Wow Destruction Warlock Mage Tower, Destruction Warlock Artifact Challenge Guide!

Destruction Warlock Challenge Appearance

In this section I will go over the strategy for the Destruction Warlock Challenge Appearance!The artifact appearance is a unique reward from completing a challenging solo scenario, Feltotem”s Fall, that can only be entered while the Mage Tower building is active on the Broken Shore. It rewards a unique artifact appearance.

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The Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch date is July 17th (US) / July 18th (EU). When the pre-patch hits, the Mage Tower Challenge can”t be completed, so you have limited time left. Learn more about other top things removed in 8.0, and if you”ve enjoyed learning new classes for the Mage Tower, check out how classes are changing in BFA.

Destruction – Guise of the Darkener

Video Alternative

If you learn better from watching an encounter, check out this video! Please note, this video was made on the first day and things may have changed since then.

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Below, you will find some recommended items/talents you should have before attempting the scenario. These are just a guideline. You can do the scenario without some of these items but you may run into a bit more trouble than others. You will need to collect a good amount of Nethershards. Each attempt, after the first, at this challenge requires 100 Nethershard. You can certainly finish the scenario without all these preparations, but it will make it easier. Be prepared for it to take a few attempts, regardless of gear and preparation, you need to execute this encounter nearly flawlessly. Don”t get discouraged!


This scenario is more a mechanics check than a dps check. It is simply about interrupting, positioning and situational awareness.. This challenge has been completed by Warlocks as low as 880 item level. However at this stage in legion i would recommend having at least 915 item level and 66 traits. Any set bonuses you have will be helpful.However, some legendary items are certainly going to help you.Aside from the aforementioned legendary items, any DPS legendaries you have will be good for this encounter.



I”d like to talk a bit about my recommendations for this encounter.

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Doing the Scenario

Phase 1

Phase 1 starts as a 2-target cleave scenario. You will be fighting Jormog the Behemoth and Tugar Bloodtotem.

Phase 2

Once Tugar Bloodtotem has died, you will transition into Phase 2. There are a very minimal changes during this phase.SUMMARY:Congratulations on your new Artifact Skin! 😀
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