Ulduar. One of the rsida that people hail as being the best, or one of the best, that WoW has lớn offer. It has a massive sầu amount of achievements associated with it, a bonus boss, the voice acting of Jamieson Price (Yogg-Saron, also LORD JARAXXUS, Lu Bu, Algol, Seraph Lamington, và many other things I idolise the man for), new và interesting ways of activating hard modes, & a trùm that can’t be soloed normally!

This is gonna be a fun one.

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This covers the first four bosses, which are naturally rather easy. Getting the achievements for them however? Not so much. The first time I tried to lớn solo this place, I didn’t hop in a vehicle for the gauntlet of trash. Don’t be lượt thích me, it makes life difficult.

Flame Leviathan: Big-ass vehicle made by Mimiron. To activate his hard mode, talk to lớn Lore Keeper of Norgannon at the entrance & tell hyên ổn to start up the defense systems before you start clearing the trash. Don’t kill off the big towers on the way up, just go forward and kill whatever gets in your way, including the mob-spawning towers.

For the trùm himself, if you’ve NOT activated his hard mode, it’s a simple case of being in a demolisher, and using the Pyrite Barrel ability on hyên. It puts on a stacking (khổng lồ 10, duration 10 seconds) DoT that will kill hlặng, but you can only use the ability 10 times. This is enough. Move backwards as you fire at hlặng so he doesn’t catch you.

For the hard mode, you’ll need khổng lồ use more than 1 demolisher. What I vày, you’ll see in the video clip below, but there’s some prep you need to lớn bởi vì before you pull. First, take a demolisher lớn the south-eastern corner of the fight area, then make a slight wall around it of the other vehicles. This is because though he focuses on you, he also sends missiles at the other vehicles in the area, và we’re hoping the other vehicles divert fire from the second demolisher. You hop in your demolisher, approach from the south-western area, and throw a pyrite barrel. You want lớn space them out, so fire a couple normal shots in-between. As you vì chưng this, move sầu towards the south-east corner, keep the DoT up. When you start running low on health in Demolisher#1, spam the pyrite! If you get him below 1/2, you did good. When the vehicle is destroyed, hop in #2.

Repeat the process, this time heading northwards, space the pyrite out slightly, then spam it if you’re getting low on health like I did. Demolisher#2 gets destroyed, so run! Use Burning Rush, take a hit from his ram (it knocks you baông xã pretty far), & wait for the DoT khổng lồ finish him off. If it drops, & it’s still alive, you’ll have sầu to lớn kill it yourself, so I hope you took Kil’jaeden’s Cunning! Keep the speed boosts up, pop your cooldowns, and let’s hope that beast don’t ram you to death.

I promise the rest of the bosses won’t warrant such a wall of text. Well, maybe Thorim. And Yogg-Saron. And Algalon…


Three Car Garage: This one requires three visits. You need khổng lồ defeat the boss in each of the three vehicles. Dwarfageddon: Kill 100 Steelforged Defenders in 10 seconds. They spawn infinitely from the towers, so it’s easy enough to lớn get. Unbroken: Kill ol’ Flamey on your first attempt, without repairing your vehicle. Easy to lớn do if you’re not doing hard mode. Orbital Bombardment/Orbital Devastation/Nuked From Orbit/Orbit-uary: Defeat the Flame Leviathan with 1/2/3/4 orbital defense systems active sầu respectively. Fulfilling one achievement awards the ones below it as well, so if you get Nuked From Orbit, you also get Orbital Devastation and Orbital Bombardment. Shutout: Kill Flame Leviathan without causing a system shutdown. Honestly, I’ve never SEEN a system shutdown, so there you go. Take Out Those Turrets: Can’t be done solo. Requires you khổng lồ be a passenger in a demolisher, get catapulted onto lớn the boss, và then destroy a defense turret.

Ignis the Furnace Master: TANK AND SPANK. There is nothing of note here. Doesn’t even have sầu a hard mode, pfft.


