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This overview covers the basics of the Protection Paladin artifact weapon, Truthguard. This will be your primary weapon in Legion, allowing you to customize its appearance with numerous styles and tints.

When you equip Truthguard, you automatically also equip Oathseeker.

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Appearances and Tints

Each spec”s weapon has 6 styles, which can come in 4 color variations. All of these tints can be previewed on the Appearance tab of the Artifact Calculator or the Legion Dressing Room.

Truthguard: Default, Recover one Pillar of Creation, Recover Light”s Charge and bring it to Order Hall, Complete First Major Order Campaign

Light of the Titans: Complete the Class Hall Campaign (Forged for Battle), Unlock every Artifact Trait (Power Realized), Fully research the history of your artifact (Part of History), Obtain 8 rare Archaeology finds (This Side Up)

Divine Protector: Complete the questline Balance of Power (Improving on History), Defeat 8 Broken Isles world bosses (Unleashed Monstrosities), Complete a Mythic+ Dungeon with a Level 15 Keystone (Keystone Master), All Legion Dungeon achievements (Glory of the Legion Hero)

Dark Keeper”s Ward: This entire tier is devoted to PvP achievements. The Prestige, Crest of Heroism, Crest of Carnage, Crest of Devastation

Crest of Holy Fire: Unlocked through the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge, The Highlord”s Return.
Note: The basic tint of the challenge appearance is unobtainable as of Battle for Azeroth prepatch. The other tints can still be unlocked if you finished the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge during Legion.

Vindicator”s Bulwark: Unlocked via Spark of the Fallen Exarch from the Withered Army scenario in Shal”ran, 30 dungeons using hidden artifact appearance, 200 world quests using hidden artifact appearance, kill 1,000 players using a hidden artifact appearance

Transmog Recommendations

Artifact weapons and order halls drew their inspiration from past iconic tier sets, so here are some transmog ideas for each artifact style. You can also save and share an Outfit with this artifact.

Classic PvP + Holy Fire | Default + Challenge Mode | Empowered + Tier 8 | Vindicator + Tier 4 | Dark Riders + Tier 2

Artifact Acquisition

Below is the questline for Protection Paladin to acquire Truthguard. More artifact videos can be found on our YouTube Artifact Acquisition Playlist.

The related quest is To Northrend and the description of Truthguard is:

An ancient vrykul saga speaks of a shield crafted by Tyr himself.

During the Winterskorn War it was used to expose Loken”s lies to the vrykul and convert many to Tyr”s cause.

The final resting place of the shield was lost to time, but rumors point to one who might know the final chapters to it”s story.

After you select Truthguard in Weapons of Legend, you are sent to Howling Fjord in To Northrend to learn about Tyr.

In The End of the Saga, you need to find the grave of Gorvold, a past explorer who tried to discover the real fate of Tyr. You are sent to unearth the gravestones as Tahu Saagewind, a Sunwalker, prepares for the ritual.

Tahu Sagewind: I misjudged how long ago this happened. I will need more time to prepare myself for the ritual.

In the meantime, I have attuned this stone to the scroll Orik brought. Certain graves will glow to your mind”s eye. Go to them and concentrate on the stone to see if you have found the correct grave. We want the writer himself, not a descendant or ancestor.

Đang xem: Wow crest of holy fire

After several false starts, you find the spirit of Gorvold:

Gorvold: I died to ease the pain of my failure, why do you disturb me?
I must answer. I followed it across many lands and seas until I reached an island in Stormheim. There was a tomb for the kings there. For months I tried to enter the shrine, but I was not a follower of Tyr”s path and was denied. I returned in disgrace and tried to cleanse my failure in the blood of others.

At this point, you head to Stormheim for Shrine of the Truthguard and begin the Artifact Scenario. This is the same area as the Protection Warrior and Beast Mastery Hunter questlines.

Stage 1 – Island Landing
You”ve arrived on the island. Meet up with Orik.Stage 2 – Into the Tomb
Inside the tomb lies the Shrine of the Truthguard. Overcome any defenses and find the shrine.Stage 3 – Opening the Door
Open the door.

