wow items that change your appearance

This weekend”s guide covers vanity disguises and character effects! Based on one of our most popular guides from Cataclysm, this guide has been updated to cover all disguises in Mists of Pandaria.

We”ve also added helpful tables sorting out all vanity effects, breaking them down into categories like all Alliance-themed disguises, or grouping together all effects that share a particular color.

Playable Races: Learn how to make your character look like any race in WoW.

Đang xem: Wow items that change your appearance

Non-Playable Races: Beasts, Critters, Dragons, and Humanoids from Murlocs to Mogu.Character Effects: This section covers items that keep a player”s basic appearance and armor, but change colors or summon fun things–great for screenshots.

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Objects: These items turn the player into an object.Glyphs: Mists of Pandaria introduced many minor glyphs with cosmetic effects.

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Playable Races

Here you’ll find ways to turn into most every playable race. Some disguises even last through damage taken, making it perfect to confuse the enemy in PvP or if you really hate the available race options for your class. The majority of these disguises remain while mounted and in combat.

Name Source Appearance
Brazier of Dancing Flames Vendor Draenei
Dire Brew Friendly NPC Dwarf
Muradin”s Favor Quest Dwarf
Blood in the Snow Dungeon Dwarf
Iron Boot Flask Vendor Dwarf
Old Hillsbrad Foothills Dungeon Dwarf, Gnome, Human
The Culling of Stratholme Dungeon Dwarf, Gnome, Human
Burgy Blackheart”s Handsome Hat Hostile NPC Gnome
Discombobulator Ray Profession Gnome
Gnomeregan Pride Quest Gnome
Hallowed Wand – Ghost World Event Vendor Human
Hallowed Wand – Ninja World Event Vendor Human
Savory Deviate Delight Profession Human
Dressed to Kill Profession Human
Kalytha”s Haunted Locket Vendor Night Elf
Well of Eternity Dungeon Night Elf
Leyara”s Locket Quest Night Elf
Demon Hunter”s Aspect TCG Night Elf
Torment of the Worgen Buff/Debuff Worgen
Worgen Taint Buff/Debuff Worgen

Name Source Appearance
Orb of the Sin”dorei Hostile NPC Blood Elf
Demon Hunter”s Aspect TCG Blood Elf
The Secrets of Ragefire Scenario Goblin
Dark Heart of Pandaria Scenario Goblin
Mr. Smite”s Brass Compass Hostile NPC Tauren
Darkspear Pride Quest Troll
Voodoo Brew Quest/World Troll Armor
Krastinov”s Bag of Horrors Hostile NPC Undead
Curse of the Eye Buff/Debuff Undead
Polyformic Acid Potion Dungeons Undead

Name Source Appearance
Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 Profession Eight races
Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley”s Station Profession Eight races
Orb of Deception World Drop Many races
Quests Many races
Faded Wizard Hat Quest Many options
Burning Seed Raid Firecat Druid

Curse of the Eye cast by Captain Halyndor and his crew in Wetlands, temporarily turns you into an Undead. It also conveniently reveals the gender of your warlock minions.Torment of the Worgen, acquired by looting books in Karazhan, has a chance to briefly transform the player into a Worgen with Worgen”s Spite.Nightbane Tainted One has a chance to infect the player with Worgen Taint, a one-minute debuff that transforms the player into a Worgen.

Friendly NPCs
Dire Brew is left behind by Dark Iron Brewer in the bar in Blackrock Depths. Start talking to him, and he excitedly talks about his new recipe. Eventually, he drinks too much of it and passes out, dropping the Mug of Dire Brew. This transforms you into a Dark Iron Dwarf for one hour, with unique armor based on your class. Unfortunately, it looks like a recent patch temporarily broke this dialogue, but GMs claim it will be fixed soon.

Hostile NPCs
Orb of the Sin”dorei drops from any of the bosses in Heroic Magisters” Terrace. It transforms you into a blood elf, yet you retain your unique armor. Your disguised facial features are based on your own character’s—so head to the barbershop if you’re looking for a special blood-elf transformation.Burgy Blackheart”s Handsome Hat is a 100% drop from Burgy Blackheart, a rare-spawn flamboyant gnome pirate ghost in Vash’jir. He has a very high opinion of himself, saying "Feast ye eyes upon the dreadful, clever, all-powerfull, hate-filled, sword-swignin”, face-punchin”, insult-flingin”, and all around handsome, BURGY BLACKHEART." He’s not difficult at all to kill at 85 and if you have low-levels summoned in your party, they can loot the hat for fun. This item has no cooldown and instantly turns you into a spectral pirate gnome when equipped.Mr. Smite”s Brass Compass drops from Yorik Sharpeye, a Yaungol rare elite in Mists of Pandaria. Based on his dialogue and tiny Deadmines ship next to him, this appears to be Mr. Smite from the Deadmines in disguise. Turns you into a Tauren rogue with a unique set of gear.Krastinov”s Bag of Horrors drop from Doctor Theolen Krastinov, a rare spawn in Heroic Scholomance. It transforms you into an Undead rogue wearing Slayer”s Armor and red goggles.When clearing Scholomance, one person can loot Empty Polyformic Acid Vial by Professor Slate. Clicking on the sparkling table nearby will fill the vial and transform it into Nearly Full Vial of Polyformic Acid, which looks like the Undead professor.

