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Welcome to Suramar, the greatest city WoW has ever known!

Alright, alright, “greatest” is a matter of opinion. For someone (like me) who adores elves, magic, and things that are purple, this is the greatest city that WoW has ever known. I understand that others may feel differently. We can still be friends…maybe. Even if you don’t like Suramar, though, rep with the Nightfallen is very important if you’re looking to get geared, run the Arcway or Court of Stars dungeons, or if you want an awesome toy and a somewhat-less-awesome pet, so you’re probably going to need to head out into the city at some point or another.

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One of the things that people are going to find most frustrating about Suramar City is the fact that, while beautiful, it is also incredibly dangerous. And so we present this guide to help you make the most of your visits to the city, and hopefully make it back to Meredil alive.

This guide is going to assume that you’ve already done at least the introductory quest in the Lunastre Estate that gives you your disguise. If you haven’t done that and are trying to make your way through this city, you’re either a class who can stealth or are certifiably insane. Perhaps both. Go to Meredil and do the quests, dude.

First Things First: Know Your Disguise.

Being in combat will remove your current disguise and prevent you from re-applying it. Mounting, eating, or using out-of-combat abilities (like heals) will not remove your disguise. Fall damage will not remove your disguise. Some emotes that normally make your character perform an action will not work while disguised, but /dance does. It’s just the normal Night Elf dance, though. If questing with a friend, one of you can be using the Vial of the Sands and still use their disguise just fine. How? We’re not sure. But it works. Some mobs can see through your disguise. You’ll notice that they have what I like to call “the all-seeing eye” above their heads, which is a blue, eye-like icon that should be familiar to anyone who has played a stealth-based class before. These mobs will not immediately attack you, but if you get too close they’ll (usually) give you a verbal warning and a ring will appear around them on the ground. Get out of that ring as soon as possible or they’ll come after you. And once they do, because you’re in combat, your disguise will drop and even mobs without the “eye” will attack you. It gets nasty FAST. Demons with the “eye” tend to have larger (and thus harder to escape) rings than the Shal’dorei guards do, and also seem to cast their detection spell faster. If you absolutely need to get past one of these vigilant guards, one of the best strategies is to take advantage of the ability that knocks your disguise off. Get just close enough to them that they get the circle around their feet, then back off. The guard will cast the spell that reveals disguised people within that ring, then the ring will disappear. Now is your chance! They can’t re-cast that spell immediately, so for the next second or two you’re all clear to run past them and they won’t care at all. Never thought you’d be thankful for a global cooldown, did you? A handful of mobs don’t give a crap about your disguise at all. Prime example: the moths in the vineyards. They will attack you no matter what you look like, and you’ll need to either kill them, be killed by them, or outrun them to get your disguise on again. So pay attention to the color of the nameplates of the things around you. Green is always safe. Yellow will attack if your disguise fails. Red is always, always bad.

Tip 1: Constant Vigilance!

Fans of Harry Potter might recognize this as Mad-Eye Moody’s motto, and it is invaluable advice when trying to navigate Suramar. This is NOT the kind of place that you want to go to when you’re tired, lagging, or attempting to multitask. Even stopping to type a quick sentence or two in chat can make things go very bad very fast.


Because this is a city full of mobs who not only can see through your disguise, but also MOVE. If you stand in the middle of a road for long enough, chances are one of them will find you, knock your disguise off, and attempt to murder you. This is not something that you want to happen! So stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, and try not to settle in one place too long unless you’re 110% certain it’s safe. Use your camera, too! Turn it around to see what’s coming up behind you, or use it to scout around corners.

While you should always be vigilant in Suramar City, we have provided a handy map below that shows the relative deadliness of each part of town. Know where you are at all times, and if you’re running, try to run from a more dangerous zone into a less dangerous one, and not the other way around.


Tip 2: Know Your Escape Route

This city can seem like a maze, especially when you’re new to it, but it’s always a good idea to think about where you are, how you got there, and how you might escape if need be. Look for side streets without guards or other nasty mobs and try to avoid getting backed into corners and dead ends. If you’re in the upper part of the city, running out through the outer shield is a reasonable way to make your escape. Sure, there are other angry creatures out there, but it’s more open than the city is, and probably a good deal safer too. If you’re in the lower part of the city, we cannot stress enough that the ocean is your friend.

Tip 3: Use the Waterways

Are you a Death Knight, Shaman, Druid, or person who has the water-strider mount? Good! And even if you aren’t, the waterways in the lower parts of the city (and the ponds in the upper tier) can be an invaluable resource for you. Many such areas are far away from patrolling guards and demons, so they can offer a safe haven for you if you’re in combat, especially since the whale sharks and eels that live down in the deeper parts of the water are neutral and won’t attack unless provoked. Also, can I just take a moment to ask why there are whale sharks living in the harbor of a major city? Anyway, the waterways are also an excellent way of getting from one part of the city to another if you’re one of the aforementioned people who can move through or over water quickly.

Even if you can’t, the game has provided charming little self-propelled gondolas that will circle around a small section of the city. They’re not very fast, but they’re kinda fun.

There’s no good way of seeing where a given gondola will take you until you try it out, but they’re a decent way of getting from one place to another if you’re desperate to get off the streets. They’re also a wonderful way to take a tour of the city from a relatively safe place. I usually explore the city with’s illustrious (and infamous) Blood Death Knight, Candyfish, so I don’t use the gondolas much myself. However, I have never been knocked out of my disguise or attacked while riding one, even when it took me near enough to an all-seeing guard that I thought I might be. I am not making any guarantees here, but gondolas seem like a viable option for those who aren’t good in the water itself.