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Stage 4 – Shrine of the Truthguard
Enter the shrine and find the shield.Stage 5 – Yrgrim”s Challenge
Yrgrim, wielder of the Truthguard has challenged you to a trial by combat. Complete the trial to earn his respect.Final Stage – The Truthguard
The trial is over. Take up the Truthguard.

There are several glowing tablets you read along the way:

Yrgrim”s Journey:

After the fall of Tyr, Yrgrim the Truthseeker aided his brethren in Tirisfal, ensuring their survival in the new world.

Knowing that others of his kind had fled the north, he went in search of them, hoping to find someone worthy to pass on his armaments.

Eventually he found Stormheim and strong descendants of his race. Here was a group where one might be found worthy.

Yrgrim”s Challenge:

On an island of stone Yrgrim built an arena. He proclaimed to his brethren that he sought a successor strong in will and body, and pure in heart. They would have to pass his trials in order to claim his weapons.

Many berserkers and dragonriders answered Yrgrim”s challenge, but all met with failure and death. Yrgrim answers challenges for years until the challengers stopped coming.

Here lies Yrgrim, resolute and patient. Never bowing to the curse of the great enemy, he remains as strong as the vrykul of old.

He and his challenge await.

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Dialogue when you meet Yrgrim:

I bid you greetings Opener of Doors, you are the first.
I am the champion of Tyr, and we will see if you are worthy to bear his shield.
I have waited a long time for someone like you. I sense you are the blood and have the heart. Face me in battle and we will test your strength.
I am beaten. You are worthy. If Tyr were alive ye would make you his champion. I hereby pass on Truthguard to you. Use it to defend Azeroth from its enemies.
I am tired. With a worthy successor I can finally end my vigil. Take care, champion. Always fight for truth and justice. In Tyr”s name.
Orik: Amazing. I”m glad the shield is in your hands. We”re going to head back to Dalaran and report to Tyrosus. If you need a ride you can take my hippogryph outside.

In We Meet at Light”s Hope, you are introduced to your Order Hall and as you walk through the hall, NPCs bow down to you when they see The Silver Hand.

In A United Force, Lord Maxwell Tyrosus declares you the leader of the new Order of the Silver Hand, introducing you to the gathered paladins. Lady Liadrin and Vindicator Boros give their support.

Lord Maxwell: These fine men and women need a leader. Your deeds make you the clear choice to bear that burden. Come, I will address them on your behalf.
Gathered paladins of Azeroth, you’ve come to mourn the loss of Highlord Tirion Fordring. Many of you looked to him as an idol – a paragon of what we all strive to be as paladins.
May we all take a moment of silence to pay our respects to a truly great soldier, leader, and friend. In the Light we are one, brother.
You’ve heard of the legend of <name>, the paladin proven worthy of wielding the Ashbringer and succeeding Tirion as Highlord. With <name> at our head we can be the weapon brought to bear against the Legion.
We must stand together against the coming darkness. We must stand side by side and cast aside the shackles of race and faction. We must unite as one!

The remaining quests introduce you to unlocking artifact traits, using artifact power, and selecting a questing zone: Rise, Champions, Forging New Strength, Logistical Matters, A Sound Plan.

Artifact Book Text

As players progress with their Artifact Knowledge research, more pages unlock in the Artifact Book in your Class Hall:


Many have tried to break Truthguard. Vrykul war bringers, mighty giants, and even the wicked minions of the Old Gods. This shield has turned them all aside, and not a scratch mars its gleaming surface.

But Truthguard is more than just a simple armament. It is the embodiment of justice, nobility, and honor. Bear this shield as you would a torch in the darkness. Bring light to those without hope, and burn away the shadows that seek to engulf your world in death and despair.

Truthguard, Part One

Earthen poems and vrykul epic sagas speak of Truthguard emerging in a time of war, when armies forged of iron marched across the north and made even mountains tremble.