Discombobulator Ray, made by engineers, turns the target into a Leper Gnome. It only lasts for 12 seconds and has five charges, but the materials required to make more aren’t too bad. Anyone, regardless of their professions, can use it too.Savory Deviate Delight turns you into a human ninja wearing a unique armor set or a pirate. It requires Deviate Fish which can be fished in Northern Barrens or Wailing Caverns. The recipe, which used to be an extremely rare world drop, has had its droprate buffed in Cataclysm.Dimensional Ripper – Area 52 and Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley”s Station have a chance to transform the engineer into one of the following for an hour: male dwarf, female draenei, female gnome, male night elf, female orc, male tauren, male troll, female blood elf. You keep your armor but receive unique facial details. This debuff lasts through death but does not override druid shapeshifts.Dressed to Kill transforms you into a human wearing either a white or black pantsuit with Stylin” Adventure Hat or Stylin” Jungle Hat. This disguise is acquired by choosing the "Party" option from Blingtron 4000.

Gnomeregan Pride and Darkspear Pride were quest rewards for completing the faction-specific pre-Cataclysm launch events. They turn you into a gnome/troll respectively but sadly, they’re not available in-game anymore. However, many players forgot about these items soon after acquiring them because they were so common. The disguises last for 30 minutes, on a 4 hour cooldown, and work while mounted.Faded Wizard Hat is the Horde-only reward for completing Farewell, Minnow, the final quest in Azshara. This buff persists through combat, lasts 30 minutes, and has a 30 minute cooldown—but you must keep the hat on to keep the disguise. Like the Orb of Deception, you receive a complete new look, armor set, and animations while disguised, but unlike the Orb of Deception, you have a huge variety of random disguises—16 possible options! Alliance, do not faction-change to complete this quest, as it will disappear when you race change back.Muradin”s Favor, a BoE reward from the Shadowmourne quest Muradin”s Lament, turns you into a frost dwarf for 10 minutes. Random chance to get one of three hair colors.Voodoo Brew is obtained when questing on the Isle of Reckoning in Kun-Lai. Click on the blue Zandalari Voodoo Cauldron to get a disguise that makes you friendly with the nearby trolls and dresses up your character with Raincaller Robes and a tribal mask. Dance with the other Gurubashi Witch Doctors to get them to cheer back!Players working on Operation Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive quests can purchase Obelisk of Deception for 500 Domination Point Commission/Lion”s Landing Commission. This lets players turn into the opposite faction, like Orb of Deception.Players that have completed The Rest is History as part of Molten Front quests will receive Leyara”s Locket, turning them into a Druid of the Flame as tribute to Leyara.

Kalytha”s Haunted Locket is available for 5,000g from Tex Vortacoil, a goblin mage in Archmage Xylem’s tower in Azshara. The disguise lasts 30 mintes and through combat, on a 15 minute cooldown. It’s perfect for using in raids if you dislike how your character looks. Kalytha also has a bit of interesting lore behind her—Horde players learn that she, and her fellow mages, were heroes during the Sundering, using their magic to protect ley-lines and hold off the attacks of the Burning Legion.Iron Boot Flask is sold by Olut Alegut and Rork Sharpchin in the Storm Peaks for the low price of 10 Relic of Ulduar. It transforms you into a dark blue iron dwarf, yet you keep your own weapons. Disguise cannot be kept while mounted and you can only buy it after completing Ancient Relics. If you use it and then pop the Orb of the Sin”dorei, you will turn into a male blood elf. It’s needed for the Ulduar achievement But I”m On Your Side (25 player). Since using this item will classify you as a male character, popping another disguise as an Iron Dwarf will turn you into that option”s male character model even if you are a female.Brazier of Dancing Flames turns you into a flaming dancing female Draenei. It costs 350 Burning Blossom from festival vendors. As long as you stay near the Brazier, you can mount up.Players can buy special Hallowed Wands from Hallow”s Eve vendors. The Hallowed Wand – Ninja turns players into a human ninja, Hallowed Wand – Leper Gnome into a leper gnome, Hallowed Wand – Pirate into a gnome, undead, or goblin pirate, and Hallowed Wand – Ghost into a human ghost. They are available for 2 Tricky Treat during Hallow”s End.Demon Hunter”s Aspect, from TCG codes, transforms players into a Night Elf or Blood Elf, depending on your faction. Your armor also transforms–players get tattoos, a blindfold, and kilt.

World drop
The Orb of Deception is the classic shapeshifting trinket. It’s a world drop from vanilla mobs and is BoE, still fetching a hefty price on the AH. It turns you into a member of the opposing faction complete with low-level armor. Although the item has been in the game for ages, it’s been updated to allow transformations for newer races.

Dungeons and Scenarios
Zoning into Well of Eternity will turn your character into a Night Elf, as this covers Highborne events 10,000 years ago.Zoning into Blood in the Snow will turn your character into a Dwarf, as the scenario is about the Dark Iron Dwarves fighting off trolls in Dun Morogh.Zoning into The Secrets of Ragefire will turn your character into a Goblin wearing Wrath-era PvP gear–.Zoning into Dark Heart of Pandaria will turn your character into a Goblin that keeps its current gear.Players that are not dwarves, gnomes, or humans will find themselves disguised as one upon entering Old Hillsbrad Foothills and The Culling of Stratholme for historical purposes. The disguised facial features are based on the player”s original attributes.Druids who have cleared up to Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands can loot Burning Seed by the base of the Firelands portal. This replicates the fire kitty effect of Fandral”s Flamescythe.