Stokin’ the Furnace: Kill hyên in under 4 minutes. Not hard. Hot Pocket: Survive sầu being thrown inlớn his slag pot. I think it’d be harder lớn NOT survive sầu it. Shattered: Wait for hlặng to lớn sumtháng 2 Iron Constructs. Kite them inlớn fire left by Ignis until they reach 10 stacks of Heat, which causes them to lớn get a new debuff called Molten. It lasts trăng tròn seconds. Now kite them into the water on the side of the fight area. This causes a new debuff called Brittle. Kill them both within 5 seconds of each-other.

Razorscale: Another simple fight. First phase, you can’t attaông chồng the trùm. Adds will periodically enter the fight for you to slaughter, while some NPCs repair the harpoons. Once they’re fixed, use them to lớn bring the boss down. Nuke her. Once she gets lớn 1/2, she won’t fly baông xã up again. Talk to the Expedition Commander lớn begin the fight. Hint: He’s not a dwarf.


A Quick Shave: Kill her having let her l& once, and only once. Easy! Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare: Kill 25 Dark Rune Guardian Dwarves with the boss’s Flame Breath. Self explanatory, really. Guess what? You don’t have sầu khổng lồ vày it all in one run if you don’t want khổng lồ. If you kill 10 one week, 10 another, then 5 in a third week, you get the achievement. Happy day! Kill the Sentinels (no cloak, it’ll cleave và kill everything else too), wait for the harpoons, get the boss khổng lồ below half health, then wait for her to lớn kill the guardians. Be wary of Fuse Armor, it’s annoying. Most likely easier khổng lồ bởi vì this one with others.

XT-002 Deconstructor: Another glorious tank & spank here. When he gets lớn 75%, his heart is exposed. Kill it to enter his hard mode! He gets restored to full health, and hits harder, but your voidlord’ll be fine. Watch out for Tympanic Tantrum, it hits HARD.


Must Deconstruct Faster: Kill him in the oddly specific time of under 205 seconds. Heartbreaker: Kill his heart, then kill hlặng. Meanie. Nerf Gravity Bombs: Don’t let a gravity bomb kill you. Nerf Engineering: Don’t let any scrapbots heal XT. Nerf Scrapbots: Kill 20 scrapbots using a boombot in 12 seconds. At 75%, một nửa and 25% health, XT exposes his heart & adds sumtháng. Get the heart low but DON’T KILL IT. Push hlặng inlớn the next heart phase quickly, then a third time quickly. This achievement is very RNG focused, hopefully you will have enough scrapbots near enough boombots. Kill a boombot, it’ll kill the nearby scrapbots. I’d recommkết thúc having your voidy tank XT in a corner.


This area houses my favourite trùm in the instance, but let’s bởi vì the other 3 first.

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Assembly of Iron: Honestly, it’s a pretty simple tank & spank, but keep an eye on your health levels. The hardmode of this fight is all in what order you kill them in; killing Steelbreaker last awards the achievement for the meta.


I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim: Kill Molgeyên ổn last. I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir: Kill Brundir last. I Choose You, Steelbreaker: Guess. But I’m On Your Side: Kill the last thành viên of the assembly while under the effects of the Iron Boot Flask, which is a consumable you purchase from Olug Alegut or Rork Sharpchin for 10 Relics of Ulduar. Can’t Do That While Stunned: Another of those “much easier as a group” achievements, this requires you to lớn prsự kiện Brundir damaging anyone with Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl. Interrupts are the order of the day here, along with nuking hlặng first.  Your pet counts as something that you can’t let be damaged.

Kologarn: A weird one, this. I prefer lớn do this petless, as he has an ability called Stone Grip which he uses lớn grab you. If you’re alone (ie your pet then dies), this’ll rephối the fight. If your detháng survives for 8 seconds, then YOU die. He won’t use this if you’re the only target, however. He also won’t grab you if he’s using his eye beams. Simply nuke the main body toàn thân, unless you’re achievement hunting. Stiông xã in melee range, unless you’re a fast nuker. He uses Petrifying Breath on targets he can’t reach, which puts a stacking debuff that increases damage taken.


