Be Paladin Leveling Guide? : Classic Wow Tbc Paladin Leveling Guide (Tbc 2

A tank is a character whose primary role is to absorb damage and prevent others from being attacked. Tanks are “meatshields”, so to speak, putting themselves between the mobs and the more vulnerable party members.

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Paladins use mana and build threat with spell damage, with the key to their threat-generation being . They can wear plate armor. They excel in pulls with many mobs, with abilities such as , , , and , enabling them to keep many mobs on themselves more easily than a Warrior or Druid.

Being a tank is being the most important player in the raid. If you die – the raid wipes. Healers should always focus heals on you.

Being a good tank is NOT easy, and being a tankadin is even harder:

You will forever be underestimated due to not being a warrior.You have no defensive cooldowns.You use mana for your spells. If you somehow run out of mana, you are useless.You take more damage than a warrior geared the same (and usually a druid too). This is because our talents provide 4% less overall damage taken (Improved Righteous Fury versus Defensive Stance) and in addition, we lack the vital Spell Reflection.Itemization, especially pre-raid, is pretty hard. Most items are suited for warriors and in order to be able to hold threat, you will have to gem/enchant for Spell Damage.

Being a Tankadin, however, gives you great powers:

You are, without a doubt, the king of AoE aggro. This is the duty of holding many mobs attacking you instead of your raid members.A very special taunt, which brings not 1 mob to attack you, but 3!A passive Shield Wall, which takes effect whenever you are at or below 35% HP, unlike Warrior's 30 minutes cooldown.Using mana is also an advantage – You do not need to be hit for rage (You do, however, get mana from being healed – don't forget that!). You are always ready to go, no need to take thousands of damage in order to use a Devastate.Due to Holy Shield having 8 charges (every 10 seconds) as opposed to Shield Block (2 charges every 5 seconds), you can remain Uncrushable against fast-hitting bosses with ease. (Yes, a Tankadin is actually the best to tank Prince Melchezaar phase two).

Basic Numbers:

• 485 Defense = Critical Hit immune to almost all mobs level 72 and below (all 5-man instances and heroics)

• 490 Defense = Uncrittable by almost any mob or boss in PvE

• 102.4% Avoidance = Uncrushable by level 73 bosses

• 11,000+ Hit Points is desired for tanking Karazhan

• 160 Spell Damage is the absolute minimum needed for building threat

Avoidance is calculated using: Block Rating, Dodge, Parry, and Enemy's chance to miss (5% + the number shown on your character sheet)

Macro that calculates your current avoidance (you have to activate Holy Shield before using this):

/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:”,0.8,0.8,1)/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)*150/355 + 20)*0.04,1,0.5,0)
3) Tanking Build:


This build is very standard and optimized for raids. You should have another paladin in your raid specced for Improved Seal of the Crusader and Vindication.

Holding Threat:

As already stated, a tank who can't hold aggro is not a good tank. Learning how to effectively hold threat will make you a good tank. Tankadin, unlike other tanks, do a big chunk of their aggro from reactive damage.

Important spells:

Righteous Fury – Should be ALWAYS on. In addition to giving you an extra 90% threat from holy spells, it also reduces all damage taken by 6% (talents, of course).

Holy Shield – +30% (35 with a relic) chance to block, 8 charges (talented). ALWAYS have it up as well. In addition, blocks will also cause holy damage back on the target, which will be very important in holding aggro.

Consecration – The bread and butter of the Tankadin. Deals holy AoE damage to all enemies in a large area around you.

Avenger's Shield – Hits 3 targets for Holy damage. Used for pulling and initiating. Be careful when you use this, you might pull unwanted guests.

Seal of Righteousness – The tanking seal. Deals bonus holy damage on every hit. Judging this will cause holy damage to the target.

Seal of Vengeance – Alliance Paladins were blessed with this spell. Melee hits have a chance to stack a holy dot on the target, stacks up to 5 times.

Seal of the Crusader – The seal itself is pretty useless to us, but judging this will cause the target to take extra holy damage – means extra threat for us. The best option is to have a fellow Retribution judge it.

