Wow Tabards That Give Rep Utations In “Wow”: Dungeons And Raids

Championing is a system for customized reputation gains from dungeons, introduced in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Killing a monster that yields reputation inside a dungeon while wearing a particular faction”s tabard will grant reputation with that faction; it allows a player to acquire reputation in a dungeon with a faction other than that normally associated with the dungeon.

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The tabards that allow championing can be acquired at friendly reputation with their respective factions.

Factions that can be championed

Only some factions can be championed.

Faction capitals

Following the Cataclysm in patch 4.0.3a, it is now possible to champion the faction capitals in dungeons of any level by purchasing an applicable tabard from the faction Quartermaster. Initially, faction capitals could not be championed in instances that were already connected to a specific faction, such as those introduced in The Burning Crusade expansion. As of patch 4.3, faction capital reputation can also be championed in 5-man Burning Crusade dungeons, though under slightly different rules from those in Azeroth.

The reputation gained in The Burning Crusade dungeons is in addition to the normal Outland faction reputation gain, so the player improves his or her standing with two factions at once. The reputation gain follows the same rules as those for the host faction; since Hellfire Ramparts grants Honor Hold or Thrallmar reputation until one point short of Honored, wearing a home city tabard in that instance grants Alliance or Horde reputation, improving all capital reputations until one point short of Honored. Level 70 and Heroic dungeons give reputation for both the Outland faction and the capital city through Exalted.

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Wrath of the Lich King


Horde Expedition or the


This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Dungeons introduced in the Cataclysm expansion that are intended for level 85 players, including most normal mode dungeons and all heroic mode dungeons, are eligible for championing the following factions:

Additionally, dungeons intended for players above level 85 (i.e. those from Mists of Pandaria) do award reputation for these factions if the tabard is worn. This behavior differs from that of the tabards introduced in Wrath of the Lich King.

Reputation per dungeon

The following tables outline the amount of reputation that may be earned toward a faction during a full clear of each dungeon.

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Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons

DungeonNormal ModeHeroic Mode
Ahn”kahet: The Old Kingdom 2300
Azjol-Nerub 1100<1>
Caverns of Time: CoS 550 1700
Drak”Tharon Keep 2000
Frozen Halls: The Forge of Souls ? 1140
Frozen Halls: Halls of Reflection ? 1340<2>
Frozen Halls: Pit of Saron ? 1520
Gundrak 2250
The Nexus: Nexus 2300
The Nexus: Oculus 500 1600
Trial of the Champion 130 1180<3>
Violet Hold 1300<4>
Ulduar: HoL 650 2150
Ulduar: HoS 1850
Utgarde Keep 1950
Utgarde Pinnacle 500 2000
Cataclysm Dungeons

DungeonNormal ModeHeroic Mode
Abyssal Maw: Throne of the Tides 1500
Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Caverns ?<5>
The Deadmines 3000<6>
Grim Batol 3082<6>
Halls of Origination 1600 2610<6>
Lost City of the Tol”vir 1000 1990<6>
Shadowfang Keep 474 3035<6>
The Stonecore 2380<6>
Vortex Pinnacle 1748<7>
Zul”Aman ?
Zul”Gurub ?

Note: Values in the above table were gathered from wtbblue.compedia or wtbblue.comhead and may not be 100% accurate.

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