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The Court of Farondisare a faction encountered inthe Azsunazone of the Broken Isles.The road to exalted with factions in Legion has become much more standardised,with the steps being much the same for each.

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You will need to hit revered in order tocomplete the


Broken Isles Diplomat which is part of the


Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. Hitting exalted will grant you


Friends in a Broken Land, ifyou do not already have it.

In this guide, we are going to show you where you can gain reputation toreach exalted, as well as what rewards you can earn.


How to Gain Reputation



The main portion of the reputation you gain at the start will come fromleveling from 100 to 110, depending on when you decide to complete theAzsunazone. This will make you reach honored.

You can find a full list of quests that award reputation with the factionhere.


World Quests

Once you have hit level 110, you are able to start completing world quests;these are special quests that you do not need to pick up like a normal quest.Simply open your map and they will appear as long as you are max-level. You canthen travel to the zone where the quest displays and it will begin, similar tohow bonus objectives worked in Warlords of Draenor.

In the Broken Isles, there are world quests that require you to do the following:

participate in PvP;kill a World Boss;complete a dungeon or group task;hunt and kill a rare elite;complete a pet battle task;complete a quest revolving around one of your learned professions;hunt and kill a normal elite mob;complete a solo quest.

As you can no doubt see, there are a number of different styles of worldquest in the game. Only some of them will grant you reputation, so make sure tochoose wisely if you are purely farming reputation. It is also important to notethat some of the quests are much harder than the others to solo; for example,soloing a world boss is going to be much more difficult than killing a fewNaga mobs.

Do not be afraid to group up and tackle the quests together. You willcomplete them faster and some of them are impossible to do alone. As gearlevels increase, many of them will become soloable, but for now, make sure tobring some friends along for the grind!

If you are going to farm the world quests for reputation, we would stronglyadvise using either of the World Quest Tracker add-onor the Broker_WorldQuestsplugin for data broker add-ons. These will simplify the interface of the worldquests and let you know exactly what quests you can do, for which reputationand how long you have to complete them before they de-spawn.

Forthe Court of Farondis,you gain reputation by completing world quests inthe Azsunazone. Each quest will normally award 50-350 reputation, dependingon the goal. These quests have varying reset times, depending on the reward, sothey will not always be available.

There are also bonus quests that appear on your server for a few days, whichrequire you to complete a number of world quests in an area. Once you havecompleted 4 of the world quests inAzsuna,you can complete a quest with theCourt of Farondis Emissary (Veridis Fallon)who also acts as a Quartermaster. This will award you with 1500 reputation.

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The majority of the world quests that you complete across the Broken Isles willreward reputation directly with one of the six main factions. There is a smallchance that you will encounter world quests that are instead given by the KirinTor of Dalaran. The world quests for the Kirin Tor work in exactly the same wayas the normal ones, except that they can spawn in any zone.

These quests are often slightly more challenging than normal world quests,tasking you with solving puzzles, such as moving with a bubble and not fallingout or following a pattern on the ground, rather than simply killing a certainnumber of mobs.

Upon completion of a Kirin Tor world quest, you will be given a slightlydifferent reward than normal. Since the Kirin Tor reputation is the same onethat existed in Wrath of the Lich King, you are allowed to choose which factionyou will gain reputation with.

When you hand in your emissary quest to Warmage Silva (the Kirin TorEmissary), you can choose between:

750 Reputation for the Nightfallen, Armies of Legionfall, Army of the Light or Argussian Reach;1500 Reputation for any other Broken Isles faction.


Court of Farondis Insigniasgrants 250 reputation per use. You canfind them in treasure chests across the Broken Isles, as well as being a rewardfrom certain Class Order Hall missions.

Certain dungeons in Legion will award reputation for their respectivefactions. Forthe Court of Farondis, you will not gain any reputation from dungeons.

Given the fact that there are no strict dailies in Legion for thereputations, it can be difficult to provide an accurate estimate. Generally,getting the reputation to exalted takes4 weeksfor an average player,assuming completion of all of the criteria listed in the guide, every time theyare available.

If the world quests available are either on the lower spectrum of reputationgain or are simply not associated with that faction, you might find it takinglonger for you. You can shorten the time required by ensuring that you hunt asmany insignias as possible in the Broken Isles, as well as ensuring that youfarm the dungeons listed in each guide as often as possible.

Once you have reached exalted withthe Court of Farondis,you will start earning paragon caches. These caches are granted for each 10,000reputation you earn with a faction after hitting exalted with them. Inside, youhave a chance to receive the normal rewards of an Emissary cache, such as gold,as well as a faction specific-mount.

When completing the paragon forthe Court of Farondis,you will receivethe Cloudwing Hippogrpyh.
The Quartermaster is the same NPC as the Emissary, Veridis Fallon.Below you can find the reputation rewards associated with the Court ofFarondis, as well as the cost of each item.

Item Reputation Cost

Treasure Map: Azsuna

honored 20

Vainglorious Draught

honored 150

Enchanted Stone Whistle

honored 300
Pattern: Silkweave Pantaloons honored 550

Boon of the Gemfinder

revered 150

Beginner”s Guide to Dimensional Rifting

revered 500

Court Scribe

revered 500
Vantus Rune Technique: High Botanist Tel”arn revered 900
Vantus Rune Technique: Skorpyron revered 900
Vantus Rune Technique: Trilliax revered 900
Vantus Rune Technique: Krosus revered *

Cadet”s Gaudy Scarf

revered 1,000

Syriel Crescentfall”s Notes: Ravenguard

revered 2,000
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Hood exalted 9
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Gloves exalted 9
Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Robe exalted 9

Court of Farondis Tabard

exalted 300

Once-Fashionable Nar”thalas Leggings

exalted 5,000

* Vantus Rune Technique: Krosus is not sold by theQuartermaster and we currently do not know how to obtain it.

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