wow one handed swords on back

Everyone knows that you keep two-handed weapons on your back and one-handed weapons on your hip. Makes perfect sense!

But if you want some style (or a big X on your back for you dual-wielders) you can hunt for some of these one-handers that sheathe on your back like a two-hander:

Let”s start with some easy ones, made by blacksmiths

Heavy Copper Longsword

Phantom Blade

Felsteel Longblade

Fel Edged Battleaxe
Thanks to Trojox and Rithral!

And now some easy quest rewards

Pilfered Ethereal Blade

A bit tougher, these you might find in the Auction House

Ginn-Su Sword
World drop, so it”s ungrindable.

These you have to grind a bit for

Skullforge Reaver
The classic Reaver from Lord Aurius Rivendare. This one glows from the factory.
Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver
This heirloom version MIGHT transmog, please report back if you can confirm. Thanks to sakera!
DOES work for transmog, thanks Falcarious!

Twinblade of the Hakkari
Twinblade of the Hakkari
Twin daggers available from Jin”do the Godbreaker in the new Zul”Gurub; they replaced the swords listed below, but are still sword-sized and both sheathe on your back. These also glow by default.

Slayer of the Lifeless
From Gothik the Harvester in Naxxramas. Can be dual wielded. Same model as The Hungering Cold, notable for being the model used as the uber sword in South Park”s WoW episode.

The Unbreakable Will
From Anetheron in CoT Mount Hyjal.

SUPPOSEDLY sheathes on the back, according to the interbutt, yet I have found no screenshots of it on someone”s back. Grind with caution!
Confirmed in the comments that Hatestrike does NOT sheathe on the back.

Quickening Blade of the Prince
Same model as the Millennium Blade, but sheathes on the back. Drops from Kael”thas in Magisters” Terrace.

Dragonscale-Encrusted Longblade
I”m convinced this belongs in the unavailable category below as it refuses to drop for me from Sunwell Plateau.

Hope Ender
Drops from Doom Lord Kazzak, who is now in Hellfire Peninsula after vacationing in the Blasted Lands. Glows by default.

…and its twin Spiteblade
From Karazhan, also glows. Thanks to Trojox!

Bone Warden”s Splitter
The second back-sheathing axe, this drops from Lord Marrowgar in ICC. Thanks to NetherRayRider!

Did someone say… Thunderfury? These will take a LOT of effort to get

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
Just a general pain in the ass all around, but hey, if you think it”s worth it… Note that legendary weapons CANNOT be used for transmogrification.

Warglaive of Azzinoth
Warglaive of Azzinoth
These drop off Illidan in the Black Temple.

Scimitar of the Sirocco
This is a rare Archaeology find from Tol”vir fragments. Glows by default. Thanks to sakera!

Broken Promise
From Gluth in Naxx25, this has less than a 1% chance of dropping; good luck! but its primary drop is from the Four Horsemen Chest. Thanks to NetherRayRider and Yxiomel!

You can”t get these anymore so they”re here for posterity, but you might find someone who still has one

Kobold Excavation Pick
YOU NO TAKE PICK! Wait, Blizzard DID take pick, this no longer drops. Thanks to JackDandiels!

Warblade of the Hakkari
Warblade of the Hakkari
You used to be able to get these twin warblades from Zul”Gurub, but they were removed with the revamp; Replaced by the daggers above.

Andonisus, Reaper of Souls
Using the same model as Hatestrike and Gressil, Dawn of Ruin, Andonisus was used as part of the quest to get the legendary weapon Atiesh.

Akil”zon”s Talonblade
I don”t see how this even works as a sword, but whateverrrr.

Shifting Felblade
Added in Warlords of Draenor as a reward for challenge mode dungeons, this became unavailable once WoD challenge mode was ended with the Legion prepatch. Thanks, savagy!

And there you go! If I”ve missed any (especially from MoP or WoD) please comment so I can add them.
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Comment by NetherRayRider

Some you missed.

Broken Promise and Bone Warden”s Splitter

Comment by MarthUKCS

It would be great if you could also make this a little bit more structred & get some pictures.

I don”t really want to click on the items to then find a photo. It”s too much of a hassle. 🙂

Other than that, good. 🙂

Comment by Trojox

If you don”t want to wait for Doom Lord Kazzak, try Netherspite in Kara, he has a chance of dropping Spiteblade.
All so you could try your local blacksmith for Fel Edged Battleaxe, have fun 🙂

Comment by JackDandiels

Although not transmoggable, there is also Kobold Excavation Pick .

Đang xem: Wow one handed swords on back

Comment by opalexian

Nice guide on a topic that”s much-desired but no one thought of…until you! 😀

Comment by sakera

A couple you missed:

Scimitar of the Sirocco — It is a Tol”vir rare from Archaeology.

Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver

Comment by Yxiomel

Broken Promise has a much better chance from the Four Horseman chest than from Gluth.

Comment by Rithral

Fel Edged Battleaxe sheaths on the back.

Comment by longslowgoodbye

Hatestrike does not sheat on back, had it on rogue while raiding naxx.

Comment by Jorvalt

Hatestrike doesn”t sheath on the back. Sheathes on the side, like most 1h weapons.

Comment by Falcarious

Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver (Heirloom) can be used for Transmog

Comment by WrathAmon

wonder why they never done a tool that let you choose whether you want your 1H weapon to sheathe on back or waist 🙁

Comment by savagy

The Shifting Felblade appearance from the WoD challenge modes also sheathes on back.

Comment by mr120

Combatants Slicer

Comment by Capsium

Millennium Blade does NOT sheath on the back

Comment by Alarastar

Yep, I”m blind, ignore me

Comment by Alarastar

For real this time, a new one with Legion, 1h axe Legion”s Edge.

More axes, Spell Axe of the Farseer, Nifflevar Bearded Axe (same model as Savage Gladiator”s 1h), and Fel Edged Battleaxe,

Comment by Silverfern123

Stubby Talonblade Stubby Talonblade is a replica of Akil”zon”s Talonblade Akil”zon”s Talonblade

Comment by Nashoto

Akil”zon”s Talonblade

drops in Throne of Thunder as

Stubby Talonblade

From trash mobs…many Zul items do this.

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Comment by Nashoto

in one of these, there”s a list in the comments of like 50+ items like this I”ll find it eventually.

Comment by piraka810

Outlaw rogue”s thunderfury appearance (which will be transmoggable post-legion), Elemental Crescent, and the Nifflevar Bearded Axe all also sheath on back.

Comment by EnsoHeals

Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver does sheathe on the back – but of course, you can”t transmog enchant appearance.

Comment by Lazerez

Troggbane, Axe of the Frostborne King which drops from The Lich King in ICC also sheathes on the back

Comment by Cahlwyn

This was really helpful, thank you for compiling it. It”d be nice to have it up-to-date for BfA.

Comment by Cahlwyn

This was really helpful, thank you for compiling it. It”d be nice to have it up-to-date for BfA.

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Comment by Hellbringher

Dunno if it”s definitive but today (14/apr/2020) I could apply my legendary Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker as transmog. I upload here the image

Link to image of Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker at transmog panel

link to profile with transmog

Note.: my WoW is in Brazilian Portuguese…

Comment by Drakpayeshe

except that no weapons in wow sheath on the back because no weapons in wow sheath at all. That”s right, pure genious brought to you once again by the wow devs, is that rather *!
#$%edly, none of the weapon designs I”m aware of have a sheath. You just runaround with a razor sharp katana swigining around on your back with no edge protector for yourself, others or the edge itself. Genius! looks horrendously stupid actually pls fix thx

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