Wow Lumber Mill Level 2 – Level 2 Garrison: Lumber Mill First, Or Inn

The Lumber Mill is a Medium Garrison building, the main purpose of whichis to allow you to increase your production of Garrison Resources.

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Level Cost Perks
Level 1 150x 1 hour Allows you to mark small trees in Draenor for harvest. HarvestedTimber can be converted to Work Order for garrison supplies. Up to 7 Work Orders.
Level 2 300x 1 hour Allows you to mark medium trees for additional Timber. Up to 14 Work Orders.
Level 3 500x 1 hour Allows you to mark large trees for even more Timber. Up to 21 Work Orders.


Garrison Blueprint: Lumber Mill, Level 2 is sold by the blueprint vendor at your Garrison onceyou reach level98or once you complete yourSpires of ArakOutpost. You can buy it with1,000. You can also buy it from the blueprintvendor in Ashran without restrictions withan


Outpost Building Assembly Notes, whichcan only be obtained twice, once when questingin Gorgrond and once when questing in the Spires of Arak. so the purpose of thisBelow, you will find the Alliance and Hordevendors.


Garrison Blueprint: Lumber Mill, Level 3 is a reward fromcompleting the Upgrading the Mill achievement, which requiresyou to place 75 Work Orders at the Lumber Mill and completethe Legacy of the Ancients and Reduction in Force (Alliance)/ Reduction in Force (Horde) quests (seebelow).This achievement is account-wide.

Once you complete the achievement, the blueprint is notdirectly handed over to you. You still need to buy it fromSparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak (Horde)for 1,000 .

Easing into Lumberjacking (Alliance) orEasing into Lumberjacking (Horde) is given to you when you visityour Lumber Mill for the first time and completing it enables you to harvest Timber from Small Timber and teaches you how to


Find Timber. It is followed up byTurning Timber into Profit (Alliance) orTurning Timber into Profit (Horde), which requires youto collect 10 pieces of Timber and use them to place a WorkOrder at your Garrison.

Work Orders cost 10 pieces of Timber and generate30x Garrison Resources after 4 hours.

At Level 2, you receive Sharper Blades, Bigger Timber (Alliance)or Sharper Blades, Bigger Timber (Horde). Completing it enables you toharvest Timber from Timber.

At Level 3, you receive Tree-i-cide (Alliance)or Tree-i-cide (Horde). Completing it enables you toharvest Timber from Large Timber.

The first 3 times that you will harvest Large Timber, Phylarch theEvergreen will appear to fight you. The third time you defeat him,he will give you a quest that allows you to recruit him as a follower.Assigning him to your Lumber Mill increases the yield of each Work Orderto 45.

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It has been reported on Wowheadthat Phylarch will not spawn if you harvest Large Timber when you alreadyhave 250 Timber (which is the maximum you can hold).

In order to unlock your Level 3 Timber Mill, you need to completeReduction in Force (Alliance), Reduction in Force(Horde), and Legacy of the Ancients.

Reduction in Force (Alliance), Reduction in Force,(Horde) is obtained after you upgrade your Lumber Mill to Level 2. This upgradecauses a Large Log to sometimes appear on the map. It shows up as regular Limber on yourminimap. When you cut this large log, Weldon Barov (Alliance) orAlexi Barov (Horde) appears and gives you a quest that recruits him as a followerwhen you complete it.

The next time you visit your Garrison, Weldon or Alexi Barov will be standing atyour Garrison and will give you: Reduction in Force (Alliance),Reduction in Force (Horde). This quest requires you to kill Alexi (Alliance) or Weldon (Horde), whom you can randomly find when looking for Timber in Draenor. Completing the quest grants you Weldon (Alliance) or Alexi (Horde) as a follower.

After ugprading your Lumber Mill to 2, you can sometimes stumble upon aPetrified Ancient. If you try to chop it down, the creature awakens andattacks you. It drops


Barkskin Tome, which starts Legacy of the Ancients.To complete the quest, you need to patrol the area marked in Shadowmoon Valley,Gorgrond, Spires of Arak, and Nagrand, and kill the objective NPCs when you see them.

Completing the quest rewards you with


Treessassin”s Guise, which you canuse to get out of combat in Draenor.



Placing Work Orders at your Lumber Mill eventually earns you the followingachievements:



24 Feb. 2015: Patch 6.1 update: building or updating the Lumber Mill no longer costs Garrison Resources. In addition, Work Orders now generate 30 Garrison Resources, up from 20.

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