Non-playable Races/Creatures

There are many disguises that let you turn into unplayable races and creatures as well, such as wolves, naga, and snakes. Not many of these items work while mounted, but there’s something absurd here for everyone!

Name Source Appearance
Hallowed Wand – Bat World Event Bat
Blessing of the Old God Profession Bug
Fel-Infused Buff/Debuff Demon
Foul Gift of the Demon Lord Dungeon Demon
Hook of the Master Angler Quest Fish
Super Simian Sphere World Drop Monkey
Heart of the Nightwing RAF Nightwing
Magic Bamboo Shoot Friendly NPC Panda Cub
Primal Blessing Buff/Debuff Tiger
Underbelly Elixir Dalaran Wasp
Rituals of the New Moon Profession Wolf

Name Source Appearance
Gnomish Poultryizer Profession Chicken
Bom”bay Friendly NPC Frog, Snake, Chicken
Hallow”s End Innkeepers Friendly NPC Critter
Magic Eater Dalaran Basilisk, Roach, Locust, Whelp, or Wisp
The Mischief Maker Dalaran Sheep

Name Source Appearance
Fury of Angerforge Raid Dragon
Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa”s Rest Raid Dragon
Vial of the Sands Profession Dragon
Orb of the Blackwhelp Quest Whelp

Name Source Appearance
Time-Lost Figurine Drop Arakkoa
Ashtongue Cowl Quest Broken
Dragonmaw Illusion Buff/Debuff Fel Orc
Stave of Fur and Claw Reputation Furbolg
Disgusting Jar Reputation Frenzyheart
Recipe: Banana Infused Rum Profession Hozen
Wicked Wikket Dungeon Hozen
Darkwater Potion Profession Jinyu
Shard of Archstone Drop Mogu Statue
Murloc Costume BlizzCon Murloc
Dimensional Ripper – Everlook Profession Murloc, Trogg
Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan Profession Murloc, Trogg
Bones of Transformation Profession Naga
Carved Ogre Idol TCG Ogre
Magical Ogre Idol TCG Ogre
Gordok Ogre Suit Quest Ogre
Skin of the Saurok Quest Saurok
Noggenfogger Elixir Vendor Skeleton
Scotty”s Lucky Coin Drop Sprite
Underbelly Elixir Dalaran Tuskarr
Lok”lira”s Bargain Buff/Debuff War Maiden
Deathbringer”s Will Raid Vrykyl, Iron Dwarf, Taunka
Yaungol Wind Chime Drop Yaungol
Spark of Zandalar Raid Zandalari Warrior

Primal Blessing has a small chance to proc and turn the player into a tiger when using both Thekal”s Grasp and Arlokk”s Grasp in combat. Unfortunately, these items are no longer obtainable but still work if you held onto them.Dragonmaw Illusion turns you into an Orc in Netherwing Ledge and Lok”lira”s Bargain into a War-Maiden by Brunnhildar Village, if you have completed their relevant questlines.Upon obtaining 5 stacks of Felblood from fighting various demons around Desolace, you will get Fel-Infused and turn into a demon for one minute. Works on pets as well–come look like a demo warlock.

Magic Eater is a magical food that can turn you into many things: basilisk, roach, locust, whelp, or wisp. You will be silenced with Wild Magic for 45 seconds upon transformation but will gain a speed boost. The food also has a chance of granting you a random stat buff. It can be fished up from the Sewers.Underbelly Elixir, a clickable vial that spawns randomly around the Underbelly, can do one of three things: turn all NPCs into mages, transform the user into a Flying Wasp, or into a Hungry Tuskarr with +50 fishing skill. The Flying Wasp only lasts in the Underbelly and the Tuskarr in Dalaran. Drinking the potions has no cooldown.Minigob Manabonk impishly turns players into sheep in Dalaran. Later, you’ll find a letter from him in the mail containing The Mischief Maker, a one-time only wand that polymorphs the target and only works in the city.

Friendly NPC
Bom”bay, a witch doctor in Durotar, casts Voodoo on players who have completed his quests. He offers several options and transformations: a frog, snakes, ghost, chicken, turning drunk, character enlargement, and being thrown into the air.During Hallow”s End, players can trick-or-treat at all Innkeepers. They will either receive a Treat Bag with masks and magical wands inside, or will be transformed into a critter as a punishment. Wands can transform players into bats, ghosts, pirates, skeletons, ninja, or leper gnome.Magic Bamboo Shoot transforms you into an adorable baby panda. You can get the item by emoting (/hug /pet /love) Meng Meng or Luo Luo by your faction”s portal to Pandaria.

