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WarcraftDevs please put some sort of restriction on bringing gold into classic tbc. im unable to use the AH in classic cus everyone else has so much gold so prices are massively inflated. its ruining my classic experience and the problem will be so much worse in tbc.

nvidiacc Where is the fix for issues with #Warcraft?! Issue has been known for 2 months & we're still stuck on 457 driver because that is the last one without problems.

Blizzard_Ent Dear Blizzard, recently you moved your servers to amazon. that made Iranian players to either use VPN or a proxy, leading to a high latency and a bad experience. please make a change to fix this issue and make iranian players happy again.

notquitereal i hit level 50 in world of warcraft. i fixed a problem in a jungle. i fixed a problem in a swamp. i fixed a problem in a desert. the game responded to my solving each of these problems by awarding me more imps

Warcraft soon as the debuffed enemy dies, effectively reducing our crane stacks and therefore our damage. The issue is that 1. it's tedious having to waste resources tagging everything and 2. it lowers our damage in aoe situations. The other "fix" they've implemented is that we can no

gwinshin exactly I have my problems with the new icons(garen looks soooo bad) but comparing icons from when league was still know as a warcraft mod to today is just dumb

muppet_5 Is anyone else having connection issues in #wow US-Tichondrius?? Getting dced every time I log #worldofwarcraft

AnaMardoll ffs even World of Warcraft knows this (but then World of Warcraft, for all its problems, has also included trans and gay characters in its story lines and not just in vague insinuations for a while now)

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BlizzardCS I keep getting disconnected every 30 minutes or so playing worldofwarcraft everything else stays connected except battlenet is there an ongoing issue with connections at the moment?

skillsearch If you’re having trouble with the link and for anyone else who may be having the same issue, try putting “WHY THE HUMANS ARE WHITE: FANTASY, MODERNITY, AND THE RHETORICS OF RACISM IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT” in Google Scholar ?? <ahem> User reports indicate that Blizzard's having program issues with "World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands" ever since they launched it after Thanksgiving Day. It can't even be patched or repaired. It just keeps relapsing of installing – > updating -> installing . 🙁

RamblingJosh I hope in the next World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard acts on my pet issue at the expense of everyone else's pet issue, and certainly over things Blizzard thinks are issues.

Warcraft Fix MoonGuard servers or give me a free server change because I've had multiple issues a day being disconnected from servers and not being able to load back in for a bit. Just happened now on Heroic Sire at 15%. Its not my internet because everything else is fine, just WoW.

BlizzardCS One last shot in the dark, I guess. Any chance you'd be able to DM me and help me resolve my issue 🙂 If nothing else, I hope anyone reading this has a great day. #WorldOfWarcraft

ciderthegreat Who is excited for the #shadowlands Torghast updates? New Floors, foes, traps don't really address the issues I have with Torghast. The new anima powers could be cool, but still a larger system with the same problems, has the same problems. #Warcraft

MVG_Hells Warcraft raid is canceled tonight and I am still working anyways so no stream tonight sorry guys. We will be live tomorrow though!(not all day because wife doesn't have work this Friday)

wow_morwo suggestion for account-wide Ve'nari rep catch-up: once 1 reached 'Appreciative,' alts get rep in Torghast for killing mobs. 1 per regular, 3 per elite, 5 gate/endboss; less forces in Torghast are less problems Ve'nari got to deal with #warcraft
Mount_and_Blade Please fix world of warcraft shadow flickering with GTX 1070 graphic cards and DX12. Happening since cyberpunk driver update, reverting fixes the issues

dechartlester If you guys can tolerate me screeching about World of Warcraft and all the drama happening there, I have no problem letting you ramble about your games!

Fjordpony We've been having problems with World of Warcraft running fine for a bit and then shitting its pants. Forwarding ports fixed the problem.

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InvaderBrain88 Not a platinum cause not on PlayStation but working on collecting all pets in Warcraft

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