Wow Order Of The Awakened Rep Utation Guide, Buy Order Of The Awakened Reputation Boost

Order of the Awakened is a group of arakkoa survivors of a civil war erupted in Spires of Arak. They hope to reclaim their apexis artifacts which can put an end to their bickering in a more peaceful manner.

Order of the Awakened Reputation Rewards

After reaching exalted with the Order of the Awakened you can get a new majestic Corrupted Dreadwing mount – a flying raven that resembling Anzu, but with a greenish tint to it! There are also several interesting toys, a net pet companion and a new tabard!

How to get Order of the Awakened Reputation

WoW Order of the Awakened rep grind is done by completing daily quests with the faction in Tanaan Jungle. They award 1500 reputation each, and in total should take you about 23 days to reach exalted standing.

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