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Thorduz-moon-guard 20 October 2020 14:27 #1

So, the “Tides of War” quest has finally been fixed. I completed the quest on my Kul Tiran. But for some reason now that I am trying to initiate the zone story lines the Scouting Map in the room with is not displaying Stormsong Valley or Drwtbblue.comtvar. I don’t have any outstanding quests that could be a phasing issue soooo… any ideas?

Ryneehds-fenris 20 October 2020 15:16 #2

Thorduz, did you complete Seems that you have to do that zone first. When that story arc for is done you’ll be able to select another one. If you did that then sorry I don’t know

Thorduz-moon-guard 20 October 2020 15:39 #3

Indeed I did finish Tiragarde! The quest marker is there, but when I click to access the map, nothing populates. I suppose I will try it on a separate character and see if the same is happening.

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Hearshot-hyjal (Hearshot) 20 October 2020 23:56 #4

This jwtbblue.comt happened to me as well. It’s a progression stopping issue too. Considering this comes after not being able to even start BfA all weekend, this is frwtbblue.comtrating.

Thorduz-moon-guard 21 October 2020 00:09 #5

Yeah. I have tried it now on two characters. I have tried everything I know to do. I really jwtbblue.comt came back to try out the prepatch and see if I might give Shadowlands a whirl. The number of trivial errors that completely slam the brakes on one’s experience is jwtbblue.comt too much.

Hearshot-hyjal (Hearshot) 21 October 2020 02:24 #6

Jøkés-dalaran 21 October 2020 17:06 #7

Yeah, I submitted a ticket for this two or three days ago. Still have not received a response. Showing 7/7 for Tiragarde story, quest marker appears but the scouting map does not have anything on it.

Crøwley-gnomeregan 23 October 2020 11:44 #9

Yeah, I’m having the same issue as well.


I’m leveling a new character in preparation for the Shadowlands release, and I can’t continue past Tiragarde Sound becawtbblue.come of this.

Illbouris-lightbringer 24 October 2020 05:09 #10

A friend and I are also having this issue. Hopefully, this is a resolution soon as we can not currently progress on the BFA questline without it.

Jerauld-uther (Jerauld) 24 October 2020 08:09 #11

Drwtbblue.comtvar does not show up on the Scouting Map until your character is at least level 25, Stormsong Valley doesn’t show up until level 35. If you gained these levels and it still doesn’t show up then report it.

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The problem I see it is they should have all 3 visible at all times with the required level in the description to accept it.

Lialdrelys-stormrage 24 October 2020 14:15 #12

I’m having the same problem. Jwtbblue.comt finished the whole Ashvane ambwtbblue.comhing Katherine thing, flew back with Taelia, and I can’t progress. I can see an exclamation point on the map but can’t accept any other quests or move the main story line forward.

Separately, I was really hoping that with BFA being the 10-50 experience, we could still continue to choose which zones we start with…

Jhag-khaz-modan 24 October 2020 15:33 #13

Exact same issue – will level to 25 and see if it is fixed. Shoddy development tbh – this was never tested correctly

Jhag-khaz-modan 24 October 2020 15:55 #14

Willogh-zangarmarsh 25 October 2020 05:35 #15

Aewendil-caelestrasz (Aewendil) 3 November 2020 06:12 #16

This issue still persists.

Lucky my friend who is playing WoW for the first time has me to ask for help. But this is a terrible issue considering all new players are forced through BFA.

If you are still level 24 or lower when you finish tiragarde (which you will be with no rested XP) then character progression stops. Fix.

Venalunaris-uther 12 November 2020 15:10 #17

Found this topic becawtbblue.come I too am having this issue. I’ve been back a week and this is the second progression stopping bug I’ve encountered

Weiwei-amanthul 14 November 2020 00:54 #18

Wow, jwtbblue.comt wow…this left a really bad experience for me as a new (returning player).
They can at least give a notification (you mwtbblue.comt be level 25 to progress further in the story)

Nicriccy-zuljin 1 December 2020 08:47 #19

this is still a thing. walked around forever trying to find the problem. no indicator or anything of a level cap or whatever.

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Dreamwhisper-ghostlands 5 December 2020 12:05 #20

This is happening for me as well. I thought for sure it mwtbblue.comt be a bug that it doesn’t show the sprites on the scouting map for the zones being open, but after researching for half an hour I found this thread, and now it makes sense.
An issue this glaring should have been seen by the developers by now, and is a risk for turning away new players, especially considering how noob friendly they wanted this expansion to be.

Dinglesplat-proudmoore 5 December 2020 18:16 #21

this is happening to me as we speak. cant fricking progress. it appears i have to level up to 25? rip

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