Wow Macro To Cast Multiple Spells, How To Macro

So back when I used to play you could macro like. /cast charge /cast execute /cast victory rush

The game would check the first spell and of it failed move to the second one ect. Now if the first spell fails it just stops and doesn't try to cast the second spell.

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Why is this? Can you still add multiple spells to a single button? If not how do players maintain 8 and 9 spell rotations?

Thanks in advance for any information.


It has been changed a couple of years ago exactly to prevent one-button-macroses. If you cast spells one by one you can use /castsequence

Aside from castsequence macros which really tend to be more harmful than helpful, the only way you can put multiple spells in one button the way you want right now is if only one of the abilities used triggers GCD.

So you can still do macros that pop multiple damage increasing abilities and the like, but as soon as you start putting GCD triggering abilities in there, you're limited to one.

As for dealing with lot of keys in rotation, that's just part of the game really. 8-9 usable abilities isn't that much in the end. You usually have 5 or so abilities that are used quite often (depending on class of course), and then a bunch that have much longer cooldowns or are highly situational even when they're used every time as well.

depends on the class and what you need to track actually if you are a plate spinner spec you need same ability with focus target and current target same goes with cc's for both pvp or pve. if you can take out a filler spell from action bar you earn a slot and add it to one of your main spell when its on cd it makes you faster. i think mostly melee benefits from such things since they have no cast times just gcd.

try to explaine what you want to do exactly, there is macro for anything you just need to find the right word codes.

I'm not trying to do anything specifically. Just curious as to why it wasn't working anymore.

You can only cast one global cooldown ability per macro. Any GCD ability after the first one will fail to cast. You can however chain as many off-GCD skills/items as you want.

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I haven't tried using addons for /castsequence, but to be honest, you shouldn't make any macros that'd use it in the first place. Learn to use your skills, don't try to outsource your rotation to a macro.

The last sentence might be the norm now, but back when I used to play all the top raiding guilds used macros. It was extremely common, some people even used them for leveling as it just made you more efficient at the game. Honestly if we can't use them like we used too then I'm ok with that. It was just extremely off putting something not working that used to. And not being able to find an answer as to why.

You've never been able to put more than 1 GCD-inducing spell in the same macro like that. Not in this game. You could in other games, like Rift. You can use multiples as long as they're off the GCD.

you can cast everything at once as long as it doesn't trigger the GCD. all GCD abilities stop after the first one to stop people making cool one button Bot routines and stuff.

It's still possible for certain things, like for instance as resto I have:

/cast essence of g'nir

/cast innervate

/cast healthstone

/cast Barkskin

/cast wild growth

for a panic BG button, it lets me cast next spells for free, doubles healing output, gives me a heal if I have a lock on the team, 20% dmg reduction, and sticks wild growth on the 5 closest team members. You could add a healtpotion or BG dmg reduction pot or something too, not sure if it shares cooldown with healthstones though.

I'm not sure how macros used to be, but, in terms of 9 spell rotations, at least on healing classes, I've found this style macro to be very helpful (you can add
mouseover stuff in if you want, or shift modifiers to force cast rebirth out of combat, for example):

/cast Rebirth; Revitalize; Solar Wrath; Healing Touch

This puts 4 spells on one button, casting the appropriate one depending on your target.

Obviously 4 is only possible when you include resurrection spells, but 2 spells per button based on help/harm works well.

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you can spin in other stuff too like do:

#showtooltip/castsequence reset=4/ctrl/target Moonfire, Sunfire, Cat Form/castsequence reset=4/ctrl/target Moonfire, Sunfire, Bear Formso if I have different talents I can do different things, this is my little secret macro for cat/bear weaving

EDIT: also forgot to mention, it also resets on pressing ctrl or changing target.

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