Wow How To Get Oil For Naval Mission (Wod), Oil (Currency)

Oil is a new Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2 currency which is used to construct ships and send your ships on Naval Missions.

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This guide explains how to farm and spend Oil in Warlords of Draenor.

Ways to Farm Oil

Ways to Spend Oil

There are two main things Oil is spent on: Ships and Naval Missions.All Naval Missions can be found in our Missions Database. Here is a breakdown of what the important rewards are for each amount of Oil you spend:Blockade missions are a unique type of Naval Mission that takes 0 Oil. They block a quadrant of the map, preventing players from completing most Naval Missions. You will need to successfully complete Blockade missions to do most missions—and they return every week or so. You can view all the Alliance Blockade and Horde Blockade missions in the database.Each type of Ship takes Oil to craft. Ships are expendable–it is expected that you will constantly build ships as they can get destroyed when you fail Naval Missions:
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Comment by Redraveyn

I have a couple of Greasemonkey traits stored in my bank if I apply them to garrison followers now before the 6.2 patch arrives will they be ready to collect bonus oil on the shipyard missions when the patch drops?

Comment by PreyingDantis

It seems really risky to send ships on missions that you can”t 100% especially epic ships. Gone are the days of doing missions just for the incremental xp gains. The shipyard seems like it”ll be slow-going for a long time because of this.

Comment by xLeonardox

I”d like to mention, for historical accuracy sake, that the blueprints that you need in order to get counter-measures for your ships were quests, that were in fact shareable until a hotfix today (24, June, 2015) that has removed the ability to do so.

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I should know, I shared it with approximately 500 people over the course of the two hours immediately after finding out that it could be shared.I hope all those folks enjoy my gift to them.

Comment by MrFJ

Yep. Already almost full on oil, with no way to spend it. I wish they would add something else to spend it on :/

Comment by pat33

************Shipyard Missions Central **************************************************************====================Solution(Sn): 100% coverage (Always return to Sn after a change.)1)Murloc Destroyer–First Strike–Evasive2)Human Destroyer–First Strike–Icy Water3)Arakoa Destroyer–First Strike–Minelayer (The Awakener)4)Draenic Battleship–Swift–Stormy Weather5)Human Battleship–First Strike–Evasive6)Human Submarine–Minelayer–Evasive7)Human Submarine–Minelayer–Swift8)Human Carrier–Evasive–Swift-)Arakoa Carrier–First Strike–Minelayer ( same ship as #3 The Awakener)9)10)”Motley Crew” : Fodder to get rid of dangerous missions.Sn recommended alterations for other Iron fleet treasure missions:a)HDestroyerFirst StrikeChaotic Whirlpools+H Carrier–Evasive–Minelayer 2kGress 98%b)HDestroyerSwiftChaotic Whirlpools+H Submarine–Evasive–Minelayer 2kGress 98%c)HCarrierEvasiveSwift+Dran Battleship–First Strike–Swift 1kGress100%Sn recommended alterations for the Legendary Chart mission:H Battleship–First Strike–Evasive +H Destroyer–First Strike–Minelayer +H Carrier–Evasive–Swift 95% 1kGress*(you might have to wait for when they will unlock “friendly ships=2% buff(Fe)” purchasble equipement on this one 3H2Fe= 98% 3kGress)Sn recommended alterations for the Black Market Npc missions:H Carrier–Evasive–Swift +H Submarine–First Strike–Swift 98% 1kGressSn recommended alterations for the other expert captain+ siege missions 5/30ms(17%): Send motley crews (70% 76%)on them untill you get a win, because you will need (Fe) to get a 96% to 100% and it will cost you 2kGress on avg.Cursed crew missions are doable but will cost you 1kGress: 3 heirloom rings 98% OR 330g/24hrs, not very appealing.The all rares achievement:Exploring the High Seas is also covered (6 rares): (3) rings & (1)black market =98%, (1)pet=100%, (1) mount at 97%Sn alteration for the mount: H DestroyerFirst StrikeSwift+H Battleship–First Strike–Evasive 97% 1kGress*=====================================================================More tips & infos:*Until Blizzard unlocks Fe for some missions it will be really hard to get to 100% I recommand waiting for a patch on these as the achievement: Naval Mechanics is impossible to obtain. They might have forgotten to implement it in the game and we are stuck with incredible odds. That”s why it”s important to have fodder on some missions30 missions 16% aren”t covered by Sn but they are mostly low xp missions, some apexis or sorcerous rewards. You could try to cover them but the cost in Gress would be counter-productive. If it”s to risky or to hard? (30/188ms) don”t bother to do them send a “Motley Crew” on it. The worst is 70% on ships alone but at least you don”t lose valuable ships and aren”t stuck. (I prefer to build 2 ships=50Gress/100 oil/1hr than to destroy a template for 1kGress )IMO Shipyard missions :1) Won”t get you rich : avg 150g for 26hrs2) No need for old 6.1 raid tokens( not acc-wide) 3) Cursed crew is messing it up badly so I won”t debase myself for a rare chance at gold nor some 5% xp rings.4) Balefull gear sucks, you can do better with pvp gear:(10) 670+(2) 700+(2)kazzak+2 balefull 695= 680 for normal. Farm Tanaan for apexis you”ll get some.5)Iron fleet treasures missions are worth it but gear tend to get old very fast these days :)Jack Sparrow conclusion: Shipyard missions gave me only Dirt!

Comment by bathory313

I don”t mess with the shipyard too much, simply because I hate seeing ships get destroyed. Imagine if you sent your followers out on a mission and they got killed on it?

Comment by koenbo94

I am generating oil at an unspendable rate, i really see potential for a mount here.. I mean any helicopter, rocket or plane-like mount would be perfect for this, even a boat for getting accross water bodies. I could see the oil cap being raised and a series of mounts could be added so that there is something to work towards with the oil currency. I hope my prayers will be answered.- Koen

Comment by lankybrit

Note that with the quality of life improvements just made to shipyards, they are well worth doing now. From Baleful pieces (that can proc up to 695), to all the Sorcerous, to all the gold, they give all the rewards pretty much for free once you have an Oil Rig set up.Happy hunting on the high seas, everyone.

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Comment by DeliaDelilah

Tons of oil and no way to spend. Those who are running out of oil be sure you are not going on useless missions. Once you have max leveled your ships there is no use in spending the oil on the the missions that reward xps. I have focused on using nets to capitalize on fishing though as this can be good source of income.(assuming you spend the time to auction) I wish i could change oil into garrison supplies as this is what i have a problem keeping on hand since i try to swap out the ships slots with nets whenever i can. The constant changing of these slots eats up a ton of resources.To offset this i have focused the usage of the garrison inn that allows specifying of wanted traits in followers. I have all of them focused on double gold or double resources and this works out great.

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