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Learn the differences between Classic & BFA’s Warsong Gulch, reputation, rewards and tips to farm honor!

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Welcome to the Warsong Gulch (WSG) guide for Classic WoW. For those who’ve never tried this battleground in Vanilla, you’ll notice several significant differences. This is why has the privilege to give you all the information you might require in order to lead your team to victory and climb the PvP ranks.

Notably, the strategical aspect is more important in Classic WoW compared to BfA, largely because of the unique buffs players can grab on the battlefield, the specific locations used to attack the enemy base or defend against the enemy’s main group, and the rewards you can gain. Let’s go, brave warriors, to victory!


1. How to queue for WSG

WSG is an instanced battleground. This means that unlike dungeons, you need to register and queue to enter them. First, you need to find the NPC responsible for Battlegrounds in one of your Faction’s capitals’:

Horde side:

In the Valley of Honor, next to the Warrior Trainer in Orgrimmar, In the Throne Room next to Varimathras and Sylvanas in Undercity, North of the Hunter Rise in Thunder Bluff.

Alliance Side:

In Stormwind’s Dungeon in…Stormwind (gasp), In the Military District in Ironforge, In the Warrior’s Terrace in Darnassus

If you want to make it harder for some reason, you can also walk to the BG’s entrance.

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Horde players will go to the North of the Barrens. Alliance players will go to Southern Ashenvale to find the Brigadier General corresponding to the battleground.


2. Required level and Brackets

Of course it would be weird if level 60 characters could fight against players who just reached level 20. The BG is divided in brackets, and is available from level 10 :

10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60

Note : If you’re at the max level for a bracket (say, 19) and while you’re pexing you gain a level (20 in this case), you will remain in the bracket for which you registered for the next fight (so 10-19).


3. Main differences between BfA & Classic

Overall the battlefield is identical: a 10v10 capture the flag mode with a few buffs hidden around the map to allow you to turn the tide of a fight or escape unharmed.

The first difference is how high the graveyard is. In BfA, as soon as you’re resurrected you can join the battle immediately. In Classic, you will take fall damage if you drop down immediately, making you more vulnerable and possibly dying again immediately, especially if there is no reactive healer nearby.

There are also more obstacles that block line of sight (to the sorrow of enemy casters and Hunters), allowing you to kite or take advantage of an enemy’s mistake to run away more easily .

Neverending WSGs: no timer!

The main differnece (and not just for WSG) is that there is no more time limit for victory. Whoever captures the flag 3 times wins. This means the game can end up in a deadlock and last for hours.

We mentioned that buffs were hidden on the map. Despite their strength, these buffs can’t be dispelled by a right click. This can be troublesome for the Berserking buff (not the troll racial): they’re often focused by the enemy team because of their damage, and because they’re easier to kill.  

Anoter noticable difference: In BfA, the flag holder gets a debuff called Assaut focalisé which stacks up to 10 times and increases damage taken by 10% per stack (up to 100%) and also prevents using abilities increasing movement speed. In Classic WoW, not so! If the flag holder is wearing plate armor, well geared or well supported, it will be very difficult to take him down. This explains why some WSGs can last for hours.


4. Berserking, Speed, Restoration: the hidden buffs

Hidden on the map are coffers containing one of 3 buffs: Berserking, Speed or Restoration. What they do is self-explanatory. They can be very helpful and possibly turn the tide of a fight. 

Berserker  :  increases damage taken and dealt. Usually taken by DPS players and those escorting the flag carrier. Vitesse  : increases movement speed by 100%. Very useful for the flag carrier or to escape from a hairy situation. Restauration  : regenerates 100% of your health and mana over 10 seconds. The effect is cancelled if damage is taken during this time (except DoTs that were already on the player).


5. Communication in WSG: abbreviations

As in every BG, coordination and communication are key. Being immobile makes you an easy target: communicate quickly and clearly to make yourself understood, especially if you’re not on voice chat with your team.

You must use the chat, and using abbreviations wis necessary to send messages quickly :

Ramp  : access ramp at the top of the base GY  : graveyard Tun  : the long corridor to get to the flag FR / Base  : starting zone Roof  : very top of your base Zerk hut  : the hut that houses the Berserking buff Leaf hut : the hut that houses the Restoration buff Mid  : the no man’s land between both bases. Use compass direction like east/west to be more specific Inc X  : “X enemies are incoming” FC  : flag carrier O  : offense : need more people on offense (add a location like Tun or Ramp) D  : call for defense (add a location like Tun or Ramp)

Note : when talking about the enemy, add « e » in front of the abbreviation.

