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This overview covers the basics of the Holy Paladin artifact weapon, The Silver Hand. This will be your primary weapon in Legion, allowing you to customize its appearance with numerous styles and tints.

When you equip The Silver Hand, you automatically also equip Tome of the Silver Hand.

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Appearances and Tints

Each spec”s weapon has 6 styles, which can come in 4 color variations. All of these tints can be previewed on the Appearance tab of the Artifact Calculator or the Legion Dressing Room.

Classic Skin – The Silver Hand


Return a Pillar of Creation

Recover the Light”s Heart

Complete 1st major OH campaign

Upgraded Skin – Fist of the Fallen Watcher

Complete your Class OH Campaign

Unlock every Artifact Trait

Research your full Artifact history

Obtain 8 Archaeology Rares

Valorous Skin – Protector”s Judgment

Complete "Balance of Power" questline

Kill 8 World Bosses

Complete a Level 15 Mythic+ dungeon

Complete all dungeon achievements

War-torn Skin – Gravewarder

Reach Prestige 1, Rank 50

Reach Prestige 5

Reach Prestige 9

Reach Prestige 13

Hidden Skin – Watcher”s Armament

Acquisition: Lost Edicts of the Watcher (drops from demons)
30 dungeons with Hidden skin

200 World Quests with Hidden skin

1000 HKs with Hidden skin

Justice”s Flame – Unlocked through the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge, End of the Risen Threat.
Note: The basic tint of the challenge appearance is unobtainable as of Battle for Azeroth prepatch. The other tints can still be unlocked if you finished the Mage Tower Artifact Challenge during Legion.

Transmog Recommendations

Artifact weapons and order halls drew their inspiration from past iconic tier sets, so here are some transmog ideas for each artifact style. You can also save and share an Outfit with this artifact.

Justice”s Flame + Tier 2 | Silver Hand + Challenge Mode | Empowered + Recolored Tier 2 | Protector”s Judgment + Tier 16 | Gravekeeper + Tier 12

Artifact Acquisition

Below is the questline for Holy Paladins to acquire The Silver Hand. More artifact videos can be found on our YouTube Artifact Acquisition Playlist.

The related quest is Weapons of Legend and the description of The Silver Hand is:

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A secret order of Paladins has been secretly watching over the resting place of the great titan watcher Tyr for hundreds of years.

Histories tell us that his powerful warhammer is buried there with him.

Recent events have threatened the safety of their secret charge, and they have appealed for help from Paladin”s across Azeroth.

After you select The Silver Hand in Weapons of Legend, you are sent to Dragonblight in The Brother”s Trail to learn about the final resting place of Tyr.

Upon arriving in Wyrmrest Temple you meet with Lanigosa.

Lanigosa says: Hello, paladin. I sense you have business with me.

You say: I do. I am looking for a paladin named Galford.

Lanigosa says: Ah yes! A very studious sort he was, eager to hear stories of Tyr, the titan keeper. I told him of the battle between Galakron and Ty. and how Kalecgos saw Tyr”s severed hand at Galakrond”s Rest. Galford got very excited and left. Is your friend safe?

You say: In truth I do not know. I will seek him out.

Lanigosa says: Galakrond”s Rest can be dangerous. Perhaps a tracking spell will be of use. There! A bit of magic to help you follow in Galford”s footsteps. Good luck!

Fly to the giant skeletal remains of Galakrond”s Rest and seek out and follow Galford”s trail. As you do this, friendly spirits seem to pay you a visit and aid you in your search.

Friendly Tauren Spirit says: Your friend came seeking answers, his mind flooded by memories stored in the Spark of the noble watcher. He learned of Tyr”s ancient battle against Galakrond, and the hand he lost in the dragon”s maw.

Friendly Tauren Spirit says: A silver hand was forged by Jotun, Tyr”s dearest friend for many ages. When Tyr found proof of Loken”s betrayal, it was Jotun who stayed behind to hold off the fallen watcher”s pursuit.

Friendly Tauren Spirit says: Your friend sought out Jotun, but the Spark did not warn him of the cruel curse with which Loken twisted the watcher”s mind. The paladin rushed to the chasm south of here, only to meet his doom.

You find the final clue to where Galford may have gone, only to find a carelesly dropped note that read:

Ancient warnings be damned! I should have made this pilgrimage years ago. The spark of Tyr possesses…memories! It has granted me amazing visions of history. It led me here, and showed me how the wounded Tyr was aided by his nobel companion, Jotun. It was Jotun who helped replace the watcher”s hand and engraved his warhammer with Tyr”s new symbol. The stone giant still lives, wandering this broken pathway! It is time to meet this Jotun. Once he recognizes the spark, I have no doubt the giant will aid out cause!

