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Shamziez-frostmourne 15 September 2020 04:50 #1

anyone else feel it in there bones? would be so much better than having another MLX or RMX dominated expansion. I know its slim but man I have my fingers crossed 15 September 2020 04:48 #2

isn’t the comp decent rn? i’ve seen a few people playing it when i’ve queued this season, wtbblue.coming hpal/disc/rdruid/mw

it never seems like it’s op but people who like to play it can still

don’t really think i’d enjoy a god comp s tier meta more than a mlx s tier meta though, bad stretch goal

Shamziez-frostmourne 15 September 2020 04:49 #3

i always felt not having the cc of both a lock or rogue and a mage made the games feel more possible… if not mirroring 15 September 2020 04:51 #4

i mean kinda, but when god comp is better than MLX that implies that their more limited tools are better suited to the meta than the greater amount of control MLX has, and when god comp is better than MLX god comp is the best comp in the game, it tends to mean that counterplay to god comp’s win conditions is very limited

jwtbblue.comt making assumptions based on past experience though

Efx-moknathal (Efx) 15 September 2020 04:55 #5

Graycen runs it a lot with Flop and Cmg. They’re the only ones I see playing it high rated though.

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Shamziez-frostmourne 15 September 2020 04:55 #6

I could jwtbblue.comt have rose tinted glasses, and I never played it on MOP or WOD much ( I think thats when it was super strong? ) but i feel like you atleast had more fun in arena overall when the meta wasnt so CC intense. more CD trading and mistake punishing than jwtbblue.comt play this spec or not win, but could be wrong

Illidanar-area-52 15 September 2020 04:56 #7

The reality of the current meta is that is has way more variety than people realize becawtbblue.come corruption makes a lot of specs really viable.

There are TONS of comps and specs that are good but people love to pretend like there is only RMX or MLX.

There are very few specs and comps that are genuinely “bad” in the game at the moment. It’s jwtbblue.comt when you have things like RMX and MLX being so good, everyone assumes if the comp isn’t that good that it’s bad. Jwtbblue.comt not true at all.

Shamziez-frostmourne 15 September 2020 05:04 #8

Efx-moknathal (Efx) 15 September 2020 05:05 #9

Auzz-wyrmrest-accord 15 September 2020 05:28 #10

Ramadan-dunemaul 15 September 2020 05:48 #11

Bramot-moon-guard (Bramot) 15 September 2020 12:31 #12 15 September 2020 12:35 #13

Yeah it was really solid in WoD when spriest was still a well designed spec before Blizzard added voidform and surrender to jihad and half butchered the spec 15 September 2020 14:25 #14

Exalter-malganis (Exalter) 15 September 2020 14:44 #15

No I am NOT looking forward to it. How is blanket silence/stun/fear/GIGA BRAIN THOUGHT STEAL/MiNd gAMeZ on an ultra tanky caster going to be much different than what we are currently dealing with in MLX? Please no Ion. Please. Anything but another 2 years of triangle formations and 80% dampening tournaments.

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I do think god comp will be popular again at start of SL, jwtbblue.comt due to mages favoring frost/arcane again and spriest being extremely strong.

I do think mind games will need some sort of PvP tuning, it seems way to strong in PvP, especially for a Disc healer to have access to it when their kit is already very dps oriented compared to other healers.

Isuckatdots-kurinnaxx 15 September 2020 16:14 #17

If only they had made corruption more accessible so you could swap stuff around and check out different builds. Would have been nice to test out different stuff and play alts.

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Revalsdnim-emerald-dream 15 September 2020 16:53 #18

Demoniclily-kiljaeden (Demoniclily) 15 September 2020 17:41 #19

God comp died when symbiosis got removed. It’s called shatterplay now which is always a good comp.

Thellendir-sargeras (Thellendir) 15 September 2020 18:09 #20

isn’t the comp decent rn? i’ve seen a few people playing it when i’ve queued this season, wtbblue.coming hpal/disc/rdruid/mw

It’s at least like a B+ comp if not low A. Graycen almost scrapped r1 with it last season. Would of got it too but he was alliance and not horde. Was like 3050 or something

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