Hostile NPCs
Time-Lost Figurine is a rare drop from Terokk, a boss that can be summoned every 15 minutes provided you have completed a lengthy quest chain in Skettis. The disguise lasts 5 minutes and is on a 30 minute CD. Players find themselves transformed into one of three possible arkoaa appearances and can do a special dance, but cannot mount up.Fury of Angerforge drops from trash in Blackwing Descent. It”s a decent trinket for some dps classes and the use effect transforms you into a dragon.Deathbringer”s Will was one of the most coveted items in ICC but it also has a fun side-effect: the procs turned the wearer into a variety of Northrend races for 30 seconds, some of which even had dance animations. Players were turned into Vrykul, Iron Dwarves, and Taunka, each with distinct casting animations. You could even mount up in Taunka form too.Spark of Zandalar is a trinket from Horridon in Throne of Thunder which can transform the user into a Zandalari Warrior.Shard of Archstone from Havak: Use: Transform into a Mogu statue, becoming untargetable for 5 min. (30 Min Cooldown).Yaungol Wind Chime from Dak the Breaker: Charge at an enemy as a Yaungol, inflicting 50000 Physical damage to enemies within 8 yards and knocking them down for 2 sec. Unusable on targets above level 90. Foul Gift of the Demon Lord transforms your character into a Metamorphosis demon that gives off green Hellfire. Drops from Minor Cache of the Aspects in Well of Eternity.Scotty”s Lucky Coin transforms your character into a Pandaria sprite. Drops from Scotty, who is very-well hidden in an alcove in Townlong Steppes.

Vial of the Sands is crafted by Alchemists who have learned the recipe from Canopic Jar. This item transforms the player into a two-seater dragon. The materials required are quite expensive but there’s now a special achievement for obtaining one—it’s the Mechano-Hog of Cataclysm.Rituals of the New Moon is an offhand from Inscription that transforms the wearer into a wolf. The Technique: Rituals of the New Moon drops from Silverbrook mobs in Grizzly Hills—fitting for a werewolf. Hunters using a wolf pet with this offhand equipped look awesome.Gnomish Poultryizer is intended to turn your target into a chicken–however, there”s a small chance it can malfunction and turn you into one instead! Requires Gnomish Engineering to equip.The Azerothian teleporters, Dimensional Ripper – Everlook and Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan, have a small chance to malfunction with Transporter Malfunction. This quickly transforms the player into a series of fun creatures, including troggs and murlocs. There is also a small chance you will get Transporter Malfunction and be turned into a chicken at Toshley”s Station.Bones of Transformation and Wisp Amulet are rare Night Elf archaeology projects that turn you into a naga and wisp respectively. They don’t last very long but look unique. Blessing of the Old God is a Nerbuian solve that turns you temporarily into a Qiraji bug.Recipe: Banana Infused Rum is a Pandaria recipe that turns the user into a Hozen. This recipe is hard to get–it”s on a rare spawn timer and part of Is Another Man”s Treasure.Darkwater Potion is an Alchemy potion that turns you into a Jinyu, as well as increasing swim and movement speed for 15 seconds.

Hook of the Master Angler is a reward for winning the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Contest and turning in Grand Prize. To win the contest, you need to be the first person to fish up and turn in 40 Speckled Tastyfish located all around the zone. This item turns you into a fish that is useful for speedy underwater transportation.Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa”s Rest transforms the caster into a blue dragon–it”s an epic legendary quest chain, but the weapon is specifically from The Stuff of Legends.The Gordok Ogre Suit is the new way to acquire Gordok Ogre Suit from the Tribute Run in Dire Maul. Turn into a dancing Gor’dok ogre. The one catch is that the item is unique, but can be mailed—so give some to all of your friends.Skin of the Saurok turns players who have completed Skin of the Saurok into a Saurok in the southeast part of Isle of Thunder. Players get increased run speed, super-long jumps, and a falling damage reduction. In addition, hunter pets get transformed into various oozes and beetles, like Ihgaluk Roach.Ashtongue Cowl, a quest item for Ruse of the Ashtongue is one of the rare disguises that works on shapeshifted druids, although it lasts for an hour and only works in Tempest Keep. It turns the wearer into a member of the Broken, a similar race to the Draenei.

Noggenfogger Elixir is sold by Marin Noggenfogger and Sprinkle Noggenfogger in Tanaris. This is one of the oldest shapeshifting items in the game. It used to require a fun questline, but that’s been removed in Cataclysm. You have a chance to turn into a skeleton, shrink, or gain a slowfall buff.Disgusting Jar, sold by Tanak for 3 gold at Revered reputation with the Frenzyheart Tribe, transforms into Ripe Disgusting Jar after a week. Inside is a chance to get Frenzyheart Brew, which transforms you into a Frenzyheart. 5 mintutes with a 30 minute cooldown. Cannot mount up but lasts through damage taken.Orb of the Blackwhelp is sold by Wyrmcult Provisioner in Blade”s Edge Mountains. It turns you into a dark whelp. While it only has three charges, you can keep returning to the vendor to buy more. To initially access the vendor, you will have to complete the quest chain starting from Meeting at the Blackwing Coven.Stave of Fur and Claw is sold by Meilosh. This turns you into a Furbolg, in case you missed picking this up from the old Ashenvale quest chain in vanilla! Requires exalted with Timbermaw Hold.Carved Ogre Idol is redeemed from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and works in combat. Looks just like the Dire Maul ogres. Magical Ogre Idol is a newer version of the TCG ogre, available from Crown of the Heavens packs.Murloc Costume is obtained by redeeming the code from Blizzcon 2007 to either Zas”Tysh or Ransin Donner.Players can purchase Wicked Wikket inside Stormstout Brewery from Auntie Stormstout which turns you into a party-crashing Hozen.

