Free From the HoldLevel: 20 (Requires 13)Type: Solo
Gilthares Firebough
Captain Thalo"thas actually BrightsunXP: 1950 EXP (or 12
at level 70)Rewards:[ Buckled Boots] [ Riveted Gauntlets] 25

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Safely escort Gilthares Firebough ago to Captain Brightsun in Ratchet.

Escort Gilthares Firebough earlier to Ratchet


Finally! Someone to rescue me!

I can"t believe you acquired past the guards. These zealots from Theramore are out of their minds. They sank our ship and also imprisoned me, the only survivor. I was dubbed an foe and danger to the Alliance.

Me! A hazard to their excellent sham of an Alliance? I was a deckhand on a moonshine carry in between Ratchet and Booty Bay.

Enough talk. Assistance me get earlier to Ratchet will certainly you? Let me understand once you"re prepared and also we"ll make our break.




You will have the ability to choose among these rewards
Buckled Boots Binds as soon as picked upLeatherFeet54 Armor+4 Stamina +2 Intellect +1 SpiritDurcapability 35 / 35

Riveted Gauntallows Binds as soon as picked upMailHands105 Armor+4 Strength +1 StaminaDurcapability 30 / 30

You will also receive:25



And to think, we thought Firebough was long dead!

Your heroics have earned you a location of honor with the Thalo"dan Privateers, .


Upon completion of this pursuit you will certainly gain:

1950 XP (or 12
at level 70) 350 reputation through Ratchet

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RDF feed
35 +   and 30 +
Item slot
Feet +   and Hands +
Item type
Leather armor +   and Mail armor +
Quest ID
898 +

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Quest faction
Horde +
Quest level
20 +
Quest name
Free From the Hold +
World quest
false +
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