Fel Worm Menace Problem : Wow The Fel Worm Menace, The Fel Worm Menace

Light”s WrathStaff43 – 58 DamageEquip: Grants the Light”s Wrath ability, which unleashes a torrent of Holy Fire upon an enemy.”It was with our greatest hopes and prayers that we attended the ceremony that day… and it is with our greatest sorrows that we departed it.”

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This item is a quest reward from


 <98 - 110> The Nexus Vault.


Obsessed with cleansing undead from the world of Azeroth, the fanatical Scarlet Crusade tried to create a second Ashbringer in the form of a staff.

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However, a dreadlord who had infiltrated the order intervened, interrupting their efforts and triggering a violent magical explosion. The damaged staff’s power proved nearly uncontrollable. After several wielders tried and failed to use the staff safely, the elite magi of the Kirin Tor hid it away lest it unleash further deadly calamities.<1>

Artifact traits

1 Pain is in Your Mind


4 Darkest Shadows; Power of the Dark Side 4 Burst of Light; Shield of Faith; The Edge of Dark and Light


1 None


1 Invoke the Light


1 Burst of Light


4 Darkest Shadows; Invoke the Light; Share in the Light


4 Doomsayer; The Edge of Dark and Light


3 Borrowed Time; Burst of Light; Darkest Shadows; Speed of the Pious

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