World Drop
Super Simian Sphere is a Northrend world BoP drop. It turns you into a monkey rolling around in a neon purple ball—a tribute to the game Super Monkey Ball. The purple orb remains for shapeshifted druids in combat. If you use another disguise with this trinket activated, you will turn into that disguise and keep the purple ball.Heart of the Nightwing is a mount you get for RAFing a friend in Mists of Pandaria. However, you transform into the mount and can carry another player, instead of having your character appear on top of the mount.

Character Effects

These items preserve the basic appearance of your character, but with added twists—size changes, transparency, cool NPCs following you around. They’re great to use for screenshots when you want people to know who ‘you’ are but also to stand out. Don’t forget to use your own aresenal of spells for extra effects.

Name Source Appearance
Sparkling Water Vendor Bubbles and Wine Goblet
Bubbling Beverage Vendor Bubbles
Shiny Shoes Vendor Sparkly Feet
Ethereal Oil Profession Translucent
Potion of Illusion Profession Duplicate
Ai-Li”s Skymirror Pandaria Rare Shimmery
Kang”s Bindstone Pandaria Rare Grey
Golden Fleece Pandaria rare Sparkles
Essence of the Breeze Pandaria rare Wind

Name Source Appearance
Sandals of Summer World Event FIre
Deepstone Oil Profession Golden
Ricket”s Magnetic Fireball Vendor Orange Glow
Rosary of Light Dungeon Golden Glow
Tabard of the Lightbringer Quest Golden GLow
Soul Split: Good Profession Golden Glow

Name Source Appearance
Path of Cenarius TCG Flowers
Varo”then”s Brooch Dungeon Fiery Tendrils
Tosselwrench”s Shrinker Quest Red
Tablet of Ren Yun Profession Red Blindfold

Name Source Appearance
The Skull of Gul”dan Drop Green Fire
Path of Illidan TCG Green Fire
Druid and Priest Statue Set Profession Green Beam
Mylune”s Call Vendor Grass

Name Source Appearance
Moonwell Phial Vendor Water
Aqua Jewel Pandaria Rares Aqua
Mark of the Dragon Lord Drop Swirly Shield
Soul Split: Evil! Profession Shadowy Glow

Name Source Appearance
Winterfall Firewater Drop Enlarge
Darkmoon Firewater Drop Enlarge
Great Feast Profession Enlarge
Vrykul Drinking Horn Profession Enlarge
Pygmy Oil Profession Shrink
Baby Spice Profession Shrink
Small Feast Profession Shrink
Whole-Body Shrinka” World Event Shrink
Bubbling Beverage Vendor Jump High

Name Source Appearance
Explosive Barrel Quest Barrel
Cannonball Runner Drop Cannon
Shado-Pan Dragon Gun Vendor Fire
Kickable Keg Quest Keg
Jin Warmkeg”s Brew QUest Keg
Toy Windmill Quest Lance
MiniZep Controller World Event Mini-Zep
Moonwell Chalice Vendor Moonwell
Rainbow Generator Quest Rainbow
Gokk”lok”s Shell Quest Shell
Shushen”s Spittoon Quest Spitoon
Battered Steam Tonk Controller Quest Steam Tonk
Dwyer”s Caber Vendor Tree
Totem of Harmony Quest Totem
Turnip Punching Bag Quest Turnip Punching Bag
Six Demon Bag Drop Whirlwind and Explode
Stack of Bamboo, Stack of Stone Blocks, Stack of Wooden Boards Vendor Wood

Name Source Appearance
Pendant of the Scarab Storm Profession Bugs
Don Carlos” Famous Hat Drop Coyote
Rhea”s Last Egg Quest Dragon
Blackblade of Shahram Drop Demon
Terracotta Fragment Pandaria Rare Diablo Templar
Chalice of the Mountain Kings Profession Dwarf Dancers
Dragon”s Call Drop Emerald Whelpling
Gus” First Aid Kit Quest Nurse
Shard of Azzinoth Drop Fire Elemental
Puntable Marmot Quest Marmot
Commander”s Badge Quest
Defender of the Timbermaw Quest Timbermaw
Seed of Tranquil Growth Pandaria rare Tranquil Sprout
Call of Eskhandar Drop White Tiger
Ruthers” Harness Quest Yak

Winterfall Firewater is a zone-wide drop from Winterspring that enlarges your character. This was removed for several patches, but is now back in game in 4.3. Darkmoon Firewater does the same thing; it”s from Sealed Crate fished up by the Darkmoon Faire.Mark of the Dragon Lord drops from Overlord Wyrmthalak. It puts a swirly shield around the user—a purple cosmetic version of Earth Shield, which lasts for 30 minutes or until 500 damage is taken.Cannonball Runner summons a cannon that fires at enemies. It drops from Willey Hopebreaker in Stratholme.Six Demon Bag, a low-level world BoE, does a variety of crazy things—whirlwinds, explodes, summons a Felhunter, and much more.Don Carlos” Famous Hat is a 100% drop from Don Carlos on heroic difficulty in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. It summons a coyote. He patrols the main road so it”s possible just to zone in and kill him for the hat.There are two trinkets that summon tentacles in game: Vanquished Tentacle of C”Thun and Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron. These drop from C”Thun and Yogg-Saron respectively. They summon a tentacle that looks like one of the tentacle adds in the actual encounter. They do hardly any damage, but flop around with neat animations.Dragon”s Call, a drop from Sunken Temple, has a chance to summon an emerald whelpling on hit. There are some other old-world items that have a chance on hit to summon quirky things: Blackblade of Shahram from General Drakkisath summons a demon and Shard of Azzinoth from Illidan Stormrage summons green fire elementals.

