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Asmera-aegwynn 7 February 2020 20:13 #1

So I have a boosted night elf demon Hunter, 120, I’m in trying to get the storyline achievement completed and get the rep. I’m stuck on this mission, Remnants of Darkfall Ridge. I open the scout map they tell me to go to and they give me my class hall missions instead of the mission I need for here, I don’t know what to do

Chelleybee-stormrage 7 February 2020 19:40 #2

Remnants of Darkfall Ridge

wtbblue.come the Scouting Map and complete the mission, “Darkfall Ridge Supplies”. A level 110 Krokuun Quest. +150 reputation with Argwtbblue.comsian Reach. Always up to date.

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Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 20:17 #3

If the mission isn’t present in the list of missions you need to complete… check your in-progress missions. May be you already started it and it jwtbblue.comt needs to complete.

Asmera-aegwynn 7 February 2020 20:27 #4

Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 20:30 #5

The Mission table stuff shouldn’t be required.

You jwtbblue.comt have to do the main quest-line stories of the three areas, ending in the dungeon and Alleria eating the void-Naaru.

If you have Trivial Quests turned on in your mini-map options it should show the quest chains you need as exclamation marks on the zone maps.

Boomdoggle-zuljin 7 February 2020 21:05 #6

I boosted this character to 110 and leveled to 120 in Korrak. Things have been pretty borked. But I was able to get the questline to open and complete it right up to and including the dungeon without doing that mission.

I intend to do it, but it takes more than a month to level up your followers to where they need to be to successfully run those missions.

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Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 21:07 #7

Make sure to run the World Quests on the Broken Shore area, that gets you Nethershards which can be wtbblue.comed to buy gear to rapidly level up your champions to levels. Should cut a couple weeks off at the least.

Boomdoggle-zuljin 7 February 2020 21:08 #8

Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 21:09 #9

Asmera-aegwynn 7 February 2020 21:09 #10

Boomdoggle-zuljin 7 February 2020 21:11 #11

There is, but it takes a fair amount of nethershards. 4000 I think? To get nethershards one needs to either run invasions or the treasuremaster quest. Or both. Quests on the Broken Shore give Legionfall Supplies, not nethershards.

The 880 upgrade item is BoA, so I was able to buy it on another character and mail it.

Asmera-aegwynn 7 February 2020 21:11 #12

Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 21:11 #13

Yeah, you can buy these with Nethershards:




Grimoire of Lost Knowledge

It is sold by Warmage Kath”leen. In the Other Items category. Added in World of Warcraft: Legion. Always up to date with the latest patch (8.3.0).

Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 21:12 #14

Asmera-aegwynn 7 February 2020 21:12 #15

Boomdoggle-zuljin 7 February 2020 21:13 #16

Asmera-aegwynn 7 February 2020 21:15 #17

I mean, I’m already in the questline, he automatically had it for me in the violet citadel. The Hand of Fate is th what got me to

Grymauch-zangarmarsh (Grymauch) 7 February 2020 21:16 #18

Yeah, then you’re good. Jwtbblue.comt follow the exclamation marks on the zone maps and it should take you where you need to go.

Tricky bit is going to be the Invasion Portals part from Illidan, as you may need to grab a friend or two for the major invasion that Illidan will require you to do at some point, but the rest should be pretty easy for a 120.

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Boomdoggle-zuljin 7 February 2020 21:21 #19

I soloed Mistress Alluradel on a 420 druid this week, which surprised the heck out of me. At your ilvl you won’t be able to solo it. The only mechanic a 120 has to be concerned with is LOOK AWAY WHEN SHE CASTS BEGUILING CHARM, DAMMIT!

Amimnoch-proudmoore 30 May 2020 13:17 #20

Had the same problem, finally figured it out. Unless you’ve upgraded your class hall enough to have followers and follower missions in it, the tab to do this follower mission will not even exist on the map. Go back and continue class hall quests until you have at least 1 follower that you can send on missions, then you can do this one.

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