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In the World of Warcraft game client you can access many of its configuration options through “console variables” or “CVars”. These variables affect many aspects of the game, including the graphics engine, sound system, and user interface.

The term “CVar” predates WoW and originated with id Software”s game Quake (the lead programmer of vanilla WoW was John Cash, a former programmer at idSoftware), and is meant to differentiate base game script variables from commands. “CVars” should not be confused with the game”s script variables, called vars. It”s a bit of a misnomer because the base game scripting language is used for many things, and happens to be accessible through the game console. Here are several common ways accessing these vars and commands:

.wtf files –, in “WTF”, in WoW folder, stores game settings, like “gxResolution”, and “locale” for the language. “/console command” – chat slash command to run a base game script command, like setting a CVar. “wow.exe -Console” – allows you to open “the console” in-game, opening and closing by using ~ key Configuration UI – WoW”s normal in-game configuration interface. Hit Esc to get to it. SetCVar() – WoW global API for changing settings using Macros or AddOns


) fixedFunction – Force fixed function pixel and vertex processing footstepBias - ? Gamma – Gamma level groundEffectDensity – groundEffectDist – gxApi – Graphics API to use gxAspect – Preserve aspect ratio for windowed mode gxColorBits – Color bits gxCursor – Enable hardware cursors gxDepthBits – Depth bits gxFixLag – Smooth mouse cursor gxMonitor – Сhoice of main monitor that is used for game gxMaximize – When using windowed mode, maximize the window gxMultisample – Enable anti-aliasing (e.g. “4” for 4x multisampling) gxMultisampleQuality – Quality for anti-aliasing (?) gxOverride - ? gxRefresh – Refresh rate in Hz gxResolution – Screen resolution (e.g.

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“1280×1024”) gxRestart – Restarts the graphics engine gxTextureCacheSize – Set the cache size gxTripleBuffer – Enable Triple Buffering gxVSync – Enable VSync gxWindow – Windowed mode horizonfarclip – Set draw distance for the horizon (terrain). When larger than farclip, will show “shadows” of terrain in the distance. horizonfarclip – Set draw distance for terrain closest to you. hwDetect – Perform hardware detection for best values hwPCF – Use hardware based Percentage Closer Filtering for shadows (Default on) lod – Level of detail, toggles the level of detail option in the graphics menu M2BatchDoodads – Enable handling of Detail Doodads in batches (combine doodads to reduce batch count) M2BatchParticles – combine particle emitters to reduce batch count M2Faster – end user control of scene optimization mode – (0-3) M2FasterDebug – Enables developer dynamic control (programmer control of scene optimization mode) M2UseClipPlanes – use clip planes for sorting transparent objects M2UseThreads – multithread model animations M2UseZFill – Enabled Z-Fill on transparent objects mapObjLightLOD - ? mapShadows – Toggle map shadows MaxFPS – Framerate Limitation maxFPSBk – Framerate Limitation while Wow isn”t in focus MaxLights – Maximum number of hardware lights nearclip – Clipping range for small detail doodads objectFade – ObjectFadeZFill – occlusion – Disables rendering of objects that are entirely blocked by other graphics particleDensity – Particle density pixelShaders – Enable pixel shaders playerTextureLevels – Deprecated and replaced by componentTextureLevel PlayerFadeInRate – fade in rate for player mouseover PlayerFadeOutAlpha – min fade out alpha for player mouseover PlayerFadeOutRate – fade out rate for player mouseover shadowBias – Blob Shadow transparency levels shadowcull - ? shadowinstancing – Shadow optimization which prevents flickering shadowLevel – Level of detail for shadow mip maps shadowLOD – Enables or Disables Blob Shadows shadowscissor - ? showshadow - ? showfootprints – Enable footprints showfootprintparticles - ? showsmartrects – Deprecated in WoW 3.0 SkyCloudLOD – Level of detail for Sky SmallCull – Affects the hiding (“culling”) of small objects. Setting to 0 disables. specular – Enable specular shading spellEffectLevel – Spell Effect level SplineOpt – Loading Screen Spline for travel texLodBias – Texture Level of Detail Bias (?) terrainMipLevel – Terrain texture blending mode. (1: low quality, 0: high quality) textureFilteringMode – Texture filtering mode (?) textureCacheSize – Caches in memory textures when they are not in use for quick loading. (Min: 8388608, Max: 536870912, Default: 33554432) triangleStrips – Deprecated in WoW 3.0 UIFaster – UI acceleration level unitDrawDist – Unit draw distance unitHighlights – Toggle model highlighting on targeted units useWeatherShaders – Enable weather shaders violenceLevel – Changes the violence level of the game waterLOD – Level of Detail for water (Locked) windowResizeLock – Locks so the game can”t be resized while in windowed mode – see gxWindow weatherDensity – Level of weather effects worldBaseMip – Environment texture quality (2: low, 1: medium, 0: high)