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Illidan also can drop The Skull of Gul”dan which trails green fire behind your character”s feet. There”s similar TCG items: Path of Illidan for fel-fire and Path of Cenarius for flowers.Sandals of Summer will also set your feet on fire.Eskhandar”s Left Claw and Eskhandar”s Right Claw can proc Call of Eskhandar, which summons a white tiger. Used to be a 4-piece set, but the cape and neck were removed. Weapons now drop from Magmadar.

Ethereal Oil is an Alchemy recipe requiring 375 skill to learn. It turns the user translucent for 5 minutes.Potion of Illusion is a Cata-level Alchemy recipe that transforms the user into someone in very close proximity to them, including enemy players.Deepstone Oil is an Alchemy recipe that freezes you in place and gives you a golden hue. It works on flying mounts and mid-air actions, resulting in hilarious tableaux.Pygmy Oil from Alchemy shrinks you, depending on how many you’ve had to drink. If you drink too many, you turn into a pygmy gnome.Archaeology has several items that result in cool character modifications: Pendant of the Scarab Storm creates a flash of lightning and an army of bugs when used, Arrival of the Naaru creates a dramatic scene in the background, Chalice of the Mountain Kings spawns a set of sword dancers that perform for you, Druid and Priest Statue Set creates a bright green beam that follows you around, Vrykul Drinking Horn enlarges your character and gives them an ugly Northrend-era hat, and Highborne Soul Mirror creates a temporary mirror image of your character. New to Mists of Pandaria, Anatomical Dummy summons an anatomical target dummy and Quilen Statuette is a trinket that summons a Quilen.Baby Spice, a reward from the Northrend cooking dailies, temporarily decreases the size of your target by 50%. Works on some bosses for extra hilarity. Two Northrend-era feasts change the size of the player: Small Feast shrinks the player by 30% and Great Feast increases the size of the player.There are several engineering malfunctions from using the BC-era transporters that last for an hour: some shrink or enlarge your character, while Soul Split: Good gives a golden hue and Soul Split: Evil! gives a shadowy effect. These last through death and work while mounted.Tablet of Ren Yun gives your character a red blindfold and mists up the screen for five minutes.

Tabard of the Lightbringer is a BoE reward from the Shadowmourne quest The Lightbringer”s Redemption. Using the tabard grants the wearer Tabard of the Lightbringer, a shiny golden light that lasts for 5 minutes.Hallow”s End Pumpkin Treat is a reward from numerous Hallow’s End quests. They grant one of four buffs: Hallow”s End Candy which turns you large and orange, Hallow”s End Candy into a skeleton with underwater breathing, Hallow”s End Candy into a pirate, and Hallow”s End Candy into a levitated non-combat spectral ghost. These treats only last for 14 days, so be wise about using them!Rainbow Generator makes your character shoot rainbows; it’s a reward from Open Their Eyes in Felwood.Gus” First Aid Kit makes a nurse appear and it’s a reward from Gargantapid.Horn of the Traitor summons a spectral Tauren and comes from Horn of the Traitor.Toy Windmill, a play on Don Quixote, summons a lance and comes from The Ballad of Maximillian.Tosselwrench”s Shrinker a reward from the hilarious quest The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened, turns you bright red and large.Puntable Marmot from Rampaging Rodents: Use: Summons a Puntable Marmot at target location. (10 Min Cooldown)Turnip Punching Bag from Leaders Among Breeders: Use: Summon a Turnip Punching Bag at target location for 5 min. The punching bag acts as a target dummy while it persists. (1 Hour Cooldown)Kickable Keg from Finding Yi-Mo: Use: Summons a keg that you can kick around. Careful though, contents may be volatile! (10 Min Cooldown)Shushen”s Spittoon from Raid Leader Slovan: Use: Summons Shushen”s Spittoon on the ground at target location for 1 min. Allies can click on the Spittoon to use it. (10 Min Cooldown)Explosive Barrel from Barrels of Fun: Use: Roll an Explosive Barrel at the target, dealing 27581 to 82741 Fire Damage upon impact. (2 Min Cooldown)Jin Warmkeg”s Brew from Holed Up: Use: Summon Jin Warmbrew”s Keg, which allies can use to have a drink of his ale. (1 Hour Cooldown)Totem of Harmony from Hatred Becomes Us: Use: Summon a Totem of Harmony at the target location, illuminating the area for 1 min. (1 Hour Cooldown)
Jade Raccoon from The Jade Witch: Use: Summon your loyal raccoon friend. (3 Min Cooldown)Gokk”lok”s Shell from Promises of Gold: Use: Stand on a piece of Gokk”lok”s shell. Moving cancels the effect. (30 Min Cooldown)Ruthers” Harness from Pick a Yak: Summon Ruthers, the bad yak. (30 Min Cooldown)Commander”s Badge from Hail, Commander!: Use: Calls forth a Netherwing Ally to fight at your side. (10 Min Cooldown)Defender of the Timbermaw from The Root of All Evil: Use: Calls forth a Timbermaw Ancestor to fight at your side and heal you. (10 Min Cooldown)Rhea”s Last Egg from The Egg Lives On: Use: Calls forth Rhea”s Child to fight by your side. (10 Min Cooldown)Battered Steam Tonk Controller from Missing Friends: Summons a well-loved steam tonk.A Winter Veil Gift leads to Winter Veil Gift and MiniZep Controller during Winter Veil.Rogues that have completed all steps of the legendary chain will acquire Fangs of the Father–that has an on use effect of unfurling wings and falling slowly to the ground.

