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Elandura-silvermoon February 10, 2020, 4:06pm #1

Hi guys.
Let’s get to it. Whenever I start the game, or use a portal to go somewhere, even when I enter in an instance(raid, dungeon etc.) I’m dealing with this. I get stuck at %70 of the loading screen, or at %0. And I can only deal with it by doing an alt f4 and retrying the same action. It’s been like this since 8.3, and I did all the fresh install thingies CRs usually direct us to. So I’ll need a different kind of direction to solve this. By the way my internet connection is also fine. It didn’t suddenly perform poorly with 8.3 .

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Thanks in advance, have a great day.


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Rejuvithorn-2648 February 10, 2020, 5:40pm #2

Hello Elandura,

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues.

Please first perform all of the the following steps:

If the issue persists please submit a ticket here:

Including your MSINFO file as shown in this guide:


Blizzard Support

Obtaining System Files

This article explains the process of creating system files

Decayin-burning-legion February 10, 2020, 6:21pm #3

Hello, do you use HDD or SSD drive? If HDD can you post it’s model?

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Elandura-silvermoon February 10, 2020, 9:33pm #4

It’s on SSD. OCZ TL100 240 GB. It’s been good since the beginning of BfA, and I did everything that generic GM answer directed me to, since they don’t actually read anything, they still gave me the same advice. It’s been like this since 8.3, and I know I’m not the only one with the problem, I read the, people didn’t care to open a topic themselves but put it under some other issue’s thread.



Hello Elandura,

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues.

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Please first perform all of the the following steps:

http s:// http s:// http s://

People of Blizzard, when any customer sends you their complaint, please read it thoroughly. I specificly told you that I did all of those things. Now I’ll send my system info from the link you provided. They won’t find any problems, on my side, only then you’ll start to investigate things on your side, which is patience consuming and infuriating. But still, thank you for the answer.

Frko-daggerspine February 11, 2020, 9:02am #5


This might be a long stretch, but are you perhaps using a Radeon graphics card? I’ve had the exact same issue happening for a while now whenever I launch WoW. I’ve also had some other games like OW or Dota2 blackscreen my computer.

After a few days of searching for known issues, I realized, that the new AMD Radeon Software that uses a feature called “Wattman”, to regulate your gc’s power consumption and output, might accidentally overload the gc and cause it to crash or work incorrectly. So the solution was to either rollback the drivers to somewhere in November, where the Radeon Software feature was an option during install and you could skip it, or the second idea, as soon as Windows start up, go to task manager and shut down the “Radeon AMD Software Host” and “Radeon AMD Software Overlay” processes. This seems to fix the issue and I have 0 problems from there on.

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NOTE: There are comments online about a similar issue with GeForce gc’s, same solution, close down the software and overlays if there are any. This does not effect the drivers!

TL;DR: If using Radeon gc, use task manager to close “Radeon AMD Software Host and Overlay” processes.

Hope this helps!


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