Wow How To Show Health Percentages, Display Enemy Health Wow Classic

Blizzard has changed the UnitHealth and UnitHealthMax API functions in WoW Classic to return health values for NPCs instead of percentages, meaning you will see how much health a creature has by default without using any addons.

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Blizzard (Source)

With realm restarts in each region (just completed this morning for Americas realms), we’ve made a change for addons that query unit health.

Now, the UI API functions UnitHealth and UnitHealthMax return health values for NPCs (rather than percentages), information that a very large number of players have been generating with the Real Mob Health addon.

This hotfix has no impact on PVP, as these functions will continue to provide health percentages for enemy players or the units they summon, as before.

That”s a good change, if you even want to call it that, since it doesn”t really change anything. Even the most hardcore no-addons purists in my guild are using Real Mob Health.

Now, if only we could get a proper Threat API… I”m tired of the constant guessing work of whether or not I”m actually ahead in threat or the threat meter just has another hiccup.

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You will need an addon that displays the unit health values in some form. The stock UI doesn”t do that, but now you don”t need Real Mob Health if you are already using something like Shadowed Unit Frames. If you like the stock UI, you can use Modern TargetFrame.

What this change essentially does is give addon writes direct access to the actual mob health values rather than having to rely on another addons database.


Great, now when are they going to allow me to see bars at 40 yards so I don”t have to tab target or reduce my range to enemies so I can click like I want to? I mean, seriously Blizzard, why can”t I see unit bars at my max range? It is absolutely ridiculous. I understand taking away the ability to see them at 100 yards, but why is it a problem to see them at 40 for max range? It drives me insane.

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