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So I've heard about auto attack macros for vanilla wow but on Lights Hope at least when i use sinister strike I automatically begin to auto attack is this different on other servers? and if not whats the use of an auto attack macro?


/cast Sinister Strike/script if not IsCurrentAction(24) then UseAction(24) end;Change 24 to wherever you got your Attack skill on. Action bar button ids:

Most useful for warriors since having 0 rage and hitting a rage-requiring ability like Heroic Strike will not cause you to start auto attacking the target because the ability you pressed has no way of going off.

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But it’s useful for rogues also, since being out of range and spamming Sinister Strike will be the same as if you were a warrior with no rage. With an auto attack macro, pressing any macro’d ability will engage auto attack, regardless of whether you have enough rage, energy, are in range etc.

I remember on a lot of servers (vanilla-wotlk) that if you've queued heroic strike and you don't meet the rage requirement for it when the swing happens, it will reset your swing timer.

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That has to be a bug right? Or am I remembering stuff incorrectly?

imo if your playing a rogue just place Auto-Attack on one of your action bars, as a rogue I wouldn't want auto-attack built into my macros becuase you dont want to spam an ability like SS and disengage auto attack as a result of using a macro or accidently break stealth for an auto attack instead of a CS or sap. For using auto attack on action bars, I'll normally have 3 rows, first row's keybinds are 1,2,3,4,5etc then next row above it like alt+1,alt+2,alt+3,etc. then third row is shift+1,shift+2,shift+3etc if you get my drift. I like SS as 1, and auto attack as alt+1, so I don't accidently disengage my auto-attack during combat.

what you can do is just place different macros for the same abilities in your stealth bar, except instead of start attack macro you use the target nearest macro.

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Actually answering what you asked: When you attack a mob and have energy for Sinister Strike your auto attack will start. When you try and attack a target and don't have energy for Sinister Strike your auto attacks wont start until your Sinister Strike lands. That's why you need a macro to start auto attacks no matter if you have energy or not.

Download supermacro and classic macros so /startattack works. Just macro you abilities to be /startattack /cast mortal strike

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