So you”ve just hit 110 and you”re venturing into Suramar, but suddenly you”re presented with a new currency: Ancient Mana. We”ve rounded up exactly what it is, how to use it and how to get as much of it as possible!

What is Ancient Mana?

Ancient Mana is vital for the Nightfallen to live without the central power of the Nightwell; in-game, it is a currency used to deal with the Nightfallen, open up portals around Suramar and ensure that your allies don”t turn into the Withered.

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How can I find Ancient Mana?

You can find it absolutely everywhere. As you progress through Suramar, you”ll notice that there is Ancient Mana to be found in every nook and crack of the world.

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You can find AM in the following places:

Dropped by mobs you kill around the zone.Complete story quests of the Nightfallen.Gathering professions have a chance to pickup the currency.There are deposits around Suramar and Suramar City that can be looted.

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There are two types of deposits that can be found in the zone. We”ll start with the Ancient Mana deposits outside the city. These rocks come in the following forms:

Ancient Mana Shard: 10 AM eachAncient Mana Chunk: 20 AM eachAncient Mana Crystal: 50 – 100 AM eachShimmering Ancient Mana Cluster: 150 AM each

The ones in Suramar city have similar values of AM, but are often more difficult to reach due to the possibility of your disguise breaking:

Leypetal Blossom: 35 – 45 AM eachLeypetal Powder: 65 – 75 AM eachGlowing Tome: 65 – 75 AM eachMana Infused Gem: 65 – 75 AM eachTwice-Fortified Arcwine: 110 AM each

Capping Ancient Mana

As you find more AM around the zone, you”ll start finding that you simply cannot carry the amount you find. If this happens, it might be time to start increasing your Ancient Mana cap. There are items and quests around the zone that can increase your cap to a maximum of 2000. The items, which each grant +100 to your cap, are as follows:

The quests that you need to complete to increase your cap (by +100) are also listed below, in the order that you will complete them:

What is Ancient Mana For?

Your main cost when it comes to Ancient Mana will be keeping your Nightfallen allies alive and well. When their “life meter” runs out, you”ll need to give them Ancient Mana to revive them. You”ll gain a different buff from each ally as you give them the AM they need. Here are the buffs you can obtain:

Ally NameAM CostBuff Name
First Arcanist Thalyssra 50

Ward of the First Arcanist

Arcanist Valtrois 10

Leyline Mastery

Chief Telemancer Oculeth 10


Leyweaver Ke”lorin 25

Leywoven Bulwark

Curious Manasaber 25

Ride Manasaber

Nightborne Wretch 5


Spirit Font 20

Spiritual Infusion

Deactivated Security Module 25

Powered Security Module

Felbound Manasaber 50 Loyal Manasaber
Ley Ward 20

Ley Infusion

Arcward 25


Outside of simply using it on your allies, you can purchase some items within Suramar City. These items aren”t necessarily hugely impactful, but can provide small, useful bonuses. The items are as follows:

Item NameAM Cost

Souvenir Raptor


Souvenir Murloc


Souvenir Elekk


The “Devilsaur” Lunchbox


Illusion Bomb


Enchanted Firecrackers


The last place to spend your Ancient Mana is the “Withered Training” scenario. This training scenario will see you take your withered recruits out on a mission to try and claim as much loot as possible. The AM cost will depend on the number of recruits you take with you; it currently costs 100 AM per 1 recruit.

The rewards from scenario include:

ReputationMaterialsArtifact PowerAncient ManaOrder ResourcesGear

Everything you need to know about the new currency!

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