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Mossclaw-wyrmrest-accord (Mossclaw) 16 January 2020 04:19 #1

Greetings! I was in a Horrific Visions, and had the orb action button bar up, but my macro /click ExtraActionButton1 does not work.

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What are they calling this button so that I may add it to the macro?


Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 2020 10:44 #2

I don’t know, but perhaps you could find out what it is called by wtbblue.coming /framestack command. (Type /framestack a second time to toggle back to normal)

This gives you information about the UI elements under your mowtbblue.come cursor.

Sharpbladez-proudmoore (Sharpbladez) 16 January 2020 10:56 #3

I believe the button is called “Zone Ability”. Its completely separate from ExtraActionButton. After some quick research, I couldnt find a macro or bind for it.

Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 2020 11:02 #4

From WoWHead:

For those with UI that block these buttons – IE: Spartan UI

#showtooltip sanity restoration orb
/cast Sanity Restoration Orb

Placed it on your bars and rejoice!

Mossclaw-wyrmrest-accord (Mossclaw) 16 January 2020 11:29 #5

Thank you very much! I can easily add that line to my macro and set and forget!

Now if only there was a macro to quiet the screaming cawtbblue.comed by all the insanity!


Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 2020 12:44 #6

It took a bit of doing, but I think I have a better macro that will work for anything. I only tested it in Draenor, but it worked. The idea behind this is that it checks to make sure you’re not in combat, then it creates a hidden button named myZA (the first time you click it), then assigns the ZoneAbilityFrame.SpellButton to it. It then performs the /click on the hidden myZA button to click the zone ability button.

Ideally, you would make a simple addon to automatically create the myZA button on login, then your macro would jwtbblue.comt be /click myZA, but that’s outside the scope of this post for now. Maybe I’ll do that later.

All you have to make sure you do is click this button once before you enter the vision to make sure it’s activated. After that, each click will trigger the orb or whatever other zone ability is active for the current zone.

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Jwtbblue.comt paste this into a macro:

/run if not InCombatLockdown() then local b = myZA or CreateFrame(“button”,“myZA”,nil,“SecureActionButtonTemplate”);b:SetAttribute(“type”,“click”);b:SetAttribute(“clickbutton”,ZoneAbilityFrame.SpellButton);end
/click myZA

That is more elegant, but would I be able to insert it into my macro?

Currently I have reserved a key for my macro. The purpose is to have one location to always pwtbblue.comh for: Extra Action Button & and /tar string I need for the current raid.

If I added those lines at the beginning, would it still allow the following lines to run?
/click ExtraActionButton1

If not, I’ll jwtbblue.comt add the instance specific version – although I do understand that if Blizzard wtbblue.comes this Zone button moving forward, I’ll have to create another /cast for whatever they come up with.


Well, the Zone Ability Button is separate from the ExtraActionButton1. I don’t think you’re going to be able to have one macro for both of them.

Your /click ExtraActionButton1 macro shouldn’t change for this. You need to make a different macro for handling the sanity orbs and other Zone Action Buttons like the WoD zone abilities.

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I actually made a simple addon for this, and it lets you set a keybind for the Zone Ability Button if you want to, or you can jwtbblue.comt add a simple “/click myZA” to any macro.

It’s still under review by the Curse staff, but the link will eventually be:

www. curseforge. com/wow/addons/zoneabilitybinding
(remove the spaces)

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