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First Arcanist of Suramar, Lady,<1> Dusk Lily<2>
Nightborne (Humanoid)
Alliance HordeAlliance Horde
Kingdom of Suramar, The Nightfallen, Duskwatch, Horde, Horde Council
Kaldorei Empire
Leader of the Nightborne,Leader of the Dusk Lily,Innkeeper (Shal”Aran), Arcanist, Representative of Suramar on the Horde Council
Advisor to Elisande
Lor”themar Theron (lover)
Sivara (former),<3> Arcanist Malrodi (former)

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“I spoke what was in my heart before you all tonight to show you the vanishing, precious joy we can have. War has come, war will come again. There are uncertain times, yes, but I am old enough to have watched my people rise and fall and rise once more, and I myself have withered like the winter tree before blossoming anew. In all that time and chaos, I knew sorrow and elation, but I was never fine. I submerged myself completely in the pain and in the pleasure.” — Thalyssra to Lor”themar Theron<4>

First Arcanist Thalyssra is the leader of the nightborne of Suramar.

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Formerly a close advisor of Grand Magistrix Elisande, Thalyssra opposed the alliance with the Burning Legion during their third invasion of Azeroth. Betrayed by Advisor Melandrus during an attempted coup d”état and exiled to the wilds, becoming a nightfallen, Thalyssra joined with the “outlanders” from the floating city of Dalaran and led the rebellion that toppled Elisande and freed Suramar from the Legion. Having established cordial relations with the blood elves of Silvermoon, Thalyssra eventually swore Suramar”s allegiance to the Horde, seeking to reclaim her people”s place in Azeroth.

Thalyssra led the nightborne through the Fourth War, where her faith in Sylvanas Windrunner wavered; noting the similarities between her and Elisande. She ultimately stood in rebellion against Windrunner alongside Lor”themar Theron, whose advice she had come to trust. As such, as leader of Suramar, Thalyssra came to be seated on the Horde Council as the nightborne representative.

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