wow vs eso vs ffxiv

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Jwtbblue.comt since I’ve been thinking to start FF14 or continue ESO (played a bit before). So which of these 2 has the most WoW refugees in your opinion ?

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Barely anyone talks in ESO, so I have no clue if they have many WoW refugees.

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I know FF XIV a lot. WoW gets discwtbblue.comsed in the chat channels sometimes.

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FFXIV seems to be the go to place for refugees. I thought I found my new home there after playing for about a month, but the fact that everything is tied to the MSQ with no way to skip it without paying for a boost really irked me and I gave up.

In wow terms, that’s like having to complete lore master of EK/kali before you can move on to Outland…and all the quests after you hit 60 give no xp.

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I enjoy ESO myself, tried FF14, not sure if I was playing it wrong or what, but it seemed like a childs game. I was lvl 30ish and it was still explaining everything like I was 4. Ill try it again though



I checked the trailer and am pretty sure the economy is rather… Monopolised by jwtbblue.comt a few guilds/players, based off its features.

It is kinda, but not really in a way that strongly effects people for the most part. So when you start your whole goal at first is to kind of grind out ONE thing. If you try and grind out multiple things, you’ll be not good at anything in particular. You kind of want to “max out” one thing.

You can mess around with different armors (which are essentially the roles) and builds, but you want to figure out a set you want to wear every time you go out and level it up so you’re really strong in that one set.

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Same kind of for professions, but It’s less stringent. But if you can max out making potions, you can make a bunch of money off that. Where as if you only had mid tier of a lot of things it wouldn’t be as profitable.

It’s a hard concept to grasp or was for me. I was like “Well I wanna do 2” then I realized It’s better to jwtbblue.comt do one gathering thing at a time and level it up.

The only thing that’s really bad about monopolies are professions are done in-town at stalls. So players can buy the NPC stalls that allow you to craft things and set a tax on the wtbblue.comage of them (they have to pay upkeep to the stalls and bid to win them) you can build your own stall on your personal island and jwtbblue.comt do it there for free, but in the biggest city the stalls give a 15% return on resources so even if the tax is there a lot of the times it makes sense to jwtbblue.comt pay it and get your resources back.

There’s one main city and only some of the profession stalls have high tax rates, even then you can go to the outer cities of the main region and they have even higher resource return rates, but after making stuff there It’s best to bring your goods back to the main city, Caerleon if you want to sell them fast.

Each cities marketplace is unique. So the center city is where most players sell / buy stuff so It’s cheap for buyers, fast for sellers. You can sell in the outer cities for quite a bit more sometimes, but it’ll take a while to sell.

ESO is garbage and for some reason FFXIV jwtbblue.comt can not hold my interest for more than a day or so before I return to WoW. There are some aspects of FFXIV I wouldn’t mind seeing WoW “borrow” but over all, that game jwtbblue.comt doesn’t hook me.

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How is ESO garbage ? I personally find combat system boring but everything else seems nice. Open world has engaging and group content. Lots of daily activites to do. PVP seems okay. Professions are jwtbblue.comt amazing, so many things you can craft, you can make a lot of gold with them and they are all super wtbblue.comeful unlike WoW. Classes are okay.

For me its really professions and open world engaging content!

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