The main aggressors of this war were the fearsome Winterskorn vrykul. Their goal was to dominate the lands surrounding Ulduar and put all who opposed them to the blade. The Winterskorn were a people who relished violence, and few relished it more than Yrgrim. He stood at the clan”s bloody vanguard, leading brutal raids against the good-natured earthen who dwelled in the region.

Strange that someone so obsessed with wanton killing would one day wield Truthguard, a symbol of justice and honor. But the paths that fate weaves are often strange.

Truthguard, Part Two

From a set of earthen tablets titled The Winterskorn War:

""The clang of sword against shield rumbled like thunder through the cavern. The Winterskorn”s enchanted blades cleaved through the earthen”s stone skin with ease, lopping off limbs and sending heads rolling.

""When the Winterskorn cornered the few surviving earthen at the back of the cavern, the lead vrykul charged forward with his sword poised to strike. His body came apart before he ever reached his prey.

""Another Winterskorn had cut him down. He moved quick as lightning then, sword arcing through the rest of his warrior kin.

""”Follow me and live,” the vrykul said after his killing was done. “Stay and this place will be your tomb.”

""Later, the earthen asked this Yrgrim why he had saved them.

""”The battle lust has lifted from my eyes, and I have seen truth,” Yrgrim replied. “Killing for the sake of killing… conquering for the sake of conquest… there is no honor in such things. There is only shame and regret.”""

Truthguard, Part Three

Yrgrim led the earthen survivors to Keeper Tyr, the one being he believed could save them from the Winterskorn. The vrykul warrior did not expect a reward for doing so. Quite the opposite. Yrgrim had murdered scores of innocent earthen, and he thought Tyr would execute him for his transgressions.

According to one vrykul legend, these are the words Tyr spoke to Yrgrim: ""I cannot wash the blood from your hands. No one can. All I can offer you is a way forward. Stand by my side. Hunt the wicked with the same ferocity you once used to hunt the earthen. Do this and you will find the path to redemption.""

On that day, Yrgrim swore an oath to the twin moons that he would serve Tyr and embody his noble ideals. In return, the keeper gifted the vrykul with a shield unlike any ever made.

Its name was Truthguard.

Truthguard, Part Four

From the vrykul saga The Forging of Truthguard:

""Three strikes it took Keeper Archaedas to shape Truthguard. With the first hammer fall, rivers of magma spilled from the icy mountains. With the second, the sky howled and lightning set the heavens aflame. With the third, a single ray of sunlight pierced the storm clouds and whispered over Truthguard”s surface.

""From afar, Keeper Tyr and the giantess Ironaya watched the work unfold. They had each given of themselves to make Truthguard. Tyr had chiseled off a piece of his silver hand to imbue the shield with righteous power. Ironaya had hewn a stone disc from her hide and etched it with runes of protection.""

Truthguard, Part Five

Truthguard saw its first battle in the waning days of the Winterskorn War.

While searching the frozen wastes for earthen whom he could lead to safety, Yrgrim stumbled across a small raiding party of Winterskorn. The vrykul knew of this ""deserter."" They cursed Yrgrim”s name and howled for his blood.

Yrgrim calmly offered a challenge: if any of the vrykul could knock the shield from his grip, he would surrender. But if the Winterskorn failed, they would lay down their arms and listen to Yrgrim”s words.

One after another, the vrykul charged Yrgrim, and their enchanted blades glanced off of Truthguard without making so much as a dent.

""You fail because you fight for cruelty and injustice,"" Yrgrim said to the bewildered vrykul. ""So long as such wicked thoughts guide your hand, you will never become the champions you hope to be."" Then he told them of all he had learned from Tyr, of the noble tenets of justice that now governed his life.

And one after another, the vrykul joined Yrgrim”s cause and cast their enchanted blades aside.

Truthguard, Part Six

The Winterskorn War was only a symptom of a much greater problem: Keeper Loken. He had fallen to darkness and imprisoned many of his fellow keepers within the hallowed halls of Ulduar. But why had he done such terrible things? What could have driven a noble being like Loken to abuse his power?