Exorcism – Deals holy damage to an enemy Demon or Undead. Good to mention this since many mobs and bosses in Karazhan are undead.

Blessing of Kings vs Blessing of Sanctuary – As a rule of thumb, Kings is better than Sanctuary in 95% of the cases. On single target tanking, Kings is ALWAYS better. On AoE tanking, Kings should be better in raids (since 80 damage reduction is a joke compared to their damage). However, in some fights where there are many mobs attacking for low damage (Illhoof fight, for example) Sanctuary might be better. In most cases, you should have another paladin buff you with Kings and you buff yourself with Sanctuary.

Basic rotation for holding a single mob:

Seal of Crusader/Wisdom depends on what do you need more threat/mana -> pull with Avenger Shield -> Judgement while the mob is approaching you -> Holy Shield when the mob is about to hit you -> Seal of Righteousness (Or Vengeance) … at this point, you just keep resealing and judging SoR/SoV while keeping Holy Shield up, use Consecrate for single target when you need additional threat.

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Alliance: If you find yourself full on mana and you know how to seal twist, you can get 5 stacks of vengeance, judge it then use SoR for 6-7 seconds, switch to vengeance again to refresh it, and judge vengeance/reseal SoR again. This can guarantee around 100 more TPS or more if you know how to do it correctly. In no situation, you should get your SoV to drop.

Basic rotation for holding more than 1 mob:

Seal of Righteousness -> pull with Avenger Shield (careful) -> Holy shield -> Concecration -> Refresh Holy Shield and Concecrate.

If you find yourself running low on mana fast, use a lower rank of Consecration.

Alliance: Optional use of SoV if you tank 2-4 mobs: 2 stacks of vengeance on each of them will generate HUGE amounts of aggro.


New players to TBC, especially those coming from retail Cataclysm or WotlK, will underestimate the power of consumables. Old players, mostly those who played in retail Vanilla/TBC, will overestimate consumables and will harshly disagree with me on the following:

The truth is – Consumables are nice. Nothing more, nothing less. They are helpful, but usually lack of a flask will not cause a wipe. However, with you being the tank, you set the bar for the rest of the raid. And yes, every little bit helps.

On progression raids, always be stocked with consumables. The raid is hard enough as it is, and yes, food plus flask plus weapon enchant do make a difference.

Food buffs:

, . Both of them give +30 stamina and +20 spirit. The spirit is actually a wasted stat, but +30 stamina is a great buff.

, , , These ones are the second choice when it comes to tanking as they provide no defensive stats. +23 spell power and yet again wasted +20 spirit. Use these when (if) you have aggro issues or if your tank trashes/aoe.

Weapon Enchants:

Runes/Wards of Warding/Shielding – While very useful when soloing, their buffs won't last. One will give you a 4000 physical shield at the start of the battle (assuming you can't refresh it), the time you need a shield the least. Your healers will be full of mana and ready to toss a heal on you anyway. The other has a 90sec internal CD for a 400 damage reduction. Joke.

Weightstone/Sharpening Stone – Both add physical damage increase, which will only increase your threat by a minimal amount. Avoid using those. Instead, use:

-Provides +40 spell damage for an hour. Since you generate threat using spell power, this simply increases your TPS. The best and only choice.


> – +500 HP, +10 defense rating. Lasts 2 hours, persists through death. The classic choice for tanks.

+ OR . These combos are actually slightly better (theoretically) than the Flask of Fortification. They only last 1 hour and will be removed on death. Personally, I believe that the extra 500 HP from Fortification is much better for us at the current content level, and I use the flask for now, but the avoidance from the elixirs will be more useful later on.

– This one, giving +80 Holy spell damage, is a huge increase in TPS. Use this when you have aggro issues.


You can have any number of different scrolls active on you (unlike 3.0+). Just stack any of the following:

Agility, Stamina, Intellect, Protection.


Lots of . You will choke many of those.

Other potions coming to mind are resistances potions for specific fights.

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Gearing up – Getting ready for Karazhan!

Below you find many items listed. These are just suggestions. Best options are shown first, while others are at the bottom of the list.

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