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This guide provides a brief overview of Shadowmoon Valley, a leveling zone intended for level 90-100 Alliance players in Warlords of Draenor.

It covers flightpaths, bonus quest locations, followers in the zone, rares and treasures that reward useful leveling loot, quests that reward Garrison Resources, and gear rewards.


Flying is not permitted in Warlords of Draenor unless Draenor Pathfinder is earned by a character on your account. However, players can unlock the following flight paths:

Bonus Quests

Bonus quests provide hearty chunks of XP with little fuss. You head to an area, kill a lot of mobs at once, and are rewarded with a significant amount of gold and XP.

The bonus quests in Shadowmoon Valley are:
Bloodthorn CaveThe Burial FieldsThe Hills of ValuunThe Shimmer Moor

Quests for Garrison Resources

Garrison Resources are a hot commodity in Warlords of Draenor as they’re needed to construct Garrison buildings, level your Garrison to level 3, send followers on Missions, and purchase Tier 17 currency. The following quests provide a sizable number of Garrison Resources:
Bounty: Twisted Ancient: 5 Garrison ResourcesWANTED: Kuu”rat”s Tusks: 5 Garrison ResourcesPale Moonlight: 0 Garrison ResourcesShip Salvage: 0 Garrison ResourcesKeeping it Together: 5 Garrison ResourcesCircle the Wagon: 0 Garrison ResourcesA Curse Upon the Woods: 5 Garrison ResourcesThe Clarity Elixir: 5 Garrison ResourcesMigrant Workers: 5 Garrison ResourcesLost Lumberjacks: 5 Garrison Resources

Quests and Rewards

There are seven major questlines in Shadowmoon Valley for the Alliance. The leveling flow is designed so that you do not need to complete every single questilne to level up.

The item level of quests in this zone ranges from 510 to 543.

Quest items in Warlords have a chance to be upgraded when acquiring them.
Uncommon-quality rewards have the chance to have a +10 ilvl boost and become rare, or a +20 ilvl boost and become epic.Rare-quality rewards have the chance to have a +10 ilvl boost and become epic.

To see your quest progress in a zone, you can use the Profiler.

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Simply enter in your character’s realm and name under “Lookup Profile” and click on the “Quests” tab when your character loads.

In addition, you can “pin” this character via the options at the top right of your Profiler, and when you browse quests on, Quick Facts will tell you if you’ve completed that quest or not!

Starting a Garrison

Alliance players start their garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.

The Level 1 Garrison can be unlocked after completing a short questline (Establish Your Garrison) right after Tanaan Jungle at level 90.The Level 2 Garrison can be unlocked at 92 or earlier if you complete a lengthier questline culminating in Bigger is Better.

Read about the complete questlines in our guide to unlock Level 1 and Level 2 Garrisons.


Shadowmoon Valley has several followers that can be obtained from questing for the Alliance:
Apprentice Artificer AndrenArtificer RomuulFionaQiana MoonshadowRangari ChelRulkanShelly HambyVindicator Onaala

For a detailed breakdown of how to obtain these followers, check out the Warlords of Draenor Followers Guide.

Rares Leveling Gear

Warlords of Draenor is filled with rare spawns. The ones you encounter while leveling will always drop their loot on the first kill, after which point they will cease to be rare. They also grant a nice chunk of XP.

These are the rares which drop useful items as you level:

Sneevel”s Loincloth: SneevelFine Void-Chain Cinch: Voidseer Kalurg

Dragonrider”s Tinkered Leggings: Faebright

Rylak-Scale Vest: AmaukwaBoots of the Shadowborn: Insha”tarKu”targ”s Merciless Grips: Ku”targ the Voidseer

Abberant”s Paw: Dark EmanationDarktide Summoner Staff: Darkmaster Go”vidKillmaw”s Canine: KillmawStaff of the Mad Bramble King: Mad “King” SporeonVoid Prophecy Cudgel: Morva SoultwisterWindfang Sabre: Windfang Matriarch

Darktalon”s Drape: Darktalon

Varandi Family Crest: Enavra

Precious Bloodthorn Loop: GorumSporebat Larval Pod: Veloss

Mushroom of Destiny: Leaf-Reader KurriLegacy of Om”ra: Mother Om”ra

More Guides:
Click here to read our guide to the best vanity loot in Shadowmoon Valley.Click here to read about which rare spawns drop ilvl 620 loot for level 100s.

Treasures with Leveling Gear

Warlords of Draenor contains numerous treasure chests in each zone. These chests grant a nice amount of experience as well as useful things like vanity items, Garrison Resources, or gear.

This section focuses on the treasure chests that contain useful gear while leveling.

Cragsman Gloves: Hanging SatchelUzko”s Dusty Boots: Uzko”s Knickknacks

Fingers of the Void: Demonic Cache

Rusty Iron Band: Orc Skeleton

Void-Boiled Squirrel: Bubbling Cauldron

Ronokk”s Greatcloak: Ronokk”s Belongings

Tiny Iron Star: Iron Horde TributeGreka”s Dentures: Greka”s Urn

Shadowmoon Sacrificial Dagger: Shadowmoon Sacrificial DaggerDarktide Pincer: Waterlogged ChestAncestral Shadowmoon Greataxe: Ancestral GreataxeArmored Elekk Tusk: Armored Elekk TuskMoonwillow Wand: Giant Moonwillow ConeRovo”s Dagger: Rovo”s Dagger

Want to learn more about treasure chests?

Check out our guide to treasures in Shadowmoon Valley which highlights the most interesting ones.

To see all of the chests and their locations, click on the image below to open the map in a new window. You can then mouseover the dots to see the treasure chests and coordinates, or click on the dot to be taken to an chest’s specific page.

Not sure if you have already found a chest? We have a handy macro on all chest pages you can paste in-game to see if you’ve killed the NPC or not.

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