Ayla Shadowstorm, accessible after completing Filling the Moonwell, sells Moonwell Chalice which summons a moonwell, and Moonwell Phial, which summons splashing water.Varlan Highbough, accessible after completing Calling the Ancients, sells Dwyer”s Caber which throws a large tree, and Mylune”s Call, which summons flowers and butterflies at your feet.Damek Bloombeard, accessible after completing Additional Armaments, sells Ricket”s Magnetic Fireball which makes your character glow orange.Rosary of Light, from Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight, has an on use effect that makes you kneel in place for 60 seconds channeling Rosary of Light, as you glow golden. Great for paladins.Varo”then”s Brooch, from Mannoroth in Well of Eternity, has an on use effect that shoots out fiery tendrils from the user”s weapon, and can chain between targets.

Pandaren Firework Launcher from Ahone the Wanderer: Summons a firework launcher. Crate of Kidnapped Puppies from Borginn Darkfist: Spawns 5 Kidnapped Puppies that look like Perky Pug. They last for 10 minutes or until killed. They can spawn with a variety of fun accessories like a fez, pink bow, pirate hat, or bone.Hozen Beach Ball from Ik-Ik the Nimble: Transforms your armor into pants and a tank top and your weapon into a shovel.Ai-Li”s Skymirror from Ai-Li Skymirror: Transforms the player into a shimmery version of the target for 10 min, similar to Potion of Illusion. Does not work while mounted and against most hostile NPCs. Aqua Jewel from ≈: Buffs you with Shimmering Water: increases swim speed by 50% and allows underwater breathing for 10 min. Also gives the player a watery appearance.Kang”s Bindstone from Kang the Soul Thief: Gives the player Stonebinding, a slight stone-like appearance and a chance for killing blows to turn enemies to stone instead of a normal death animation.Chalice of Secrets from Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud: Turns you into a gloating Mogu with Ancient Ritual.Seed of Tranquil Growth from Nasra Spothide: Spawns a Tranquil Sprout that casts Rejuvenation and Healing Touch.Terracotta Fragment from Jonn-Dar references everyone”s favorite Diablo templar: The summoned companion spams Mocking Blow, Cleave, and Challenging Shout.Golden Fleece from Omnis Grinlok turns your character sparkly when equipped and has a chance to replicate the treasure goblin dying animation when you kill an enemy that grants experience or honor.Essence of the Breeze from Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud: Lets you jump further and creates a swirling breeze animation around your character.

Players can purchase Ling-Ting”s Favorite Tea inside Stormstout Brewery which summons golden hoplings, gets you drunk, turns you green, or turns vendors shadowy. There are also brews which can be consumed only in the dungeon: Bubbling Beverage (lets you jump high, surrounded by big bubbles), Wicked Wikket (Hozen wearing a jungle hat), Triple-Distilled Brew (blurs the screen), Sparkling Water (bubbles and wine goblet).Shado-Pan Dragon Gun, Honored with Shado-Pan: Use: Unleash a gout of flame, dealing 1138 to 1256 fire damage to targets in a 10 yard cone in front of the caster every 0.5 sec for 4 sec.Stack of Bamboo, Stack of Stone Blocks, Stack of Wooden Boards, Honored with Shado-Pan: Show off your combat skills and break some boards.Sit down by Sheddle Glossgleam in Dalaran and he”ll shine your shoes, giving you Shiny Shoes!Whole-Body Shrinka”: This item greatly shrinks the player, while also reducing their run speed and damage dealt. It lasts for 3 minutes and is broken upon mounting. From Battlefield Barrens.Xan”tish”s Flute: These snakes follow the player for a minute–players can a variety of solid and striped snakes. Named after Xan”tish in Orgrimmar, whose pet snakes were taken away by the Kor”kron in 5.3.


You can even turn into inanimate objects. There are numerous quest-related items that temporarily turn you into objects as well, but the problem is that they only work when you’re in a very specific sub-zone and you lose the item once the quest is turned in.
Ancient Amber, a Fossil archaeology rare added in 4.1, shrinks the player and entraps them in a block of neon orange glass. This block lasts through combat and damage.New to Mists of Pandaria, Restorative Amber encases the player in a block of amber–it requires Klaxxi exalted.Lifegiving Seed are looted by Herbalists as they pick flowers. When consumed, it transforms the player into a common flower, renames them, and provides a quick supply of health and mana. People have used these in PvP to look hidden in the background.The Winter Veil Disguise Kit, a holiday present for completing Stolen Winter Veil Treats, turns the user into a snowman with the aid of a Snowball.


With Mists of Pandaria”s glyph revamp, minor glyphs primary had cosmetic effects.

