Fastest Way To Grind Tanaan Diplomat? : Wow Tanaan Jungle Rep Guide (Wod 6

The Order of the Awakened is a neutral faction in Tanaan Jungle. Farming reputationwith them rewards you with the usual items (pets, mounts, etc.) and items youwill need for your shipyard. Reaching reveredwith this faction is required for the Tanaan Diplomatand Tanaan Diplomat achievements.

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In addition, an NPC from this faction allows you toexchangeyour Apexis Crystal for item level 695 gear.

Reputation with the Order of the Awakened is farmed almost exclusivelywith Unseen Influence, a daily quest that is offered in Lion”s Watch or Vol”mar. It rewards1,500 reputation. For more information on this daily quest, pleaserefer to our guide dedicated to theTanaan Jungle”s daily quests.

Additionally, you can farm Medallion of the Legion, but this is verytedious.

Medallion of the Legion increases your reputation with all of thefactions of Draenor by 1,000. The reputation increase is subject to reputationbuffs, such as


Diplomacy (the Human racial, +10%),


WHEE! (fromthe Darkmoon Faire carrousel, +10%),or the +20% bonus from your TradingPost, Level 3. So, try to save the medallions for when the Darkmoon Faire isrunning, and if you have a Trading Post, Level 3, then make sure to use themin Draenor (otherwise the reputation bonus will not apply).

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Medallion of the Legion has a chance to drop from 4 mini-bosses that you can find inTanaan Jungle:

When these mobs spawn in Tanaan (with a respawn time that seem to vary between 1 and 2 hours), you get zone-wide warnings:

for Deathtalon, Shadow-Lord Iskar yells Behind the veil, all you find is death!;for Doomroller, Siegemaster Mar”tak yells Hah-ha! Trample their corpses!;for Terrorfist, Frogan yells A massive gronnling is heading for Rangari Refuge! We are going to require some assistance!;for Vengeance, Tyrant Velhari yells Insects deserve to be crushed!.

The problem with these mini-bosses is that as soon the warning appears, players in the areawill kill them very rapidly, leaving you very little time to reach them and have a chance toloot the corpse.

With simply doing Unseen Influence every day, it takes 4 weeksto reach exalted reputation with the Orderof the Awakened.

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The quartermaster for the Order of the Awakened is Dawn-Seeker Krisek,who is located in Lion”s Watch and Vol”mar. Inthe table below, you will find the rewards that he sells.

Item Rep. / Cost Note

Order of the Awakened Battle Standard

friendly 50

Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing

friendly Mount

Contract: Solar Priest Vayx

honored Has the Apexis Attenuation trait, which increases the Apexis Crystals gained from follower missions by 100%

Gemcutter Module: Multistrike

honored 3,000 Unlocks the recipe for the Multistrike epic gem
Hunter”s Seeking Crystal honored 1,000 Teleports you to a random rare mob within 500 yards (15-minute cooldown)
Master Hunter”s Seeking Crystal revered 5,000 Teleports you to a random rare mob in Tanaan Jungle (15-minute cooldown)

Rukhmar”s Sacred Memory

revered Toy

Blazing Firehawk

exalted Pet

Order of the Awakened Tabard

exalted 30
exalted 200 Destroyer that counters both Battleships and Submarines

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