How To Turn Off Growl For Hunters? : Wow Turn Off Pet Taunt (?)

So I just started playing a hunter (first time) and I can't figure out how to turn off growl for my pet just so whenever I get to level 15 I can not annoy my tank (level 4 currently) apparently there is this pet menu in the spellbook next to professions but it's not there for me. Any suggestions?


Make sure you are on the right tab, the pet tab of your spellbook.

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Secondly you can then drag it onto your pet's action bar, and then toggle it on or off from there.

For some reason, Blizzard thinks it's a good idea to make Hunters unable to control their pets for the first few levels. You'll just have to wait a bit. However, IIRC, Blizzard recently made it so that Growl is automatically turned off whenever you're warped into a dungeon you found with LFD, so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

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Oh okay , that's what I was thinking straight first , thanks for the answer ! I looked up a macro that turns on growl when I'm alone and it turns off when I'm in groups

I have been wondering the same thing. I recently got the Gryphon from Stormwind. He growls no matter what spec he is in. I am level 84, so level isn't the issue. I have been through his book and did not see “Growl” anywhere. I have had him for about a week… Wozalit, when did they turn it off? I was running dungeons Sunday and it was killing the tank because on Ferocity it still was growling and taunting off of him… (have BADPET addon that tells hunters when pets are taunting… including you if it happens)?

Wozalit is wrong, it still needs to be put off manually for now, in beta (and also when BfA is live) it will do it for you. On the bottom of the spell book, you can see a tab named pet. In this tab you can see your pet's abilities, including growl. Right click on it to turn its auto mode off. I'd also like to note that every pet spec has growl.

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Sometimes it can bug out for me, as every now and then when I right click on growl or any pet spell, it won't toggle off. I have to log out/in to get it back on track. Anybody else have this problem?

Sometimes it toggles off (or appears to graphically), yet, the pet is still growling away, but the spell isn't on or graphically updating to show that the pet is in fact growling.

Had this happen a few times over the last few days; “Oi, noob hunter, get the growl off” “IT IS!!! >_

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