Wow Guild Wars 2 Ui In Classic, Wow Gw2 Ui Addon Shadowlands/Classic 2021

I help contribute to a UI replacement addon called GW2 UI, based on the beautiful UI that is featured in Guild Wars 2.

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The entire UI is hand-painted by the author of the addon, who has also hand-coded it as well, this is not based upon any existing framework, and was designed to not rely on addon dependencies.

Some of the design values that we keep in mind are:

A consistent and coherent art style that both fits within the World of Warcraft aesthetic, and well as staying true to the Guild Wars 2 hand-painted look.

Not overloading the user with unnecessary options that can look daunting to a user who isn't quite as tech savvy, whilst keeping enough customisation for those who want and/or need it.

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That the UI should “just work”.

We will stick to these three values as closely as possible, to deliver one of the most polished UIs available for WoW.


We've just released our Legion-ready update, with more patches and feature updates to be rolled out very soon!

The UI is completely plug-and-play as well, with no overbearing install screens and setup processes, just copy the folder to your WoW directory and it'll just work.

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Here's the links if anyone is interested (both will be maintained):

And if you have any problems with the UI, please feel free to PM me here on, or post comments on either one of the download pages and either myself or the author will respond when we can!

Thanks for your time everyone and have fun 😀



Update 3.0.3 is now live! Check Curse in the next few minutes, as it's still going through the approval process, it is live on WoWInterface.




– Cyrillic script is now supported within the game fontHUD ART

– Bag art has been slightly tweaked to allow for scaling and resizing- New art has been added for the bank frame- New art has been added to the Move HUD UI for the Pet FrameINTERFACE ELEMENTS

– The Pet Frame is now movable, it is no longer tied to the bottom left actionbar- The Bank has been completely redesigned- The Bag has been altered to allow for resizing and scaling- Extra Actionbar keybind text is now more readable. The font size has been increased and an outline added.- Mana bar has been added to the Elemental Shaman- Chat fade can now be disabled in the /gw2 menu- Added option to toggle the UI font- Added the option for the cast bar to be toggled on and off- The cast bar is now movableBUG FIXES

– The Honor bar has been removed and baked in to the EXP bar- The chat bubbles showing unreadable yellow text has been fixed- The focus frame being completely broken is now fixed and in working order- The taint error with the pet frames when using the right click menu is fixed- Debuffs will no longer show a white overlay- Buff tooltips will now display in the correct order- Buffs have been repositioned, to correct overlapping- Fixed issues with the default Bank and Bag showing when using certain addons- The health globe is now clickable- Default cast bar will no longer appear when the actionbar has been disabled- The Immersive Quest mode will no longer freeze when auto-accepting a quest from a quest item- Possible fix for some issues with Death Knight runes 


Edit 2: Version 3.0.4 is now live on Curse and WoWInterface, fixing a variety of different issues!




– A version string has been added to the settings windowHUD ART

– The experience bar has received some visual tweaking- The quest tracker quest completion bars have received a visual overhaul, with new textures and animations- The Immersive Questing window now has brand new art, better suited for the Legion expansion- The power and health bar fill animation has received some tweaks- The equipment status icon on the health globe will now turn red and break when equipment is brokenINTERFACE ELEMENTS

– Quests can now be untracked through the quest tracker- The compass can now be hidden in the quest tracker- Target health information can now be displayed as a value and/or a percentage- The Immersive Questing window now fades into view when speaking with a quest NPC- GW2 UI buttons are now smaller- Action bars have been completely overhauled for better add-on compatibility and future feature updates- A decline button has been added to the Immersive Questing window- A setting as been added for hiding unused action bar slot backgrounds- Moving HUD elements will now display an error if the player is in combatBUG FIXES

– Bag and Bank bag order should now be more logical- The quest tracker will no longer display bonus objectives as permanently complete- Fixed the multitude of issues with the Death Knight runes- Fixed the LUA error received when receiving an invite through the calendar- The Immersive Questing window should now understand when a pop-up quest has been automatically accepted by the game- Fixed some issues pertaining to Titan Panel- The player auras should no longer grow down into the action bars- The bank should now open all bags when toggled- Changed certain code to better support other add-ons- Fixed some tainting issues pertaining to the pet action bar

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