How To Move Debuffs? : Wow Move Buffs And Debuffs Move Buff Bar Wow

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Đang xem: Wow move buffs and debuffs

Version of ElvUI (use /estatus command ingame to check): 11.372Disable all addons except the two called “ElvUI” and “ElvUI OptionsUI”. Do you still experience the issue now?: No, because the issue is rooted within ElvUI itselfDisable all addons and use the default UI to make sure it is not an issue with the WoW client itself. Do you still experience the issue?: Same answer as aboveCheck for lua errors by using the command “/luaerror on” without quotes. Did you get an error or do you still experience the issue?: No error, still experience issueIf you received an error then post it below (use the “code” bbcode):Please explain the issue you”re having with as much detail as possible. Describe the exact steps we need to take in order to reproduce the issue.:I moved around my and my target”s health bars, but I have no idea how to move around the buff/debuff timers that are normally on top. You”d think they”d anchor with them, but they don”t.Do you have any other information which might help us track down the issue?:NahWe often get clues about the issue by looking at your entire UI, so please take some screenshots and add them here.:



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Don”t know how to move the buff/debuff bars around

#2by Botanica
Yes, you should always disable all addons exempt ElvUI, to see if the issue is within, ElvUI, a plugin or another addon interfering. Not sure if you are referring to the player or target Unitframe – but check the anchors of the auras /ec- Unitframes – individual – player – buffs/debuffs/aura bars and check the anchor to. If it is anchored to the frame, it will move with the frame. If you are unsure, upload a screenshot of the relevant settings.

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Back up your ElvUI profile/s – ElvUI menu – Profiles – Export and save it regularlyMy replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

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