Wow Resto Druid Mage Tower Resto Druid, Mage Tower Challenge (Resto Druid With Tips!)

Learn how to defeat the Artifact Challenge encounter, End of the Risen Threat, as a Restoration Druid. In this guide, we”ll cover optimal talents, legendaries, gear, consumables, and Restoration Druid specific tips. This guide is currently updated and maintained by Jaydaa. I”ve been raiding in WoW for almost 11 years on various healers and DPS. Find me on Twitter.

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The Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch date is July 17th (US) / July 18th (EU). When the pre-patch hits, the Mage Tower Challenge can”t be completed, so you have limited time left. Learn more about other top things removed in 8.0, and if you”ve enjoyed learning new classes for the Mage Tower, check out how classes are changing in BFA.

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Artifact Skin

Restoration – Night”s Vigilance

Restoration Druid Artifact Challenge Guide

This challenge consists of 7 Stages that you must overcome in order to obtain your Artifact Appearance. The scenario is designed to test not only your ability to heal, but also your mastery of all aspects of your specialization. You are accompanied by Commander Jarod Shadowsong (Warrior), Granny Marl (Hunter), and Callie Carrington (Rogue). These NPCs must be kept alive throughout the entire scenario. If any of them die, you will fail the scenario and need to start at the beginning. If you die, the NPCs will continue fighting until either they die or the scenario is complete.GearIdeal item level: 915+Minimum Item Level: 900EnhancementsFood – Nightborne Delicacy PlatterFlask – Flask of the Whispered PactPotion – Potion of Deadly Grace or Potion of Prolonged PowerAugment Rune – Defiled Augment RuneRecommended Legendaries (not required but helpful) Stage 1 – The Dark Titan”s Advice, X”oni”s Caress, or Edraith, Bonds of AglayaStage 3 – Prydaz, Xavaric”s Magnum Opus, The Dark Titan”s Advice, Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds.Stage 5 – Essence of Infusion and Velen”s Future SightStage 7 – The Dark Titan”s Advice, Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya, Prydaz, Xavaric”s Magnum Opus, TrinketsStat sticks (Intellect and static secondaries) are best for this as they provide a constant predictable healing increase. Example: Ethereal Urn, Unstable Arcanocrystal, etc.Proc trinkets are sub-optimal, but okay if you have no other options. Mana trinkets should be avoided as more throughput is typically better and the extra mana does not contribute to your damage

