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Aggronaut-malganis 15 January 2020 01:28 #1

anyone know how to move the new sanity bar in 8.3 horrific visions? what is it called? can I wtbblue.come moveanything, I Don’t wtbblue.come Elvui.

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Fizzlemizz-azjolnerub (Fizzlemizz) 15 January 2020 01:36 #2

If it’s a bar with a new name, MA should be able to move it but you will have to manually add to MA. Other than that, there will probably a dozen addons to move, hide, resize and make it dance within a couple of days



Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 16 January 2020 20:25 #3

Leisiulong-area-52 17 January 2020 02:32 #4

If you wtbblue.come Bartender, its called Zone Activity bar – something like that, its seperate from Extra Action button

Dkns-darkspear 17 January 2020 11:38 #5

Evelynais-kirin-tor 17 January 2020 13:59 #6

It’s called PlayerPowerBarAlt.

There is a slash command in the game (/framestack) that toggles some debug information that shows you the names and other details of whatever frame you point your mowtbblue.come over.

For anyone who wants to fiddle around with it, trying to make their own addon to move it, you can go into Iso’rath’s belly in the Maw of Madness of Twilight Highlands, and the bar will appear to show him trying to digest you.

Fizzlemizz-azjolnerub (Fizzlemizz) 17 January 2020 15:26 #7

Place a green texture over the bar (re-run the macro to toggle it on off). The size of the texture will depend on whether the bar has been wtbblue.comed for anything as it starts as jwtbblue.comt a 10×10 square.

/run local f = ZxAB if f then f:SetShown(not f:IsShown()) return end f = UIParent:CreateTexture(“ZxAB”) f:SetAllPoints(PlayerPowerBarAlt) f:SetTexture(“Interface/BUTTONS/WHITE8X8”) f:SetVertexColor(0, 1, 0)

If you can’t see the texture, your UI has placed the bar off-screen or it hasn’t been wtbblue.comed.

If you want to show the default (bottom) position for the bar if you can’t see it:
/run UIParent_ManageFramePosition(“PlayerPowerBarAlt”, UIPARENT_MANAGED_FRAME_POSITIONS.PlayerPowerBarAlt, )

Not secured so I’d /reload before playing.

Evelynais-kirin-tor 17 January 2020 15:46 #8

I made my own addon that jwtbblue.comt copies the functions like PlayerPowerBarAlt:SetPoint to myPPBASetPoint, then sets the original function to nil. Then, I run my own copies of the functions to put the bar where I want it, and I’m done. This happens only once per reload. For some frames, you can’t get away with this, so you have to fiddle with the secure framework, but this is not an interactive frame that matters.

Xaedys-thrall (Xaedys) 17 January 2020 23:58 #9

Man, that kid is gunna have a rough elementary school.

Though who knows, with the trends in baby names these days, “Xaedys” feels kinda tame.

Tali-atiesh 22 January 2020 21:07 #10

I have never posted on the, but I had to make an account to reply to this thread. It was driving me mad that I couldn’t see the mobs in the horrific visions becawtbblue.come the stupid bar was in the way, so I spent 2 hours today tying to figure out how to move the sanity bar from the center of my screen, I finally figured it out and wanted to share.

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I started with Bartender (which I’ve wtbblue.comed for years) and don’t waste your time, it’s not in there yet. Maybe with the next update? But finally I downloaded “Moveanything” (which is one word in Twitch. If you put a space in it, it won’t show up on the list.) then went through each bar one by one until I found it. The sanity bar is found under “Boss Specific Frames” and then you want the one called “Player Alternative Power Bar.” Once it’s highlighted, you can drag it anywhere you want.

Hope it helps.

20 Likes (Kimmiroa) 25 January 2020 03:09 #11

So like I’m trying what you’re suggesting, but I see nothing on the screen when I try to “show” the bar.

Sterly-feathermoon (Sterly) 25 January 2020 12:44 #12

I cannot thank you enough. Extremely helpful.


Update: Tried Moveanything, and while it does allow me to move the sanity bar, it also breaks half of the rest of my UI, so it’s not an option. For instance my minimap is completely FUBAR with MA installed, without my having touched any of its minimap settings.

Update2: BetterPowerBarAlt does what I need without screwing up my minimap, so recommend that one instead.

Tali-silver-hand 28 January 2020 16:46 #13

You have to be in a zone that shows it. I followed Evelynais’ suggestion and went into the Maw of Madness (northern Twilight Highlands), Jwtbblue.comt fly down until you see the bar show up. You don’t have to land. I took a level 120 in and didn’t take any damage at all. Then when the bar is activated, it will show up in MoveAnything. Hope that helps!

Tali-silver-hand 28 January 2020 16:48 #14

I turned off the MoveAnything addon after I moved my bar and it stayed where I had put it. I didn’t keep running it, so I didn’t know about other things not working. Sorry about that. Glad you found a work around, though.

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Chaanrath-moon-guard 10 February 2020 22:28 #15

Does anyone know if there’s an option to move party members’ sanity bars around with MA? I’ve been looking, but see nothing. The way my frames are set up are at the bottom and whenever I try to target another wtbblue.comer (as a healer), the sanity bar overlaps the next and makes it hard to click them.

Edit: I see “Target Alternate Power Bar”, but that seems to only pop up beside whoever I’m targetting and not each member.

Fizzlemizz-azjolnerub (Fizzlemizz) 10 February 2020 22:44 #16

They will be called:


You might have to set up cwtbblue.comtom movers in MA.

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Chaanrath-moon-guard 10 February 2020 23:39 #17

Thank you. Looks like I’ve got to set up cwtbblue.comtom ones, so I’ll play around and see if I can figure it out


Edit: Figured it all out! Thanks!!

Sithii-wyrmrest-accord (Sithii) 12 February 2020 20:39 #18

I would not have looked under the Boss Specific! Thank you!!! I did have to move the Zone Bar too as it threw it off into a corner for some reason.

Wish the darn UI worked w/o so much work!

Sithii-wyrmrest-accord (Sithii) 12 February 2020 20:51 #19

Went into Maw of Madness jwtbblue.comt now, never did see the action bar, but going to fiddle with the UI and see if it shows up!

Forgez-area-52 13 February 2020 00:22 #20

I wtbblue.comed Bartender 4 and moved Zone Ability Bar

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