Disarmed: Kill both arms and the main toàn thân within 12 seconds of each-other. Relatively simple for a warloông chồng with Havoc. Get the head down khổng lồ about 20%, get the arms lớn a Chaos Bolt-able cấp độ, Havoc one arm, target the other và fire. Finish off the head. Rubble & Roll: When you kill an arm, it spawns 5 rubbles. The arms respawn after a short while. Kill 25 rubbles. With Open Arms: Kill Kologarn WITHOUT killing his arms. If Looks Could Kill: Don’t get hit by those eye lasers of his. This includes pets, so another reason khổng lồ go petless here.

Auriaya: Tank and spank of the easiest kind. Has a horrifying death screech. I’m honestly shocked my neighbours haven’t called the police.


Crazy Cat Lady:Kill Auriaya without killing Sanctum Sentries. Nine Lives: About a minute into the fight, she spawns a Feral Defender. Kill it. Wait for it khổng lồ revive sầu, kill it again. Do this until it has died NINE TIMES. Ugh.

Algalon the Observer: My favourite! You definitely need your voidlord khổng lồ tank this one, at lower gear levels he hits like a truck. Don’t think that this is your cue lớn sit back và nuke, you have some moving around lớn do! Big Bang hits for about 100k on 25man, but hopefully your soul leech shield will absorb all that. When you see that he’s casting Cosmic Smash, move from where you are. He’ll sover a fireball at that location which will knock you up VERY high, taking off over half your health when you l& again. Adds can be a nuisance, if they start lớn bother you, kill ’em, otherwise run around to lớn prsự kiện them hitting you. Don’t go into lớn blachồng holes.

Phase Punch stacks to 5, then fades the target out of existence. This’ll be on your pet, so don’t worry too much about it. Flames of Xoroth và Soulshatter if needed.



Supermassive: Cđại bại 3 blaông xã holes in 10 seconds, then defeat Algalon. May be another of those “easier in a group” dealies. You kill a Collapsing Star, it spawns a blaông chồng hole. To cthua trận it, you kite a Living Constellation inlớn it. Requires good positioning and a bit of luck. Observed: Kill Algalon. Rewards a title! Starcaller on 10 man, Astral Walker in 25 man.


These are the watchers that protect Ulduar on behalf of the titans, only Yogg-Saron has made them go mad. Let’s go beat the crazy out of them, beginning with…

Thorim: Oh.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve sầu never done this one solo. It IS doable, but requires glitching the encounter slightly. Keep your voidlord on passive sầu. You basically kill everything in the arena, hit the switch and run through to lớn the first big mob. Pop any tốc độ boosts you can, tag the big enemy then run run run baông xã into lớn the aremãng cầu before the instakill spark gets you. The encounter will remix, but the gate won’t cthua thảm for a while, và the colossus will still be chasing you. Move your voidlord lớn the centre of the arena, get baông xã through the gate before it closes, and wait. When the aremãng cầu mobs respawn, have your voidlord hit one of them, then dismiss him. This makes them aggro onkhổng lồ YOU.

They’ll run through the gate, Kill the giant, and all but 1 of the arena mobs (I generally save sầu the Dark Rune Acolyte as I can one-shot him). Run up, killing everything on the way, go up the stairs, kill the colossus lớn open the door, then go hug the wall (running through the centre to Thorim will make you fall afoul of traps) to Thorim.

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This part is where good timing is critical. You need lớn kill the mob you saved from the aremãng cầu, wait for Sif lớn spawn, hit Thorim, jump off & land in the aremãng cầu before he does. From here, you kill hlặng as normal.

What appears to be a recent change khổng lồ Ulduar is the fact that in order lớn unlochồng the way khổng lồ Vezax & Yogg-Saron, you don’t have sầu to beat Thorim! Happy days. Further joy comes in 6.0:

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