You fly to the chasm of the Path of the Giants to see if you can find Galford. Upon arriving, you do find Galford, unfortunately it seems he has met an untimely demise. Just as you discover his body you can hear Lanigosa call out to you.

Lanigosa yells: I”ve been looking all over for you. Have you found… Oh, no…

Lanigosa says: I am truly sorry. It looks as though your friend was crushed. What could have…

Jotun yells: Leave this place! Loken”s curse compels me to slay all allies of Tyr. Until he comes to collect Tyr”s spark, I must defend it!

Lanigosa says: What is this essence the giant speaks of? I would have words with you.

Lanigosa yells: A just cause. I shall stand with you against the might of Jotun! Be ready!

Jotun yells: You leave me no choice! I must destroy you!

Jotun yells: The pain! It frees my mind of the curse… for the moment.

Jotun yells: Loken”s enchantment won”t let me die. We have only a moment before I fall into madness again.

Jotun yells: Here is the spark. Take it and flee! Keep the memory of my fallen friend alive.

Lanigosa yells: If you desire, I can take you back to your ciry in the sky. I will return later for Galford”s remains.

Jotun says: For Tyr!

Having retrieved the Spark of Tyr, Lanigosa allows you to ride on her back, back to Dalaran. Here you speak with Travard again and gain the quest The Silver Hand. He asks you to meet with him at Tirisfal Glades. The location of Tyr”s fall.

Upon arriving you meet back up with Travard.

Travard says: Ah, there you are. The area was secured at great cost. This cannot continue, we must retrieve the Silver Hand and destroy the entrance to the tomb.

Travard says: I will complete the ritual to release the Hammer and collapse the tomb, but we must be quick. I can sense evil emanating from the tomb.

Travard says: You and I shall lead a small team in first. Let me know when you are ready.

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Once ready, you, Travard and small team of Paladins jump into the lake at Tyr”s fall. Swim a short distance down into the tomb. As you arrive you see some creatures who you immediately know should not be here.

Travard says: Behold the Tomb of Tyr, built by the might…wait! These monsters dare befoul the tomb?!

Travard says: This cannot stand! Destroy these abominations!

Travard says: It pains me to see such destruction threaten the resting place of the Silver Hand.

You fight your way through Tyr”s tomb, fighting enemies of the Light. You entire the main hall where the hammer is kept.

Travard says: Look there! The sacred hammer”s wards remain strong! First we must purge this infestation. Let me know when you are ready.

Continue you fight through these enemies and cleanse the chamber. Once finished you believe all is well until a creature that seems stronger than the ones previously attacks. Help keep your small Paladin party healthy while you and them help slay this befouled creature.

Travard says: At last we can begin! After the ritual is complete and we have the hammer, the complex will collapse, sealing Tyr”s resting place forever.

Travard says: Something is wrong. Once of the other Sparks isn”t here!

Travard says Wait, I can sense it below, probably taken by one of those monsters. We must have it! We will begin the search when you are ready champion.

Travard says: Once we clear an area, reinforcements will secure it. Onward paladins!

Continue deeper and deeper into the Tomb of Tyr and locate the final Spark of Tyr and the one who stole it. Keep your paladin team and Travard healthy to aid you in fighting this monster.

Travard yells: Destroy the monster! For the Light!

Trvard yells: NO! They are…gone!

You are able to barely combat the monster and defeat it. But at a great cost. Only you and Travard remain, but you must press forward.

Travard says: The last of my brothers and sisters. I am all the remains of the Tyr”s Guard.

Travard says: I have the Spark. The battle this place has seen has warped reality too much. We must finish this now.

Mordoth the Hunter yells: Life…to consume..

Travard says: A dark presence emerges from the void… something big! We need to move now!

Travard yells: Everything is in place for me to complete the ritual! All of you, defend the tunnel!

Mordoth the Hunter says: Why…flee? The Void… inevitable…

Travard yells: That this is too powerful! Focus on staying alive and keep it at bay!

By keeping the monsters at bay and keeping the remaining paladins alive, you combat back the evil that filled the tomb. The ritual is completed and you claim The Silver Hand as your own.

Artifact Book Text

As players progress with their Artifact Knowledge research, more pages unlock in the Artifact Book in your Class Hall:

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The Silver Hand

The Silver Hand has existed since before recorded history. The world-shaping titans gave this mighty hammer to Keeper Tyr, who used it to help liberate Azeroth from the wicked Old Gods.

