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To Hellfire And Back –

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To Hellfire And Back –
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To Hellfire And Back


To Hellfire and Back is a quest achievement earned by completing Hellfire Peninsula storylines.
To Hellfire And Back Achievement Wow To Hellfire And Back Quests To Hellfire And Back Achievement Horde 1 Storylines



1. Disrupt the Burning Legion — after completing <61> Invasion Point: Annihilator . 2. Overthrow the Overlord — after completing <63> Overlord . 3. In Search of Sedai — after completing <63> The Seer”s Relic . 4. The Exorcism of Colonel Jules — after completing <61> The Exorcism of Colonel Jules . 5. Drill the Drillmaster — after completing <62G> Drill the Drillmaster . 6. Temple of Telhamat — after completing <63> An Ambitious Plan .


7. Green, But Not Orcs — after completing <61> Beneath Thrallmar . 8. Cenarion Post that — after completing <63> Natural Remedies .

Criteria of

This achievement is part of the meta achievement < Loremaster of Outland> .

Patches and hotfixes

Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Achievement progress changed.
Hotfix (2010-12-15): “The quest requirements for the achievement To Hellfire and Back have been lowered for both Horde and Alliance characters. Horde characters need to complete 86 quests and Alliance characters need to complete 76. ”
Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Added.

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With the release of Patch 4.0.3a, it seems as though the “To Hellfire and Back” achievement is unable to be completed, at least for Horde players. The achievement calls for 90 quests to be done, but with Thrall”s removal and the removal of the key quests for the Hellfire Citadel heroics, there”s no possible way to even have 90 quests to complete. Without Thrall (and the removed quests, “Messenger to Thrall” and “Envoy to the Mag”har”) the Mag”har quests in the area don”t become available, which combined with the loss of the heroic key quests leaves Horde players with only about 87 available quests for the zone. I”ve scoured the entire place, even used server queries and addons like EveryQuest, and the only thing I can think of that I”ve not done is the World PvP quest, but even that”s not enough for the achievement.
Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, it”s possible that something to do with Patch 4.0.1 or Patch 4.0.3 removed credit for some quests in the zone. EveryQuest tells me I don”t have credit for a handful of quests that I know for a fact I”ve done, specifically “Falcon Watch” and “Life”s Finer Pleasures.” I don”t know if it”s a bug with the addon or a bug with the game, but if it”s true that I genuinely don”t have credit for those quests, then the game”s not offering me a way to do them to regain credit.
I hope it”s not against the rules to bump a thread here. This is not an uncommon concern among users, but has thus far seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, as I”ve seen several conversations between players and GMs in-game where GMs simply assume that players are looking for hints or trying to cheat and don”t even investigate whether this issue is real or not. I had hoped that by making a thread here, instead of simply opening a ticket, that perhaps this and other issues with the Loremaster meta-achievement (as Nagrand supposedly has a similar problem with insufficient available quests, post-Shattering) might actually get noticed as valid.
Hmm.. my friend just got the Hellfire achievement yesterday. We had to go kill Mags though for Magtheridon”s Head because he said that was the only way to get the Hellfire achiev.
I”ve personally had this achiev for awhile so I don”t really have any insight on this issue aside from that. But I guess a bump will help you maybe 🙂
Hm, would dungeon quests for Hellfire Peninsula count toward the achievement? I have three quests for the 5-mans that I”ve yet to do, but I also don”t remember dungeons counting toward zone-specific Loremaster achievements (I didn”t think they did, but at this point I can”t remember at all, lol).
Er, I meant to say Hellfire Citadel in my last post, not Hellfire Peninsula. Oops. XD

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Happy little evening bump, with content. Hellfire Citadel quests, sadly, do not count.
I m having the same problem, 88/90, since the removal of the shattered hall quest, i have already done the mag lost
I did manage to get to 88/90 off of the quest item drop in Hellfire Ramparts. I don”t even know where to get the Magtheridon quest, so I could probably get to 89, but that”s still one short.
The crappy part? I actually did the quest where you deliver the message to Thrall, I just never turned in “Envoy to the Mag”har.” One. Breadcrumb. Short!
Same problem here, stuck at 86/90, missing the two axed Mag”har quests plus probably didn”t get credit for a couple. See, Blizz, this is what happens when you axe out questlines cos “they don”t make sense lore-wise”..
Just drop the req to 85 for Horde and go away from Outland before you screw something else up there..
This is sort of the frustration I”m having. I mean, I”m no developer, so I probably can”t say for certain, but lowering the number of required quests to accommodate removed content should be a simple enough task that it could be hotfixed in. But based on what I”ve seen (via screenshots and chat transcripts) of how GMs are behaving toward other players who raise this issue, Blizzard simply flat-out refuses to A) admit there”s a problem, and B) do anything about it.
Unfortunately, this leaves long-suffering fans of Loremaster like us out in the cold. I had gotten Outland and Northrend on my old main and stopped because the old Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms achievements were just insane. But now that I”ve switched to a new main and Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms are infinitely more manageable, Outland is just plain broken. It”s, well, maddening to say the very least.
Cataclysmas Eve bump.
Still no hawt fix
Can”t ignore it forever, Blizz. Once the OMG CATACLYSM high starts wearing off all the Loremaster wannabes are gonna be gnawing your legs off. Save yourselves the trouble and just lower the quest req”s down for the zones.
Post-Cataclysming bump. Really, I”m not demanding an immediate fix or that Blizzard stop working on Cataclysm things to go back and repair all the little faults in Outland, I just want acknowledgment. I just want to know that Blizzard recognizes that a problem exists and that they will take steps in the near future to correct it. The response by GMs toward players who open tickets about this issue has been extremely disheartening in this regard, and I”d really just feel better knowing the developers are aware that something is horribly, horribly wrong with Outland Loremaster and that it will need to be addressed.
either make 2 more grinding quest ( or something to throw at ) or lower it to 88/88, simple as that
Yet another bump, hoping for a miracle.
They can”t even keep starter zone content working right. I can”t progress my Goblin off the Goblin-exclusive starter content cos a quest bugs out when you have a high latency connection like mine. Nope, sorry, you can”t just go off to another zone and level. Gotta be stuck here cos super-awesome Cataclysm content is just too special for you to skip over..
GTFO yourselves. Admit you screwed it up and give us a Soon(tm) fix promise.
Just confirming that this is still an issue I got my Goblin up to 88/90 today I know for a fact I couldn”t do the two quests that unlock from the NPC Earthcaller Ryga ( The one to boost morale and the one to collect the plant in the cave that”s in the Great Fissure..) those two quests would put me at the 90 required. Those two quests generally unlock when you return from Org maybe simply making that NPC always give the quests is the simplest fix?
I”m at 89 90 and I”ve had this problem as well.

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Bumpity-bump. Make your voices heard, folks, dismissive GMs will not silence the truth! 😛
Allegedly, Blizzard is aware of problems with other Loremaster achievements, such as Vashj”ir, and are taking steps to remedy them. Hopefully this is a good sign, and we might see other zones outside of Cataclysm content get the attention they desperately deserve. Then again, the difference here is that Blizzard is supposedly willing to admit there”s a problem with Loremaster in the Cataclysm zones. They”ve remained completely, utterly, disquietingly silent on issues with other zones post-4.0.3a.

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