Glyph of Foul Menagerie: Causes your Army of the Dead spell to summon an assortment of undead minions.Glyph of the Geist: Your Raise Dead spell summons a geist instead of a ghoul.Charred Glyph: When used outside of combat, your Horn of Winter ability causes a brief, localized snow flurry.

Charred Glyph: Teaches you the ability Charm Woodland Creature. Allows the Druid to befriend an ambient creature, which will follow the Druid for 1 hour .Glyph of Stars: Your Moonkin Form now appears as Astral Form, conferring all the same benefits, but appearing as an astrally enhanced version of your normal humanoid form.Charred Glyph: Your Travel Form now appears as a Stag and can be used as a mount by party members. This glyph is disabled while Mark of the Cheetah is active.Mark of the Orca: Your Travel Form now appears as an Orca.Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon: Each time you shapeshift into Cat Form or Bear Form, your shapeshifted form will have a random hair color.Charred Glyph: Allows you to shapeshift intoTreant Form.

Charred Glyph: Each time you activate a new Aspect, an animal companion representing that Aspect will follow you for 15 sec.Charred Glyph: Teaches you the ability Fireworks. Launch fireworks from your gun, bow or crossbow.Glyph of Lesser Proportion: Slightly reduces the size of your pet.

Glyph of Crackling Tiger Lightning: Your Crackling Jade Lightning visual is altered to the color of the White Tiger celestial.Glyph of Fighting Pose: Your spirit now appears in a fighting pose when using Transcendence.Glyph of Honor: You honorably bow after each successful Touch of Death.Charred Glyph: You always will attack with hands and fist with Tiger Palm, even with non-fist weapons equipped.Glyph of Rising Tiger Kick: Your Rising Sun Kick”s visual is altered to the color of the White Tiger.Charred Glyph: Teaches you the spell Zen Flight. You fly through the air at a quick speed on a meditative cloud.

Charred Glyph: Conjures a familiar stone, containing either an Arcane Familiar, Fiery Familiar, or Icy Familiar.Glyph of Crittermorph: When cast on critters, your Polymorph spells now last 1 day and can be cast on multiple targets.Charred Glyph: Transforms the Mage to look like someone else for 2 min.Charred Glyph: Your Polymorph: Sheep spell polymorphs the target into a monkey instead.Charred Glyph: Your Polymorph: Sheep spell polymorphs the target into a penguin instead.Charred Glyph: Your Polymorph: Sheep spell polymorphs the target into a porcupine instead.

Charred Glyph: Your Judgment spell depicts an axe or sword instead of a hammer, if you have an axe or sword equipped.Charred Glyph: Allows you a moment of peace as you kneel in quiet contemplation to ponder the nature of the Light.Glyph of Fire From the Heavens: Your Judgment and Hammer of Wrath criticals call down fire from the sky.Charred Glyph: Your now uses the Seal of Blood visual.Glyph of the Luminous Charger: Your paladin class mounts glow with Holy Light.Glyph of Winged Vengeance: Your Avenging Wrath depicts 4 wings.

Charred Glyph: Teaches you the ability Confession. Compels a friendly target to confess a secret.Charred Glyph: Your Shadow Orbs now appear as Shadow Ravens.Glyph of the Heavens: Your Levitate targets will appear to be riding on a cloud for the duration of the spell.Charred Glyph: Your resurrection target appears bathed in holy light for the duration of the Resurrection cast.Charred Glyph: Your Borrowed Time is now displayed visually.Glyph of Shackle Undead: Changes the appearance of your Shackle Undead.Glyph of Shadow: Alters the appearance of your to be less transparent.Charred Glyph: When you apply Devouring Plague to a target, you take on the form of a Dark Archangel for 8 sec.Glyph of Shadowy Friends: Your shadow form extends to your non-combat pets.Glyph of the Val”kyr: While Spirit of Redemption is active, you now appear as a Val”kyr.

Charred Glyph: When you Vanish, you leave behind a brief illusion that very closely resembles you.Glyph of Disguise: When you Pick Pocket a humanoid enemy, you also copy their appearance for 5 min. Your disguise will unravel upon entering combat.

Charred Glyph: Your Chain Heal now has a watery appearance.Glyph of the Spectral Wolf: Alters the appearance of your Ghost Wolf transformation, causing it to resemble a large, spectral wolf.

Glyph of Crimson Banish: Your Banish spell is now red.Charred Glyph: Your Felsteed and Dreadsteed can cross water while running and leave a trail of flames.Glyph of Soulwell: Your soulwell glows with an eerie light.Charred Glyph: Splits your Shadow Bolt into three smaller attacks.Charred Glyph: Your no longer display while out of combat.Charred Glyph: Transforms Burning Embers and Soul Shards to look like Verdant Spheres.

Glyph of Burning Anger: You get so angry when Enraged that you catch on fire.Glyph of Thunder Strike: Your Thunder Clap visual includes a lightning strike.Glyph of Hawk Feast: Your Execute critical strikes summon a flock of carrion birds.Glyph of Mighty Victory: When your Victory Rush or heal you, you grow slightly larger. Glyph of Gushing Wound: Your Deep Wounds are even bloodier than normal.Glyph of the Blazing Trail: Your Charge leaves a trail of fire in its wake. If you”re going to Charge, why not do it with some style?

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