Over the ages that followed, the Silver Hand served as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of the keeper. Now this legendary artifact rests in your keeping. Wield it well, and honor Tyr”s memory.

The Silver Hand, Part One

Long ago, the legendary titans crafted stone- and iron-skinned giants to make war on the Old Gods and free Azeroth from their oppressive will.

The giants were led by beings known as the keepers, and the mightiest of these commanders was named Tyr. Armed with an immense hammer, Tyr helped his kin break the strength of the Old Gods and their dark armies. He forged a glorious new destiny for Azeroth.

Tyr was a warrior without equal, but his greatest trait was his conviction. He never gave up. He never strayed from his titan-bestowed quest. The mere sight of his argent hammer on the battlefield inspired courage in everyone who fought at his side.

The Silver Hand, Part Two

From the writings of an order known as Tyr”s Guard, recounting Keeper Tyr and Keeper Odyn”s mythic battle against Ragnaros the Firelord:

""Ragnaros retreated to the heart of his lair, where he was most powerful, and waited for his enemies to come to him. He called fire from the sky to waylay Tyr and Odyn. Smoke descended on the land, and it became like night.

""A single brilliant light shone in the darkness-the silvery glow of Tyr”s great hammer. It drifted to and fro, sometimes forward and sometimes back. The erratic movements confused Ragnaros. He gradually let his guard down, believing Tyr and Odyn were too cowardly to face him in battle.

""It was exactly what the keepers had been waiting for.

""Like a bolt of lightning, Tyr pierced through the smoke and scored a blow against Ragnaros with his hammer. Odyn then flanked the staggered Firelord, and the two keepers overwhelmed their foe.""

The Silver Hand, Part Three

From chapter three of The Age of Galakrond, by the historian Evelyna:

""As great a warrior as Tyr was, he did not always escape his battles unharmed. An example of this was his confrontation with the monstrous proto-dragon named Galakrond.

""Countless years after the keepers defeated the Old Gods and imprisoned them beneath the earth, Galakrond emerged to rule the skies of the world. A fierce hunger compelled the proto-dragon to eat everything in his path.

""When Tyr learned about the creature, he feared Galakrond would soon devour all nature. He gathered five other proto-dragons to wage war on him.

""Though the five proto-dragons would eventually vanquish Galakrond, their initial attacks on him went poorly. Tyr”s new allies did not always work together. Even when they did, Galakrond proved too mighty for the combined strength of the keeper and the proto-dragons.

""In one battle, Tyr himself grappled with Galakrond and pummeled the beast with his hammer. The blows had little effect. Tyr”s weapon was knocked from his grasp, and Galakrond consumed the keeper”s hand.

""Only with the help of his five winged allies did Tyr escape with his life.""

The Silver Hand, Part Four

From chapter nine of The Age of Galakrond, by the historian Evelyna:

""Keeper Tyr worked with a giant named Jotun to replace his appendage. They mined a vein of pure silver deep within Azeroth. Jotun used the metal to forge a hand for his injured companion.

""Tyr was in awe of Jotun”s craftsmanship, and he asked the giant for one final favor: to reforge his warhammer so that it would incorporate the image of his new hand. The giant did so, but he inquired why the keeper wanted to draw more attention to his wound.

""Tyr replied that he did not consider his argent hand a reminder of defeat. For him it was a symbol of the sacrifice he had made to defend Azeroth, and he wanted the world to see it that way as well.

""When Jotun finished reshaping the hammer, Tyr named his weapon the Silver Hand.""

The Silver Hand, Part Five

As the ages passed on Azeroth, the unity between Tyr and his fellow keepers crumbled.

Keeper Loken fell under the sway of the imprisoned Old God Yogg-Saron. The once-noble giant turned on his kin, leaving many of them incapacitated or imprisoned. Loken”s betrayal ignited chaos among the earthen, vrykul, and other titan-forged creatures who served the keepers.

Only Tyr and a handful of his closest allies eluded Loken”s wrath. Though they planned to strike down the corrupted keeper, they first needed to find a refuge for the earthen and their other innocent servants. Tyr rallied the titan-forged to his side and ventured south in search of a place that was safe from Loken”s reach.

The journey was harsh, and many of the titan-forged worried for the future. Only the sight of Tyr leading the way, his legendary hammer always in hand, gave them the hope they needed to continue.