Recommended Talents

Stage 1: The Landing

The first stage of the scenario requires you to complete 5 waves of undead enemies with no break in between. You can drop combat briefly in between waves by not interacting with your allies as a new wave spawns, allowing you use of potions, preferably Potion of Deadly Grace but Potion of Prolonged Power is also a great option. Extra damage that you provide will lower the healing requirement. Wave 1: ArcherA single Corrupted Risen Arbalest activates that is focused by the entire party. You can use Typhoon to interrupt the Mana Sting ability. Additionally you can place a Ursol”s Vortex prior to the ranger jumping away to cause the pull back to interrupt Mana Sting. If you are hit by this ability you will lose considerable mana and take heavy damage. An ally NPC can intercept this ability if they are standing between you and the Corrupted Risen Arbalest to soak it for you, but be warned, this will still deal heavy damage to them instead of you. As our CC is extremely limited, you should get used to positioning yourself for an NPC to intercept the Mana Sting and providing significant healing and frequent use of Ironbark.Wave 2: Archer/MageA Corrupted Risen Arbalest spawns with a Corrupted Risen Mage on this wave. The Corrupted Risen Mage will cast Arcane Blitz on a random target, increasing in power as indicated by a buff on the Corrupted Risen Mage. Interrupt the Corrupted Risen Mage with Typhoon, when they reach 2-3 stacks of their buff. This will interrupt the cast long enough and cause the buff to drop and reduce overall incoming damage. Continue to deal damage to the Corrupted Risen Mage while using NPCs to intercept the Corrupted Risen Arbalest”s Mana Sting. Wave 3: Mage/SoldierThe last new mob type activates on wave 3, the Corrupted Risen Soldier. They have two abilities, a Knife Dance that does heavy aoe damage and a Fixate that prioritizes you and does significant single target damage if they reach you, If more than one Corrupted Risen Soldier is using Fixate, then the second one will tend to prefer one of your friendly NPCs. Focus your damage on the Corrupted Risen Mage while staying close enough to the Corrupted Risen Mage to be able to interrupt the Corrupted Risen Mage at 2-3 stacks of their buff in conjuction with the Corrupted Risen Soldier”s Knife Dance with Typhoon. Initially, this can be tricky to do. If you can”t interrupt the Knife Dance with Typhoon, then that”s okay but you will need to do more AoE healing. The most important interrupt is the one on the Corrupted Risen Mage. After every Knife Dance, the Corrupted Risen Soldier will Fixate you. As a Druid, we have a lot of answers for this. We can Displacer Beast or Dash to avoid the Corrupted Risen Soldier entirely, but this will reduce our healing and damage throughput but is a safe option. We can use Entangling Roots to root the Corrupted Risen Soldier. Note that Entangling Roots only lasts 7 seconds in this scenario and diminishes in effect after each cast. The final option is to shift into Bear Form and just tank the incoming damage using Ironfur and Frenzied Regeneration. Wave 4: 2xSoldier/MageTwo Corrupted Risen Soldiers spawn and after a short time will both cast Knife Dance. At this point, the Corrupted Risen Mage will be at 2-3 stacks of the buff. You need to interrupt all three NPCs with Typhoon or at the very least the Corrupted Risen Mage and one of the Corrupted Risen Soldiers. If you fail the interrupts on the Corrupted Risen Soldier at any point during this wave as they can be tricky, I highly recommend using Tranquility to catch up on healing. After this the Corrupted Risen Soldiers will Fixate. I highly recommend using Entangling Roots to avoid the Corrupted Risen Soldier that is fixating you as this allows you to continue healing the friend NPC that gets targeted by the other Corrupted Risen Soldier. Keep damaging the Corrupted Risen Mage when possible and they should die before reach high stacks again. Once, the Corrupted Risen Mage is dead, this wave becomes significantly easier. Utilize the Entangling Roots or Bear Form strategy to hand the remaining Corrupted Risen Soldiers.Wave 5: Soldier/Mage/ArcherFor Wave 5, you MUST have your Typhoon already off cooldown. As the last wave activates, position yourself close to the Corrupted Risen Mage so you”re able to quickly utilize your NPCs to intercept the Mana Sting. As with the previous wave, you”ll utilize Typhoon to interrupt the Corrupted Risen Soldier at 2-3 stack of the buff just as the Corrupted Risen Mage casts Knife Dance. For the Corrupted Risen Soldier”s first Fixate, pop Incarnation: Tree of Life. This allows you reduce the incoming damage thanks to the increased armor, as well as provide throughput increase and strong mobile healing with instant Regrowth allowing you to better position yourself for Mana Sting intercepts. Also feel free to make use of Innervate, Ironbark, and Drums of the Mountain. It doesn”t get any worse than this so hold nothing back. Completed this wave? Congratulations! You’ve completed the hardest Stage of the Scenario!

Stage 2: Searching for the Rook

Follow your NPCs into a small room after eating and swapping gear if necessary, easy!

Stage 3: Desperate Times

A 5 minute time trial to rescue your allies begins. At the recommended gear level, this is very easy to make the damage requirement. Do not rush yourself, there”s plenty of time.Part 1: CaptureYour allies are captured and you are surrounded by enemy Inquisitor eyeballs. They will do pulsing damage which is negligible. HoT yourself up and take care of these one by one. Upon death they will detonate for roughly 50% of your maximum health. Top your health up after each detonation. Take your time, avoid multi-dotting, do not rush this. The timer for this stage is incredibly generous. Don”t be afraid to go bear form and use Frenzied Regeneration to heal yourself either.Part 2: StairsAfter killing the eyes, a gate will open leading to a Felguard, a few bats, and some fel orbs moving randomly around the room. Do not go through the gate. Fully HoT yourself and pull all the adds with Sunfire through the gate towards you. The damage is relatively low just kill them off while not letting yourself get too low. For added protection you can shift into Bear Form and just tank the incoming damage using Ironfur and Frenzied Regeneration while still dealing damage. Use Sunfire on the fel orbs which essentially subdues them for a short period of time. They will revive after a short time allowing them do to significant damage, so don”t linger about. Open the gate once the fel orbs are subdued.Beyond the Gate are 5 NPCs, 4 friendly and one enemy. One friendly NPC is feared running in circles and if they run over you then you will also be feared for a short duration. Target the feared NPC and immediately dispel them to prevent getting feared. The three other friend NPCS are injured and taking significant damage over time. Quickly stabilize them with Rejuvenations and then full heal them with Swiftmend and Regrowth. If any of the three die, they will become very large and powerful enemies that will likely cause a wipe. The final enemy NPC is a Corrupted Risen Arbalest. Avoid engaging her till the end. Use Typhoon to interrupt the Mana Sting or you can use the healed NPCs to intercept Mana Sting while damaging her. Another gate needs to be opened and there are a lot of fel orbs on the other side. Simply Sunfire groups of fel orbs to subdue them and sneak past.The final gate holds your friends, an Inquisitor, and multiple eyes exactly like from the start of this stage. Single target damage the inquisitor while keeping yourself fully HoT”d avoiding the spinning eyes he places on the ground that increase your damage taken if you stand on them while also doing damage themselves. Do not kill an eye with this debuff active as it will almost guarantee your death. Finally kill each Eye one by one to rescue your pals.

