Wow Outland Mining Guide 1, Tbc: A Quick Mining Cheat Sheet For Outlands

Doing this will save you several thousands of gold if you”re crafting or make you several thousands of gold per hour if you”re selling.

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1. Get Outland Mining and Herbalism. You can train this at Shattrath City.

2. Use a druid.

3. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.


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Get Darkmoon Firewater for faster gathering.


We will be mining for Fel Iron, Adamantite and Khorium

Khorium is the most valuable – but if you refine the other ores, they are also really good gold:

Khorium -> Khorium BarsAdamantite -> Hardened Adamantite BarsFel Iron & Eternium -> FelsteelExcess Fel Iron -> Fel Iron Bars

Herbs are a bait – they are not worth your time (probably, but see your server”s values)

Do NOT ignore rares you find! Kill them! I got 66k worth of transmog by killing 3 rares!

I”m using RareScanner to alert me of nearby rares.

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

24k+ at a medium sell rate (at most, few weeks to get everything sold)

The value should be higher if you only go to the better zones (Nagrand seems the best) and do not waste time, like I did, picking herbs.

If you”ve not started using TSM yet, you can follow 10 minute tradeskillmaster setup for the absolute beginner - Outland Mining is actually pretty good! Here

10 minute tradeskillmaster setup for the absolute beginner - Outland Mining is actually pretty good! Herethis guide. It will you save you hours of work and you should be using it. It”s really easy!


Very likely to be the best zone.A bit of a weird pathing, but tend to stick close to cliffs, that”s where most ore will spawn.Only go into the caves I”ve noted – and DO go in, I always got 2 ore nodes from each time I went in.

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AJvRUIe - Outland Mining is actually pretty good! Here

AJvRUIe - Outland Mining is actually pretty good! Here

Terokkar Forest

Pretty simple pathing and nice to chill out withGot a 40k transmog piece here

Shadowmoon Valley

Don”t go in the cave, up NorthDo go in the Deathforge (just the entrance), if you see something thereIllidan did nothing wrong

Blade”s Edge Mountains

Simpler pathing than it looks like – just stick to the right wallHard chillRaven”s Wood may be worth to go to, but I preferred to chill with the noted pathI didn”t like the crossed out zones, mostly herbs there and barely any ores


Annoying pathingWorst ore yieldsNoStupid cavesI spent 2 hours doing this and now I hate this zone

Final words

If you want to go for the most Khorium per hour, people will occasionally form raids for that.You”ll get the most gold over time by crafting transmog with whatever you get from mining – but God bless you, for you”ll need a lot of patience to get all the recipes and materials needed for TBC crafting.These materials sell surprisingly fast. The slowest selling is Hardened Adamantite, at 9 per day sold; Khorium bars sell at 14 per day; Felsteel sells at 16 per day.

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