BlockTrades – Block trade requests ChatBubbles – Enable chat bubbles ChatBubblesParty – Enable party chat bubbles colorChatNamesByClass – name will change to a color to match their class. default is 0. CombatDamage – Enable damage display over target CombatHealing – Enable healing display over target combatLogOn – Enable combat log (?) CombatLogPeriodicSpells – Enable periodic spells in combat log (?) flaggedTutorials – Enable/Disable tutorials for new players gameTip – Determine which Loading Screen tip will display next (increments per character Login) guildMemberNotify – Display notification when guild members log in or out lfgSelectedRoles – your current LFG role selection information minimapZoom – Minimap zoom level (?) minimapInsideZoom – Minimap inside zoom level (return the same zoom level as Minimap:GetZoom() when in indoors) ObjectSelectionCircle – Size of the targeting circle (“0” disables) PetMeleeDamage – Show pet melee damage PetSpellDamage – Show pet spell damage predictedHealth – Enables the Smooth filling Health Bar (“0” disables) predictedPower – Enables the Smooth filling Energy/Mana/Rage/Runic Bar (“0” disables) profanityFilter – Enable profanity filter rotateMinimap – Rotate minimap secureAbilityToggle – Keeps players from accidentally toggling off by hitting the button more than once in a short (3 sec?) period of time spamFilter – Enable spam filter screenshotFormat – Screenshot format screenshotQuality – Screenshot quality (0-10) showGameTips – Toggles displaying of loading screen game tips (“0” disables) showLootSpam – Show a message in the combat log with the amount of money looted when auto-looting ShowTargetCastbar – Show your target”s cast bar ShowVKeyCastbar – Show target”s cast bar under nameplates scriptErrors – (0/1) Whether or not the UI shows Lua errors scriptProfile - ? statusBarText – Show the Player status bar values as text on top of the normal HP/MP/Energy/Rage bars synchronizeSettings – Toggles the saving of UI settings to the server (0-1) UberTooltips – Show “extended” tooltips uiScale – Interface scale UnitNameRenderMode - ? UnitNameOwn – (0/1) Toggle Own Name UnitNameNPC – (0/1) Toggle NPC Name UnitNamePlayerGuild – (0/1) Toggle Guild Tags UnitNamePlayerPVPTitle – (0/1) Toggle Titles UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName – (0/1) Toggle Friendly Player Names UnitNameFriendlyPetName – (0/1) Toggle Friendly Pet Names UnitNameFriendlyCreationName – (0/1) Toggle Friendly Creation Names UnitNameEnemyPlayerName – (0/1) Toggle Enemy Player Names UnitNameEnemyPetName – (0/1) Toggle Enemy Pet Names UnitNameEnemyCreationName – (0/1) Toggle Enemy Creation Names UnitNameCompanionName – (0/1) Toggle Companion Names useUiScale – Enable interface scaling


ChatAmbienceVolume – Volume setting for surroundings while in voice chat ChatMusicVolume – Volume setting for game music while in voice chat ChatSoundVolume – Volume setting for voice chat EnableMicrophone – Enables the Microphone EnableVoiceChat – Enables Voice Chat FootstepSounds – Enables/Disables footstep sound InboundChatVolume OutboundChatVolume Sound_ChaosMode – Plays random sounds depending on what it is set to (needs to be enabled) Sound_EnableSoftwareHRTF – Enables headphone designed sound subsystem Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverIndex – Device for voice input (Microphone) Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverIndex – Device for voice output (Headset or secondary speakers) Sound_OutputDriverIndex – Audio Device Selected Sound_DSPBufferSize – Sound buffer size Sound_EnableSFX – Enables SoundFX Sound_EnableErrorSpeech – Enable error sounds (“Can”t cast that yet!”) Sound_EnableMusic – Enables Music Sound_EnableAllSound – Enables All Sound Sound_ListenerAtCharacter – Set sound center to player Sound_EnableEmoteSounds – Enable emote voices Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForSelf – Enable armor damage sounds for player Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForOthers – Enable armor damage sounds for NPCs and other PCs Sound_MaxCacheableSizeInBytes – Max sound size that will be cached, larger files will be streamed instead SoundMemoryCache – Sound cache memory size in MB Sound_EnableMode2 – Enables Alternate sound processing Sound_EnableMixMode2 – Enables and controls PCM Audio Quality Sound_EnableHardware – Enable Audio Hardware Acceleration useEnglishAudio – override the locale and use English audio


Please see Category:Console variables/Removed CVars for the deprecated / removed cvars.


Please see Category:Console variables/Removed CVars for the deprecated / removed cvars.

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