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Divinehollow-ysera 23 February 2021 21:29 #1

What is the Top 3 pvp classes in The burning Crwtbblue.comade?
Am talking about picking up fights in the open world or dueling classes that are very powerful, i know one of them is Rogue in Classic wow.
Can you guys list 3 please? in order starting with the most reliable/powerful

Valaq-zuljin 23 February 2021 21:35 #2

Warlock were so OP it was a meme. I don’t remember about the other one since its so long in the past. But at some point, lock was so OP that only DK season 4 beat it has the most OP class of all time IMO.

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I think that warrior was a good one being the only one bringing healing debuff but I might be wrong on that one.

Penjahat-destromath 23 February 2021 21:36 #3

Ali-benediction 23 February 2021 21:37 #4

I would say rogue, lock, Druid.

Rogue speaks for itself. Druids the best healer. And lock/mage prolly the best casters. The Meta was dot and pillar hump late game. So locks were strong.

Resilientt-hydraxis 23 February 2021 21:37 #5

Ali-benediction 23 February 2021 21:37 #6

Resilientt-hydraxis 23 February 2021 21:38 #7

Ali-benediction 23 February 2021 21:50 #8

Maybe for dps. Druids were far and away the best healer due to pillar humping, and they didn’t have to cast heals.

Resilientt-hydraxis 23 February 2021 22:08 #9

Lol you’re wrong. Druids have hard weaknesses like swaps and offensive dispels. You will see, druids aren’t the best healer, maybe they are a bit stronger than the rest in 2’s, but in 3’s and 5’s no.

Coune-benediction 23 February 2021 22:11 #10

Ali-benediction 23 February 2021 23:07 #11

Welcome to go look at the leader boards, countless YouTube videos, and the actual players who were R1 back then saying Druid.

Monstrado-herod 23 February 2021 23:12 #12

I had a Druid main when TBC launched and I vividly remember my character being way more capable in Feral, but I feel like they were nerfed not long after.

Jedai-mankrik 23 February 2021 23:24 #13

Dreamsphere-westfall 23 February 2021 23:53 #14

Druids are the superior healer for 2’s hands down. They’re good for 3’s with a good comp, but they fall off hard in 5’s. 5’s is crap anyway so it doesn’t matter. 24 February 2021 00:01 #15

Sub Rogue W/ 4/4 + Glaives
—Power Gap—
—More Power Gap—
—Even More Power Gap—
Sub Rogue Without 4/4 + Glaives
Arms Warrior with Deep Thunder/Stormherald
Non Sub Rogue w/ 4/4 + Glaives
—Power Gap—
Everyone Else

For healers it’s be RDruid or DPriest or don’t bother. Those are the only two that can actually survive the TBC PvP meta.

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You’ll get oneoff comps that are also disgwtbblue.comtingly good e/g Aff/Shadow/RDruid purely becawtbblue.come of DPS Synergy combined with utility, but those are outliers. As far as individual classes/specs goes… I’m right.

Dreamsphere-westfall 24 February 2021 00:00 #16 24 February 2021 00:05 #17

Nah. A well played hunter is anathema to non-Shaman/Boomkin casters. The meta being cloth or leather heavy allows a hunter to deal amounts of damage. In an environment where the casters aren’t allowed to abwtbblue.come the Hunters’ deadzone due to partner synergy? Hunters are DEVASTATING.

This says nothing of the fact that only one of the meta healers can do anything about Viper Sting. Viper Sting in TBC, if not answered, is a Death Sentence countdown. You are on the clock the moment the first one lands, you have X number of seconds to score a kill before your healer is hard OOM and the Hunter’s pet prevents him from ever getting so much as a sip off.

Dreamsphere-westfall 24 February 2021 00:06 #18

Hunter’s pet

From a 2’s and 3’s perspective, the dps always burned down mage/hunter/lock pet in the first few globals of the match and that basically makes them irrelevant. 24 February 2021 00:08 #19

Good luck burning a pet that stays at the Hunter’s side unless and until your healer tries to peel off for a drink. If you wanna overextend that far for a pet that he can rez in exchange for healer mana you can’t replace… go ahead. I don’t see it working out as well as you’re hoping.

Warlock pets are another story. They’re the soft spot in SL/SL based comps, yes. But hunter pets are a different story becawtbblue.come of the fact that the Hunter can keep the pet away from you as easily as he can keep you away from him, he can heal his pet himself along with his healer doing so.

Abrasion-malfurion 24 February 2021 00:09 #20

Druids the best healer.

Only in two’s.

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After that priests are much stronger. Paladins also have there place on 5’ rosters.

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