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For example, “ebase » = enemy base. Familiarize yourself with these abbreviations so you can use them as needed.

Example : efc ramp 

Meaning: “The enemy flag carrier is at our ramp”


6. WSG’s unique rewards

After every BG, the victors receive 3 Marks of honor. Losers only receive one. These marks allow you to buy rewards available only at the quartermaster at the entrance of every instanced Battleground (Barrens or Ashenvale for WSG). These rewards are mainly mats and consumables specific to the BG as well as items such as the Warsong Battle Tabard for the Horde or the Silverwing Battle Tabard for the Alliance.

The list is pretty long and contains some interesting items, but most players will increase their rep with Warsong to acquire these level 60 bracers:

Brassards de berserker Manchettes de dryade Garde-poignets de messager du vent   Brassards de traqueuse sylvestre


Twinks (low level character that are incredibly well geared) will try to reach Revered reputation in order to acquire excellent weapons such as Epée de légionnaire ,  Lame d”éclaireur  and Arc de voltigeur  for hunters. For example, Lame de l”Assassin can be solda t the AH for over 350 gold, and Arc de Flèche de feu for 200 for level 39 Hunter twinks.  

The Horde vendor, Kelm Hargunth is located on  the border between the Barrens and Ashenvale .


The Alliance vendor Illiyana Moonblaze can be found in Ashenvale, west of the entrance to The Barrens .


Knowing what’s going on in middle is good. Controlling mid is better, but that doesn’t mean you should park there. On the contrary, focus on keeping your FC safe or look for the enemy’s although don’t go too far toward the egy (enemy graveyard). Not only does it make it likely you’ll end up facing overwhelming odds, you might miss out on an opportunity to reclaim your own flag. 

If your FC is too far, get ready to take the flag yourself.

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Make sure you pay attention to what your team is doing. Make sure you drop this flag in your base when your team is about to kill the enemy FC so your opponents can’t reclaim it. That’s it, you scored!

4. Death suits you

The Graveyard respawns players every 30 seconds. This time is linked to the graveyard only. Depending on when you die, you can respawn immediately or have to wait up to 30 seconds. Don’t hesitate to ask about this timer . Sometimes it’s better to die on purpose in order to respawn at full strength and prepare an assault, or to defend your base .

5. Do NOT use invulnerabilities as the FC

If the FC uses invulnerabilities such as Ice Block, Divine Shield, Feign Death, Blessing of Protection he will drop the flag, giving the enemy an opportunity to secure it.

8. Honor, Exp, Reputation Gains

As explained earlier, participants will receive Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor. These tablets grant 50 faction reputation (Warsong Defilers for the Horde, Silverwing Sentinels for the Alliance) as well as some experience:

10-19  : 50 honor and 725xp 20-29  : 82 honor and 1200xp 30-39  : 138 honor and 1500xp 40-49  : 228 honor and 2250xp 50-59  : 378 honor and 3200xp 60  :   398 honor There is a quest that gives 2388 honor and 100 reputation for EVERY PvP faction : Pour le plus grand des honneurs  which requires other BGs’ Marks, at one of your capitals’ battlemasters. Note that capturing the flag also gives 35 reputation (45 during special BG week-ends) and 398 honor to the entire team.


Honor system : Objectives are key

At level 60, winning a BG grants 198 honor. As an example, let’s say you’re level 60 and are the designated FC. You win the BG 3-0. You will earn a total of 398×3+198 = 1392 honor + 3 Marks of Honor, granting you an additional 398 honor for a total of 1790 honor just from objectives (we did tell you not to focus on kills). Conversely, losing a BG and having never capped a flag will only grant you a single Mark of Honor and nothing else.

During the notorious “BG week-ends” you will earn twice as much reputation for flag captures. The winning team will receive a 990 honor bonus added to the usual 198. This means a 3-0 win will give 398×3+198+990 = 2382 honor. Add to that the marks: 2780 honor. Note that during these week-ends, the losing team also gets an additional 594 at the end of a BG, making losing significantly less painful.


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