Wow Macro Interact With Target, Interact With Target

Hi everyone,Long time reader, first time poster . . . is it possible to macro interact with target? so the assist or attack key also interacts?

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Not a macro but you can set a key binding to it in the key binds area. Just have a macro to assist the master and hit that first then the interact key.
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This option makes boxing so much easyer! …but dont forget to check “click to move” on your clones, if u want them to run over to a corpse and loot, or walk up to a npc etc. (Interface/mouse/click-to-move) I have interact with target bound to * button, and click to move checked, and just love to spam the * when i want my girls to run after alliance


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i”ve turned “click to move” off of the girl i usually use as leader…i”m a crazy clicker, and it has started boss encounters prematurely on several occasions by having me walk into range. not fun. I”m thinking about turning it on, so she acts normal when she”s not the leader…if i can just stop the random right clicking that i do.
^^ This. I haven”t started a boss fight early but I have pulled trash when I wasn”t ready. Now I am going to look up the scripts on wowwiki and see if there is a easy way to toggle this setting. Edit: Found this: REMOVED ToggleMouseMove() (Removed in 3.1.0) . So I guess they removed the ability to toggle mouse move with a script.
When I switch leaders I use this: # on slaves /console AutoInteract 1 #on master /console AutoInteract 0
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