So Im gaining a few 110"s coming in now. Nether portal farming, or the mage tower aint constantly up and so on, which provides 850 gearing a bit slower. How deserve to I gain say 2-3k nethershards, is tbelow only a couple of begin searches and also else waiting for intrusions aobtain as dinged 110?
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Definitely execute the legion invasions as soon as they pop up, those net you several thousand also. Also as you progression through the relic hunter search line, the one through the goblin lady, you"ll gain a civilization pursuit to offer 100 nether shards to among those wyrmtongue demons, who then gives you a key to one of numerous dozen chests in his cave, which can contain everywhere from 1 to 100,000 nether shards.

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You get around 1.4k Nethershards IIRC from simply doing the intro quests in Broken Shore.After that, searching treacertain chests and also rares is a pretty no-effort way(albeit, slow-moving if you go for the 5k tokens).And of course, Invasions. Each Invasion is choose 3k-ish shards if you do all the WQs + scenario.
Do the initial founding searches for the Broken Shore and then execute Invasions, to incorporate all the WQ"s in that location throughout it.
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Ok many thanks all! I will do some prep now, unlock broken shore initial pursuits for my 110"s and also then simply min max intrusions as if I was still lvling through them
I was hoping to gear up all my inc 110"s in 3 hours tops. I regulated to carry out that on my 2nd 110 now Ilvl 850, lacking 2 relics still also, the various other took about 5 hrs - In thoes 3 hours I additionally have the right to gain full traits, probably even the new as soon as...that 10% dmg or w/e its dubbed.Now if only we could skip this continue to be cshed the NPC"s to buff em, cshed portals, pray your socks off to solo last boss at the ship via Ilvl 700-720 xd

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2-3k nethershards? That"s damaged shore intro and also one intrusion. I did the intro with alts at roughly 775 average itemlevel and only 2 relics (780, auction house) equipped. Invasion obstacle relies on the WQs that are up, time of day and also area. Some have the right to be a bit annoying. They"re much easier as soon as you have flying unlocked.

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I either didn"t understand about this one or forobtained around it, yet it appears the Nether Disruptor"s buff is just an RNG chance at added Netherhards. Nonetheless, still nice to watch out for so thanks for the reminder!Slightly off topic, yet what is the Nethershards/hr rate (without the discussed Netherstorm buff) at the moment for an ordered team these days?
Invasions. Rares/chests/searches from BS. Roam about trying to find beacon mobs to leech off of. Or premade group finder for them? All I can think of.
2.5k per day from the invasion. 100-200 each from Broken Shore rares. ~50 each from chests. At a leisudepend pace, you deserve to grab 5k eexceptionally second day, if you are lucky sufficient to check out an invasion up eextremely day. If you want to grind them much faster, look for groups farming shards under the Sentinax. A group making use of beacons properly have the right to net you 4k-5k an hour, but these groups do not typically continue to be together a lot longer than 60-90 minutes.
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40-90 per damaged shore chest, 100-200 per rare, 75 per 100 legionfall resource turnins.Invasions yield like 2000+, likewise do the wyrmtongue essential pursuit eextremely 3 days after unlocking it.
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