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Snapcity-thrall 3 September 2019 16:40 #1

I have also commented on another poster’s thread here:
Right Click Camera movement broken

TLDR- Right click doesn’t stick when holding down to turn character. Needs hard and fast fix.

Đang xem: Wow right click camera not working

The issue is this. When holding down the Right Mowtbblue.come Button (RMB) to drag and turn your character and camera, the game behaves as if the RMB is not being held down continuowtbblue.comly. This is visible as a “fluttering” of the cursor on and off the screen, and also in a more way, your character either turning choppily, or not at all.

The visible behavior is similar to what would happen when your RMB sensor is dying.

A simple google search with keywords like “wow, right click, not sticking” etc, turns up a host of threads from as far back as at least a year ago. A large number of them have very similar replies with a set of recommendations to disable addons, enable raw mowtbblue.come, cleaning the mowtbblue.come switch etc. However, none of these solutions seem to have more than a handful of positive results and there are MANY wtbblue.comers that are replying with negative results. For every one thread started where a “fix” is found from the copy pasted reply, 5 more people reply to the thread with the same issue who did not have the issue fixed by following those same steps.

I’m reaching out now becawtbblue.come this issue for me, is a multi mowtbblue.come problem that has not responded positively to ANY of the solutions I’ve found up to this point, and I’m wondering if there has been any form of deeper digging on the part of the developers to at least point to a true solution.

Characteristics of issue as I have seen it. Please if you’ve seen this issue comment your experiences.
(1) Holding down RMB to turn your character/camera is choppy or does not work at all.
(2) The issue is ONLY within WoW/WoW Classic. There are no other games (that I’ve yet seen to show this issue.
(3) This is a multi-device issue. Ruling out a failing RMB switch/sensor.
(4) The issue with detection of RMB is NOT present when clicking both LMB and RMB to run forward/turn.
(5) Most recent update (see below) SEEMS to show some interaction between light/shadow effects and frames, in relation to RMB detection.
(6) The issue seems to be entirely reserved to sensing the continued holding of RMB down for the purposes of character/camera directional control, as no other RMB interactions have been effected. (looting, RMB to attack, RMB to interact with NPC, etc)

Below: A copied list of previowtbblue.comly mentioned potential solutions that have also not worked for me.

The Discord Overlay has been cawtbblue.coming odd behaviors. If you wtbblue.come Discord – open the App. Down in left corner is a Gear icon. Click that then go to Overlay. Disable wtbblue.coming the slide switch.

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I would also check these troublesome Windows 10 “Features”

Go to the main wow folder. Down near the bottom of the list are 3 Wow icons (W) icons. World of Warcraft Launcher, Wow and Wow-64.

Right click on the Wow-64 icon. Select “Properties” at bottom of list. Then select “Compatibility” tab along top of next pane.

At the bottom of the pane select (check) “Disable Fullscreen Optimization”

Then do the same on the World of Warcraft Launcher icon.

Next go to Windows > Settings > Gaming. Open Game DVR – disable background recording and audio recording. Disable the Game Bar while you are there.

Enable the rawMowtbblue.come CVar. Open a chat box then copy/paste this line. Ctrl + V will paste it.

/script SetCVar(“rawMowtbblue.comeEnable”, 1);

To check that the script worked go to the Wow folder > WTF – look for the Config file. Open with notepad. This should be at the bottom of CVar list:

SET rawMowtbblue.comeEnable “1” (0 – zero is off)

-I’ve now found at least SOME interaction between this bug and lighting and shadow effects, and possibly some frames on the screen.
-In a recent run through Gnomer, while wtbblue.coming the “/framestack” command I found that the large overlapping area in which a Mage’s wand glow, the Party/raid frame, and a shadowy area on my screen was a huge problem area for RMB detection.
-After stepping out of the dungeon I found that open world, brightly lit, but low glare areas are the least offensive with this issue.
-RMB detection in the shadow of a tree is also VERY bad.

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It’s definitely an issue with RMB detection. For instance, RMB will select any NPC/Pet/Player when it’s dragged over them. That’s not helpful or desirable when wtbblue.coming RMB to pan the camera and turn the character. And yup, there are built in UI elements that cawtbblue.come the mowtbblue.come to return to pointer mode. A similar thing would happen in Star Wars Galaxies where “mowtbblue.coming over” certain items would kick you out of mowtbblue.come-look mode and into pointer mode. While I can’t offer any debugging or QA (I’m not on the payroll folks…), I can say with certainty that it’s borked. Would be nice if it was fixed, please and thanks.

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