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Garen-skeram 9 September 2019 07:02 #1

hey guys im on a pvp server and also i was wanting to know while leveling/ at finish game which of these would be much better for both pve and pvp? i setup to dps and also while ik ret isnt the best its energy is nice and im sure i could obtain in a team if thats the path i go so plz no negativity about ret dps bein bad.

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Thebruce-skeram 9 September 2019 07:03 #2

Casikao-bloodsail-buccaneers 9 September 2019 07:04 #3

As Bruce said, it sounds favor you walked in right here through a “Don’t tell me my spec is bad” mindset.

So play what you want to play.


Warrior: Superior Tank, exceptional DPS through multiple playformats. Paladin: Meh DPS, Meh tanks, Fantastic Healing and also assistance.

Ancel-windseeker 9 September 2019 07:05 #4 9 September 2019 07:19 #5

Ret isn’t poor per se, it’s jwtbblue.comt if your goal is to wreck things with a huge 2 hander, Warriors carry out it 10 times much better. They’re also a lot much easier to play. Warrior jwtbblue.comt takes knowledge and also skill once you main tank a rassist, if you simply go Fury PvE DPS or Arms PvP, both are braindead tier. Fury is simply a more powerful version of a combat Rogue. Arms is a literal faceroll spec in PvP wright here you instantly win if you get cshed sufficient to any other class aside from a Mage who isn’t awful (yet guess what, probably 80% of Meras are actually very awful and will certainly still die to you, they’ll bconnect without baiting your Intercept, and so on.).

So jwtbblue.comt go Warrior, it’s the dime a dozen straightforward mode class of Classic/Vanilla, it’s simply to take it to 60 as a solo player, yet a lot of Warrs don’t other with that and also sindicate live in dungeon spams anyway, and they’re constantly in demand also there.

Go Paladin if you like requiring the majority of believed and also ability with your capacity intake, as you need to play support/off-assistance for yourself and also anyone you’re helping in PvP. You have a mana bar to take into consideration, so eexceptionally consumption of every spell and also capability calls for some assumed. Paladins jwtbblue.comt die as soon as they go OOM. You will certainly take a long time to kill anything in a 1v1, however they’ll take long to kill you also. Any duel via a Paladin is favor a chess match, a slow-moving and also steady fight. Unmuch less you’re a warrior that deserve to simply tap one switch to make said Paladin take 50% much less healing on optimal of being critsmacked a bazilllion damages.

Jwtbblue.comt choose, easy mode or skill?

Garen-skeram 9 September 2019 08:44 #6

its not that i desire to go ret dont acquire me wrong i simply dont desire world saying i shouldnt go it for dps as soon as idc about being peak dps i jwtbblue.comt wanna obtain brought to raids and also do well in pvp.

Versath-bloodsail-buccaneers 9 September 2019 08:45 #7

Warriors are the worst to level yet as soon as you gain to 60 and also obtain some equipment they are beasts.

Garen-skeram 9 September 2019 08:49 #8

I hear that yet how are they in pvp before they acquire beastern gear? leveling is a huge component of the classical suffer i hear so i dont desire a large majority of my life bein hell if its not worth it haha 9 September 2019 19:52 #9

Anyone else gained any advice for me? This is the ops warrior lol

Thediesel-sulfuras 9 September 2019 19:55 #10

i plan to dps


Paladin is jwtbblue.comt great if you wanna heal or play second fiddle.

Reyoko-pagle 9 September 2019 20:04 #11

denial is the first step of grieving.

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pally cant dps. establiburned 15 years back.

1 Like 9 September 2019 20:12 #12

You will not obtain carried to raids unmuch less you heal, and also you wont obtain any kind of killing blows in pvp unless you’re 1v1 becawtbblue.come of the low dps.

Becawtbblue.come it already sounds like you consisted of your mind around playing paladin tbelow is nopoint we deserve to say to convince you otherwise bereason if you roll a warrior you will always be wondering about paladins.

I say jwtbblue.comt go via pally, yet don’t complain once we all warned you around the dps!

Thediesel-sulfuras 9 September 2019 20:54 #13

I played ret originally and also then rerolled warrior in 05.

If you want to dps as ret, you’re gonna have a hard time finding a solid rassist spot. And you will gain the shaft as far as gearing. (No rhelp is going to provide you priority over a warrior doing 3x your dps, and also you’ll most likely acquire healing equipment anyway…after all the healers are geared.) So jwtbblue.comt like ferals, you’ll be low on the gear priority list.

Like it or not, healing was what paladins did best, and they were arguably the finest at that particular function. You will be asked to heal, and also if you don’t, people won’t be scrambling to invite you.

Now, what paladins were also good at was support. Blessings, LoH, off heals, etc were one more thing pallies were good via. This made up for their absence of damage. A great paladin knew that and wasn’t jwtbblue.comt came to via dps but moreso the all at once well being of the group.

If you desire to on DPS, and also perform a damn good project and have alot even more fun doing simply that, warrior is undoubtedly the method to go. (Keep in mind alot of civilization play warrior…not many desire to tank, so you’ll need to prove your worth for a rassist spot. ) They’re among the best dps in the game at 60, if not the ideal, and one of the ideal in PvP too. (Contrary to popular belief, warriors are not devastating in 1v1 if you are a good warrior.) But you throw in a healer and you are the #1 course in PvP hands dvery own.

As much as leveling goes, paladins have it a lot much easier. Warriors have a lengthy, difficult road to 60 if you are solo.

And likewise I experienced a article earlier around ret requiring more brains to play than warrior…not true. I’m not saying warriors are much harder, however ret is very most likely the the majority of braindead spec in the game. Placed on a seal, auto assault, and also judgment on CD til you’re OOM. Maybe throw a heal here or there…warriors actually have actually a pretty high ability cap, though aren’t too hard to obtain dvery own the basics.

Warriors are exceptionally gear dependent however you don’t require full BWL/AQ equipment to tear up some PvP. Get an arcanite reaping machine and some blues at 60 and also you have the right to put in some work.

I rolled ret in 04. I rerolled warrior in 05, and also haven’t looked back considering that, becawtbblue.come I favored doing damage, and warriors are jwtbblue.comt head and shoulders above paladins in that aspect, and also are alot even more fun imo.

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Kindwolf-emerald-dream 9 September 2019 22:17 #14

Warrior if you have a PvP team to lug you. Paladin if you’re solo.

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