Truthguard found some of the answers.

At Tyr”s behest, Yrgrim stalked the outskirts of Ulduar with his shield and confronted a small number of Loken”s servants. Some were massive fire giants. A few others were iron-skinned vrykul whose only purpose was dealing death. Yrgrim bested them, one and all. When his opponents were on their knees, he forced them to look at their own reflections in Truthguard”s surface.

The shield”s righteous power caused the lies and half-truths that clouded their minds to melt away. They saw, for the first time, that Loken had used them as his pawns. Yrgrim”s adversaries revealed many details about the fallen keeper, but one was more troubling than the rest…

Loken had succumbed to Yogg-Saron, the malevolent Old God shackled within Ulduar.

Truthguard, Part Seven

An excerpt from an unfinished book on the dwarves” origins, by Royal Historian Archesonus:

""Tyr vowed to defeat Keeper Loken, but he needed time to plan. He also needed to find a refuge for the innocent earthen, mechagnomes, and vrykul who dwelled around Ulduar. As Tyr led these creatures south in search of a safe haven, he ordered his loyal servant Yrgrim to stay behind. The noble vrykul would hold off any of Loken”s minions who tried to prevent the refugees from fleeing.

""Yrgrim, fabled Truthguard in hand, obeyed his master. It was the last time he would see Tyr alive.

""Three fire giants soon emerged to hunt down the refugees, but Yrgrim barred their way. They swarmed the lone vrykul and battered Truthguard. Not even the fists of giants could dent the shield.

""Yrgrim waited until his foes wore themselves ragged against Truthguard, and then he went on the offensive. He slammed the shield against the giants until their molten bodies crumbled and their blood ran like rivers of fire over the land.""

Truthguard, Part Eight

While Yrgrim battled the fire giants, Keeper Loken unleashed ancient horrors who had been locked within Ulduar. These were the C”Thraxxi, monstrous servants of the Old Gods. They crawled from their underground chambers and slipped past Yrgrim, eager to exterminate Tyr and his motley followers.

Yrgrim sensed the C”Thraxxi”s foul presence as they passed by, and he raced south in pursuit of the creatures. By the time he finally caught up to them, it was too late…

Tyr had stood against the C”Thraxxi alone, and he had paid the ultimate price to defeat them. His followers would name the site of his valiant sacrifice Tyr”s Fall, which in the vrykul tongue translated to ""Tirisfal.""

Truthguard, Part Nine

Yrgrim laid the first stone of the tomb that would serve as Tyr”s final resting place. He and his allies labored over the construction in silence, hearts filled with bittersweet reverence. When the work was done, the refugees set off south in search of a safe haven, but Yrgrim did not follow.

He jammed Truthguard into the earth and swore to stand vigil over his master”s tomb. It was the least he could do to honor Tyr”s sacrifice. Moved by Yrgrim”s decision, the other vrykul joined him.

Truthguard, Part Ten

For many years, Yrgrim remained in Tirisfal with Truthguard at his side. He urged his allies to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of justice and nobility, just as he had. In this way, Tyr”s ideals would live on in more than stories. They would live on through the actions of Yrgrim and the other vrykul.

Once Yrgrim had taught the Tirisfal vrykul all he could, he departed from the region. His battles had whittled away at his iron hide, and he longed to find a noble champion who could take up Truthguard.

Yrgrim”s quest eventually led him and his great shield to the land known as Stormheim.

Truthguard, Part Eleven

Stormheim was home to many mighty vrykul, and Yrgrim was sure he would find someone capable of bearing Truthguard. He constructed an arena to test the mettle of the local fighters. Challenger after challenger faced off against Yrgrim, but none could meet his high standards.

In time, no one remained to face Yrgrim”s trials. He abandoned his arena, but not his search. He held onto hope that he would find a successor someday.

Yrgrim built a vast tomb and locked himself within. There, he waited for a hero. Someone strong of will and pure of heart. Someone worthy of bearing Truthguard, as Tyr would have wanted.

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