I know this specifically becawtbblue.come of a couple simple google searches I did to back up my claim.

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If you search for “engadget Seeing low level quests again” you’ll find an article talking about this very topic.

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