Stage 4: What Lies Ahead

This is a preparation stage. Take as much time as you need, change talents, refresh Food/Flask buff and adjust legendaries and gear if need be. If you think you”ll need it wait for your Sated to expire for another use of Drums of the Mountain. Open the gate to start Stage 5.

Stage 5: Erdris and the Risen

For this stage, you have a limited amount of time to heal multiple waves of 3 NPCs that slowly move towards the boss. Every NPC that you fail to heal will become an enemy in Stage 6 that you”ll have to kill. Reducing the number of enemies or eliminating Stage 6 altogether is the key here. The 3 types of enemies are the same as the ones you encountered in Stage 1 so if you absolutely can”t heal one of them then you potentially could choose what types of adds you face in Stage 6. At the same time you are healing these NPCs, Erdris, the boss, has turned your allied NPCs against each other so you must keep them alive. This part is rough especially for a Restoration Druid that requires time to do their healing, but it”s absolutely possible.Prior to the first wave, fully HoT yourself and your allies as well as placing an Efflorescence. This ensures that they remain relatively stable and provides your Regrowths with extra crit from Abundance For the first wave, use Drums of the Mountain, Incarnation: Tree of Life, Potion of Prolonged Power, and begin using Rejuvenation, Regrowth, and Swiftmend on the incoming NPCs, prioritizing the NPC to your right first as it first comes into line of sight. There is some Line of Sight issues with getting these adds targeted so ensure that they are over the ledge before you begin casting on them. Be sure to not neglect your allies letting one dies results in a wipe. Find which ally is getting targeted by the other two (essentially whichever is getting annihilated) and Ironbark as necessary.For the second wave, continue to full HoT your allies. As the NPCs come in, if you have Essence of Infusion, then just use Tranquility to top them off otherwise you may need to apply a Rejuvenation to each NPC and top them at the end of the Tranquility with some Regrowth.For the third wave, you only have to full heal 2 NPCs. As always full HoT your allies and then pour everything you have left into two NPCs completely neglecting the third. You”ll have time to drink after this stage so do not let mana be an issue. This is the toughest part for us but do not spend extra GCDs on the extra add. Missing 3 adds total throughout Stage 5 will make Stage 6 exceptionally difficult, missing more than 3 will almost ensure a total wipe.

Stage 6: Rise, Soldiers!

This phase is made easier by your performance in Stage 5. You are faced with any NPCs that you did not top off. They are the same enemy NPC types that you faced in Stage 1 and follow the same priorities as outlined in Stage 1. Kill any remaining enemies and the final Stage begins! Be sure to drink, rebuff, and change gear if necessary before Stage 7.

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Stage 7: A Thorn in the Side

This phase is quite simple but requires some precise positioning and healing on your part. At the start of the phase, immediately move to the edge of the room to maximize your the area for the encounter. Lord Erdris Thorn has two abilities, a Leap that deals moderate damage to you and leaves large fel patches on the ground that deal moderate damage, and a Ignite Soul similar to the one on the Nightbane boss in Karazhan that deals damage to your party equal to your current HP. As Lord Erdris Thorn leaps and puts down fel patches you want to stack these as close together as possible being right at the edge of the previous fel patch. Towards the end of the challenge you may run low or out of room entirely if you don”t place these properly. The fel patches only damage you and not your allies so their positioning should not be a concern. This setup of fel patches maxmizes your space to accomodate the encounter, but also allows you to handle the Fuse. Essentially you”ll want to maintain 50% or so health at all times as to not instantly kill your allies with the debuff expiration the more gear you have the more dangerous this can be as the adds health does not scale as rapidly as your own. Don”t be afraid to let yourself get as low as 30% health if you are more geared. You need to be able to survive the leap and fel patch damage combination. The fire explosion is the only to your damage allies with the exception of a very minor amount to Jarod due to tanking Lord Erdris Thorn. Keep everyone fully HoT”d and heal yourself to always be within 50%ish health. If you are too high feel free to step into the fel patch to lower your health. This stage is really a balance but a very easy one if you don”t panic. If you are quick, you can Displacer Beast as Lord Erdris Thorn leaping to avoid all the fel patch and leap damage, but it”s not necessary. Feel free to throw in some extra DPS as necessary. If you die towards the end of the encounter, do not release. The NPCs will continue to damage the boss until either they die or he”s defeated. You might still win. Congratulations on your new appearance! I hope this guide has helped you overcome the artifact challenge and if you have any questions feel free to message me on Twitter!

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