The Silver Hand, Part Six

Nearly all of Tyr”s followers traveled south, but not Jotun. Inspired by the keeper”s ideals of personal sacrifice, the giant stayed behind to distract Loken and help mask his allies” escape.

Jotun succeeded, but he was punished for his heroics.

When Loken learned that many of the titan-forged had fled south, he captured Jotun and twisted his mind. The cursed giant was forced to search the lands surrounding Ulduar and destroy Tyr, anything that symbolized his power, and anyone who followed his ideals.

As his first act, Jotun shattered the anvil he had used to craft Tyr”s hand and reshape his warhammer.

The Silver Hand, Part Seven

From the writings of Tyr”s Guard, recounting Tyr”s death:

""Loken awakened two of the Old Gods” most powerful generals and sent them after Tyr. These enormous creatures were called the C”Thraxxi. They stormed south and caught up with Tyr and the titan-forged refugees in the land we know as Tirisfal. Or, as the vrykul called it, “Tyr”s Fall.”

""Tyr stood against the C”Thraxxi alone. It would be his final-and greatest-hour.

""Tyr called upon all the lessons he had learned in battle. He wielded the Silver Hand as if it were an extension of his own body. The C”Thraxxi slashed at his metal hide, but Tyr”s hammer shielded him in holy power and mended his wounds. The battle dragged on, with neither the keeper nor his enemies giving any ground.

""Tyr knew there was only one way to secure the safety of his allies. He unleashed his immense powers, igniting an explosion of arcane magic that blasted a massive crater in the earth. Tyr and one of his foes were killed instantly. The other, on the verge of death, retreated from the battle site.""

The Silver Hand, Part Eight

After Tyr”s sacrifice, his allies entombed the fallen keeper and the dead C”Thrax where they lay. None of the titan-forged felt worthy of taking up their leader”s hammer, and they buried it with his corpse.

Tyr”s followers then enchanted the tomb with protective wards. They bound the Silver Hand to these magical seals, thereby preventing anyone from touching it in the future.

Of all the titan-forged who had come south, the vrykul were the most moved by what Tyr had done to protect them. They decided to stay in the region and stand vigil over the keeper”s tomb.

The Silver Hand, Part Nine

An excerpt from Legends of the Silver Hand, by the historian Evelyna:

""At some point in Azeroth”s distant past, humanity emerged in Tirisfal Glades. The iron-skinned vrykul who lived there slowly died off. Many of them suffered from the curse of flesh, a strange malady that transformed them into creatures of flesh and blood.

""Yet one group of vrykul lasted longer than the others. They formed a secretive group-Tyr”s Guard-to protect Keeper Tyr”s tomb. The vrykul of this order knew that they would not live forever, and so they inducted some of the fledgling humans into their ranks.

""The vrykul taught the human members of Tyr”s Guard the history of the fallen keeper, his tenets of self-sacrifice and justice, and the truth of what lay within the tomb.""

The Silver Hand, Part Ten

In the ancient days, the only humans ever to breach Tyr”s tomb and bypass its protectors were following the legendary human king Thoradin. After the elderly ruler abdicated his throne, he became obsessed with his race”s history. Thoradin”s curiosity eventually led him to discover Tyr”s final resting place.

When Thoradin arrived at the tomb, Tyr”s Guard confronted him. A tense standoff ensued. The former king was accompanied by a powerful retinue of guards and learned sorcerers. Though the members of Tyr”s Guard did not want them to disturb the gravesite, they also did not want bloodshed.

Thoradin and his followers forced their way past Tyr”s Guard. Much of what happened next is shrouded in rumor. It is said that Thoradin and his retinue ventured into the darkened catacombs, and they were never seen again.

Tyr”s Guard knew that Thoradin”s magi had broken the tomb”s wards in their foolish quest to explore the gravesite. The order”s members made a vow that day-they would not enter the catacombs again, for fear that further meddling could awaken the C”Thrax buried inside and unleash its evil on the world.

The Silver Hand, Part Eleven

For thousands of years, Tyr”s Guard continued its sacred duty. New members came and went, and over time they adopted more techniques to help them protect Tyr”s tomb. In particular, the defenders felt an affinity toward paladins, holy warriors who arose to battle the orcish Horde in the Second War.

The members of Tyr”s Guard learned how to wield the Holy Light, and they became mighty paladins. Yet even this newfound power could not save the order from the undead Scourge.

When the Scourge swept over the human kingdom of Lordaeron, Tyr”s Guard crumbled. Only a few brave members, led by a paladin named Travard, remained to uphold their ancient vows.

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