In some parts of the city, you don’t even need to go into/onto the water itself to make use of the waterways. Many of the canals have a little lip around the edge that’s wide enough to ride a mount across, but not wide enough for guards or other NPCs to be stationed there. While you’ll obviously need to leave these to actually do quests and such, they’re a good way of getting from point A to point B while avoiding some of the larger and more dangerous roads.


Tip 4: Run Fast

Even people who have been questing in the city for a while will get into trouble sooner or later. And when you mess it up bad enough that you’ve got more things after you than you care to count, sometimes just knowing your escape route isn’t enough. So be ready to flee, and be ready to flee FAST. If you’re a class/spec that has a movement-speed boost, try to keep that off cooldown and have it at the ready. If you’re not, you may want to invest in something like Swiftness Potions (Draenic or otherwise, though the Draenic ones are better) or Skystep Potions. This is especially important if you’re not one of the lucky people who our next tip applies to.

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Tip 5: Have Aggro-Dumps at the Ready

Certain races and classes will have a much easier time getting through this city than others, solely because they have something that will let them reset aggro and get all those nasty guards and demons off of them. For Night Elves, the Shadowmeld racial ability works wonders, as would a Rogue’s Vanish, a Mage’s Invisibility, or a Hunter’s Feign Death (though be careful with your pets on this one!!). Of course, it’s important to be smart about how you use these. Try not to freak out and blow the cooldown on a situation where you could have escaped by other means, and always be careful about exactly where you use it. Your disguise takes a second or two to re-apply, so you’ll want to end up in a danger-free zone when your aggro-dumping effect ends.

Tip 6: Die Smart

Sometimes you’re just not going to be able to get out of there alive. But rather than trying to go out in a blaze of glory, use that last sliver of health to get somewhere less dangerous than wherever you are now. Much like using your aggro-dump abilities wisely, you’ll want to leave your corpse in an area where you won’t be attacked and killed again as soon as you rez.

Tip 7: Know What You’re Doing

Suramar City is not the type of place where you want to run around in circles for five minutes then stop in the middle of a street, open your quest log, and try to figure out what it is that you’re supposed to be doing here. That kind of nonsense will get you killed. So figure out what it is that you need to do before you head out to do it. Many of the quest-givers within the city are in reasonably safe places, so you should be fine stopping for a moment to read (or at least skim) the quest right when you pick it up. If that makes you nervous, just accept it and run to the nearest canal or another safe spot and read it there. If you’re absolutely stuck on the quest, take the time to get somewhere safe before you tab out and look it up online.

Tip 8: Look Up


These are the grappling points you’re looking for. Note that they have a different appearance than the hooks in Stormheim.

In some parts of the city, there are quests that happen on the rooftops, so if you can’t find your target on the ground, they might be up a flight of stairs. There are also little posts scattered about that you can grapple up to (though this feature may be unlocked by a quest? Candyfish and I did not notice or try to use them until we got a quest that took us up there). It’s worthwhile to keep an eye out for these both because it’s another way to get you off the street and because sometimes there’s treasure up there.

Inversely, if you need to get down into the lower part of the city and don’t want to bother with avoiding guards and navigating sometimes confusing streets, you can try gliding down from the upper tier with a Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite or Goblin Glider Kit (or your own wings, if you’re a Demon Hunter). Just make sure that you know where you’re going, and try not to land on top of something with the all-seeing eye.

Tip 9: Explore!

The best way to not die in this city is to know this city. So even when you don’t have any quests to go there, put on your disguise and hit the streets. You’ll learn which roads go where, which areas are dangerous and which ones are safe, and you may even find a quest or two. Plus, there’s just so much to see here once you get past all of the things that want you dead! There’s a zoo (where you can buy souvenirs!), a vendor that sells the cookies needed for the “You’ll Feel Right as Rain” achievement, an enchanted time room that makes you run super fast, and so many other cool details and things you would never notice if you only ever came here for quests. There are also chests scattered throughout the city, as well as items (like Leypetal Blossoms and Twice-Fortified Arcwine) that will give you much more Ancient Mana than most of the crystals you’ll encounter in the countryside outside the city.


The arctic life exhibit at the Suramar City Zoo. The quests here are AMAZING.

Tip 10: Hide in a Basket?

You may notice “inconspicuous baskets” placed around certain parts of the city. You can hide in these to avoid detection. I never use them, so I’m really not sure how practical or effective they are. But they’re there if you want them.

Special Tip: Exploring the City with Friends

Tackling the city with a friend can be very beneficial, and there are some quests there that you would be hard-pressed to complete on your own, but there are dangers as well. Ideally, you should be talking to each other directly (i.e., in person or through a Voice-Over-IP program like Ventrilo) rather than trying to type everything in party chat, because that simply takes too long and is a dangerous distraction in a place like this. However you do it, clear communication is key, as things in this city can go from bad to worse frighteningly quick. If done right, though, having a buddy can be a great boon, especially if said buddy is a badass tank who is nearly unkillable.

Two-person mounts are also a VERY good idea. Candyfish and I learned this the hard way. If one person is riding in front and triggers the disguise-break ability of a guard, they might be able to run through it on their mount and escape just fine. But then the person following them runs face-first into it, gets their disguise taken off, and has suddenly aggroed everything nearby and gotten themselves into a really bad situation. Using a two-person mount solves this problem beautifully. If you don’t have access to one of these, then at least try not to trail directly behind your friend, or, better yet, try your best to avoid the all-seeing guards entirely.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to Suramar. Now get out there and explore the city!


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