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Azerite Traits are part of the core progression system of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, adding new abilities and effects to your helm, shoulder, and chest armor. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about choosing the best Azerite Traits for your Discipline Priest in ! The guide covers all available Azerite Powers, how well they compare with one another, and how to determine the best Discipline Priest Azerite Armor.

To learn more about the intricacies of this system, we invite you to read our Heart of Azeroth Guide and Azerite Trait Guide. Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara also expanded the Heart of Azeroth to cover Essences, and our best Essence recommendations are covered on the Discipline Priest Essence page.

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About the Author

This guide is written and maintained by Jak, Healer for Lazarus Imperative on US-Illidan, author of the Holy and Discipline Priest Guides.

He is also the Host of the official World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International events. You can catch Jak on Twitter, Youtube and streaming on Twitch if you want to check out more of his content!

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Best Azerite Traits for Discipline Priest

Based on simulations, logs, and analysis we have selected the best Discipline Priest Azerite Traits, which should generally be prioritized. Keep in mind that the strength of Azerite Traits is based on the source item”s item level, which can weight their value. This scaling will typically make a higher item level piece of gear better, even if it has less ideal traits.

Azerite Effect Tier List

Note: This offers an approximate ranking or tier list of available azerite effects based off of testing and analysis from Beta and Live before the release of Uldir. Damage dealing Azerite pieces do not proc Atonement and therefore are not ranked in this tier list as a result. Updated for Patch 8.3

Ring 1 – Outer Ring

S Tier:

Enduring Luminescence – Ideal Azerite build will have 1x Enduring Luminescence for the extended duration. Note: the Heal effect stacks but not the + duration.Depth of the Shadows – Additional Atonement duration to all Shadow Mend casts , as well as a buff to the healing quantity make this a valuable trait to have one of. Also an ideal azerite trait to have at least one of one the outer ring.Death Throes – Primary "stackable" trait for raid and mythic+. This shadow trait works with Discipline and offers a significant increase in Shadow Word: Pain or Purge damage, which is often one of our top Atonement heals. This trait versus Heart of Darkness will depend on whether more damage or more healing is needed. Incredibly powerful on the many multi-dot friendly encounters that Ny”alotha has, but on single target Heart of Darkness will likely be better HPS. Heart of Darkness – This is the raid trait from Ny”alotha. While it has a corruption requirement, this is removed during the prepatch. This trait will continue to see strong use.

A Tier:

Meticulous Scheming – Buff that offers a short window to active a lengthy haste proc for 20 seconds.Blood Rite – While unlikely to extend the duration consistently in raid fights, can offer a solid haste proc to a haste hungry spec and good power in 5mans.Swirling Sands – Solid critical strike increase with an opportunity to extend the duration.Blightborne Infusion – Solid secondary stat increase.Sudden Revelation – Replaced Gift of Forgiveness in Patch 8.1, offers small cooldown reduction to Power Word: Radiance. Stacking multiple traits DOES NOT increase the cooldown reduction but when you use Power Word: Radiance and receive the buff from this trait you can hold multiple charges of the buff at a time. Decent for raid, very powerful for Mythic+ where you can use this buff to great effect on trash mobs to maximize your damage.Arcane Heart – Raid trait from the Eternal Palace and World Bosses. After the nerf to the uptime (not being able to accumulate progress while the buff is up) this uptime is significantly impacted for healers in this burst healing environment of EP.

B Tier:

Weal and Woe – Rewards frequent Penance usage either offensively or defensively, but due to the spell”s low value this trait is less valuable.Unstable Catalyst – Solid Primary stat increase with an often disruptive positional requirement.Moment of Repose – Holds a very high scaling level, but overall too underpowered to see strong use.

Ring 2 – Middle Ring

S Tier:

Synergistic Growth – Solid mastery with excellent control over the proc. Allows you to further empower a strong ramp up and will have very strong uptime.Concentrated Mending – HoT that accelerates over the duration, offering solid healing.Blessed Portents – Mimicking the Highfather”s effect from Antorus, this trait offers powerful progression healing in a form that is often life-saving.

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Loses value as encounters move into farm content where players are less likely to drop low enough to trigger it. Blood Siphon – Offering flat increase to Leech and MasteryOverwhelming Power – Good increase to haste that decays over time.

A Tier:

On My Way – Consistent stat increase.Woundbinder – Haste proc for a Haste-hungry spec. Some concern over uptime as this trait only gets stronger as targets more frequently drop lower.Ephemeral Recovery – Flat mana regen whenever you drop below a certain mana threshold. High potential if you are able to bounce back from that point and get a 2nd proc from the trait which will be difficult to do on fast encounters. Situational usage. Earthlink – Decent primary stat increase though decay and variance can be an issue for a spec that thrives on ramping for specific damage effects Savior – Solid potential for increasing healing on low health targets. Uptime can be a concern early on in an expansion where there is considerably less burst damage effects

B Tier:

Bracing Chill – Trait with solid potential but requires you to almost chase the effect to continue the heal effect.

Ring 3 – Inner Ring

S Tier:

Resounding Protection – Consistent and strong effective health increase. Impassive Visage – Reliable heal effect whenever damage is taken with a small internal cooldown. Higher overall HPS than the trait above but shielding often has higher value due to surviving certain deadly mechanics. Sanctum – Powerful absorb on a low cooldown with Fade, only absorbs magic damage. The control of this azerite can make it especially valuable so that you always have a good personal for when damage goes out.Vampiric Speed – Situationally valuable, encouraged on add-heavy encounters where you can receive constant healing.

A Tier:

Gemhide – Especially powerful against physical AoE damage with armor and avoidance increasesLongstrider – Good mobility increase but lacks defensive valueTwist Magic – Very high potential when offensively Purging buffs from enemies. Extremely niche usage.

B Tier:

Azerite Fortification – PvP oriented, situational value Bulwark of the Masses – Niche value, especially in a raiding environmentSelf Reliance – Range requirement for optimal healing value, niche value.

How Does The Heart of Azeroth Work?

The Azerite Power UI
Right at the start of your journey to level 120, you will be summoned by Magni Bronzebeard to Silithus to retrieve the Heart of Azeroth. While wearing this necklace, you will be able to collect a new type of power: Azerite, the Blood of Azeroth.

The necklace allows you to empower your helm, shoulders and chest pieces, called Azerite Armor, unlocking new exciting powers hidden within those items. Collecting Azerite will increase the level of Heart of Azeroth and empower those items, unlocking even more abilities. For more details about how to unlock and empower the Heart of Azeroth check our in-depth Heart of Azeroth Guide.

Unlocking Disc Priest Azerite Powers

Each Azerite Armor piece has different rings of power, and each ring unlocks at a certain level of power from your Heart of Azeroth. Each of those rings has various options of Azerite Powers to select, and you can pick one power per ring unlocked.

Depending on the source of your Azerite Armor piece, each ring will have a different Heart of Azeroth level required to be unlocked, for instance, a quest piece will be fully unlocked at level 9, while a raid piece may need level 25 or higher to be fully powered. To learn more about Azerite Powers, including how to replace them, check our in-depth Azerite Power and Azerite Armor Guide.

Disc Priest Azerite Power Overview

Helms, Shoulders, and Chests can interact with your Heart of Azeroth, granting you Azerite Powers. These powers can modify existing spells, provide buffs, deal damage or healing, as well as other effects.

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