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Have you ever thought: “This one handed sword would look cooler/better if it would sheath on my back.”?I certainly did for years and still do it now. With all those transmogrify restrictions being lifted over the time, I personally don”t see any valid reason anymore to not have such an option.Weapons come in all kind of sizes and forms, regardless being one handed or two handed. Many one handed weapons are massive hunks of mass, looking out of place on one”s hip. There are also two handed weapons which look completely miniscule on the back. There are currently 4 sheath options for weapons. Hidden (used by Fist Weapons)Hip (majority of one handed weapons and some off hands)Back (all two handed weapons, majority of pole arms, some off hand and one handed)Back upside-down (big majority of Staffs and some pole arms, the pointy end looking up in the sky) Note: Blizzard may have added special cases for some weapons. One of the reasons why I would really like a sheathing option is the amount of new cosmetic items we have currently and the big upcoming covenant cosmetics. The best example currently is Wrathions backpack. Unuseable for a big chunk of classes, due the weapon horribly clipping through the backpack. It simply looks… dumb.A hidden or hip option could fix that.Look, I know you”re thinking it would really dumb with a massive two handed weapon, which i will address later. In Shadowlands, you”ll get your hands on pretty awesome options for your back. Fae like wings, a tombstone, backpacks, runes and so on.And for most classes, it”ll look out of place because their weaponry will clip through it.On the topic of looking ridiculous and even more out of place. Just picture this in you mind: You currently can be a rather ugly female orc warrior, wearing nothing but a plate thong and a bra beating the crap out of N’zoth with two shovels. A big two handed weapon simply being hidden or on the hip will look harmless in terms of ridiculousness. Of course it must have some basic restrictions. For one handed weapons and DaggersHip *BackHidden* except WarglaivesFor Wands and offhand.HipHiddenNote: Offhands that inherently are on the back won”t lose the option.For Shields and ranged weaponsBackHiddenFor fist weaponsOnly hiddenFor two handed weaponsHipBackHiddenFor Polearms and StaffsBackBack upside-down

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I was always a huge advocate for most of these options you mentioned. As a shaman – most notably hidden shield or weapons in general for all caster specs – what”s the point of having it visible if it just sits there on my back for no apparent reason (exceptions would be Legion artifacts, as some of them were actually used with some spells). And I always fancied style of spellweaving with my hands alone, it feels that I have the power, not the stat-stick I carry on my back/hip.For sheathe placement – I am a fan of this choice options too, any time i played melee I was pursuing all possible weapons that sheathe on back of the character (probably that”s why I picked assa spec for rogue in Legion), but the choice of these is simply too little. I surely agree that in most cases that is totally unrealistic and impractical way of carrying weapons, but that”s a fantasy game, we shouldn”t fight with “realistic” arguments


Gladly recently Blizz is more and more generous with their customisation compartment, who could have thought of transmog back in vanilla/tbc days, and now we can basically change every piece of our outfits (maybe individually soon, as there are some datamines of possible separate shoulders in SL). I am just sad that it takes so long for them to address basic things like clothiers (and shamans/druids mostly when it comes to raid sets) pretty much forced to dress in skirts and robes, as there are just a few modern and good looking sets with regular pants.

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